Sunday, March 20, 2011

A sparkling day at Glitterfest ...And the week leading up to it

Abbey and I had a Sparkling Day at Glitterfest ..

Which was such a blessing with the week leading up to it...

Our Sweet Scout, she's our 16 Yr Old Golden Retriever ..had a last minute medical emergency on Thursday afternoon.

Golden Retrievers are prone to many types of tumors, some cancerous and some not. Our Scout is blessed thus far to have non cancerous tumors. However the tumors don't always choose the best spots to grow.

One of her tumors began growing on her back leg. Right in the spot she lays on it. Well over time it contiuned growing and she continued laying on it and in time the skin wore thin ..and the tumor started to bother her and a week ago she bit into it ..

Some of the tumor protruded through the bite ..we went to the vet and our option was to take her home bandage the leg and hope the skin closed over it.

however by thursday the tumor had split the skin wider open and about the size of a baseball of tumor popped out. So we rushed her back to the vet. At this point our 2 options were surgery or to put her down. We weighed our options..being 16 she's well over a 100 yrs old in dog years ..However she has no other medical issues, she see's fine, hears fine, walks fine, Eats us out of house and home still ..she's just a little slower getting around and that's to be expected ..

We decided that if it was one of us even in old age we wouldn't opt to let someone die because of cost. So Friday she went in for surgery. The Dr. assured us her heart sounded great and he knew she would come through it just fine. Saturday while Abbey and I spent the day at Glitterfest Papa Fred picked her up ..and she's doing wonderfully.

She's walking with help ...and bright eyed. She was so happy to see Papa when he picked her up. We have had her and our other GR since they were 6 wks of age and they have never been away from us in all these years we knew it would be stressful on her being away from home.

Her leg is amazing looking smoothe and Beautiful just as it was before the tumor grew. Of course right now she has about a 6 inch incision stitched up down it ..but with time that will all heal ..her hair will grow back and she'll be all better.

Rather Scout lives another 5 months or year or two ..whatever time she has left with us we are so grateful for ..and as far as the cost goes it was worth it. God Blessed the work of our hands Saturday at Glitterfest so that Scout could have more time with us and us more time with her.

I'm sure you have heard the saying "when it rains it pours" ..will that's the kind of week we had leading up to Glitterfest ..While scout was having her tumor issue ..the Seals in the transmission of our truck decided to not work anymore. Meaning we were losing transmission oil constantly. Being it is our only vehicle ...We had to find transportation to make it to Glitterfest last minute. We ended up renting a Pick-up truck from U-haul... since we could only rent it for 24 hours and had to pick it up Friday evening that meant we had to have it back Saturday evening and since glitterfest ended at 4 yesterday and we had over an hour drive home and had to unload etc ..I literally made it back to the uhaul center with 10 minutes to spare.

Everything worked out beautifully ...God provided in every way possible for us ..from bringing Scout through surgery providing transportation for us ..To Blessing us at Glitterfest with a beautiful day and Beautiful people !

And Speaking of Glitterfest ...Here are pictures of our table that I was able to take right before the doors opened and everyone came in.

Abbey and I were thrilled with our set up for this spring show. Lot's of White's and Creams ..with just a touch of pink ...A Soft, Sweet Comfortable Farmhouse and Cottage table ..

The attendance yesterday was amazing to say the least ..the aisles were amazingly full, tables lined up 3 or 4 women deep ...for the first few hours ...and steady all day long.

We kept busy from open to close ...and I was unable to get around to get pictures of any of the other tables ..and outdoor spaces ...

All I can say is everyone's tables and offerings were amazing and if you haven't been to Glitterfest ...make sure to mark your calenders for October .

Thank You to all of our customers/friends...we appreciate your sweet words, we love chatting with you, and it makes our hearts smile to know the work of our hands adorns your home.

Lastly ...for those of you who missed out on getting our Glittered we Sold out of them in the first hour and a half ..feel free to contact us directly to place an order for them, purchase them through our Etsy shop ..or Visit our Shops at Treasures N Junk to purchase them ..although they won't be available at our shops for a week or so my little hands have to get busy making more to take over there as I literally took every last one I had to the show yesterday and you gals took them all home ...

Wishing you all a Beautiful week ahead ..Looks like a nice stormy week here in So. Ca. for us.



  1. Sara, first I have to say that my brothers dog went thru the same thing this fall, he is 11 and not great in health. He pulled thru as well and is now really great. I hope the same for your baby!
    Next Oh My your table is AMAZING!!!
    I am so sad I was not able to be there shopping. We heard that it was going to be horrible weather so stayed home. I am so glad to hear you did great and can't wait to see you in the fall for sure!!!

  2. Sara and Abbey,
    WOW! You definitely had challenges this past week but God knew you two would conquer it all and I just want to tell are so amazing! Your table was very pretty and I am glad I got a moment to see it! It surely was a busy show! I will keep Scout in my prayers, what a sweet, sweet pet. My precious pup is having some issues right now also and it makes your heart feel so sad for them. Blessings to you all for a wonderful week ahead, I will be thinking of you!

  3. Don't you just love Goldens?? They are so sweet and so happy all the time. We had our first (a rescue) for 14 years, and are no on our second one. She is also happy, and very talkative. Glad yours is doing well! That's always wonderful news!

  4. Hi Sara, I'm so glad that things worked out well, and that your sweet pup is feeling better. Your goodies are all wonderful, love seeing the photos that I loved enlarging to get all the goodness.
    hugs and love,

  5. I'm so glad that Scout is doing well, she looks so sweet... hope she has a speedy recovery! How wonderful that you had such a great sale, your pictures looked absolutely gorgeous!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. So glad Abbey is feeling better!!! It's so difficult when pets have hard times!!! Isn't it funny how we fret and worry over things but, God finds a way to get us through? He always does and we worry least I do!! The booth looked amazing!!!!

  7. Sweet Scout, so glad she's doing well Sara, she could not have a better family to be with here on this Earth.

    Lovely show, lots of beautiful goodies!

    I love the Grahams and Samaritan's Purse. They are true believers and honest stewards.


  8. You have a lovely blog~ so inspiring!

  9. oh, I am so glad your baby is better, it is so hard, they are, our family!!!!
    glad everything worked out and you had a good time!

  10. Good eve,

    New follower here, and so glad to see your Scout is doing better! I'm such an animal lover, and I would do anything, like you, to keep mine with me as long as I can. I love your photos of your booth! So beautiful! I wish we had something in Arizona like the Fests you have in California!! Maybe I should start one!!
    Will be checking out your site often!
    Huggs from Arizona,

  11. It does seem when it rains it pours, but God was faithful and saw you through. Scout is just darling and is looking so comfortable under the wagon. I always love your work and would love to get up to the Glitterfest someday. God bless. Cathy

  12. Sara, thanks for stopping by! Yes, it had been way to long that I have been neglecting my blog. But Spring is here finally and it urges us to catch up on everything we let lie sleeping during the winter months.

    The Glitterfest pictures look good enough to eat! Luscious! So glad to hear that Scout is doing fine. Our Molly is 13 this year, so I know how you feel about hoping to keep them with you as long as possible.

    Glad to hear you are all doing just fine!



  13. I love a story with a happy ending, so glad to hear your precious Scout is on the mend.
    Your treasures are so lovely, and your jewelry makes me smile. Thanks for sharing all these pretties and I'm so glad to hear it was a successful GlitterFest.


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