Sunday, March 6, 2011

We're Back from our Vintage Marketplace ...

Oh My's been a while since we really sat down and blogged ..we were so busy preparing for the Chateu De Fleurs Vintage Marketplace ..that our blog got a little quiet ...but we are back !

Well that is for today we have 1 more show on the 19th (Glitterfest) so starting Tuesday we'll be working like crazy to get ready for it ..

But I thought today I would share picts of our set up at the Chateau Marketplace.

First of all this show was amazing ..The turnout was spectacular and we Came home with a "Much" lighter load that's awesome !

Christi and Rita Hosted another extremely successful event Dean provided Delicious Eats and The Customers were the absolute BEST !!!

Thank You to everyone !!!

So here's ALOT of pictures of our shop ..More from the market place to follow throughout the week ..

So Abbey and I mixed up our Cottage and Farmhouse pieces and they really complimented each other so well ... We were thrilled with the out come ..

Under the Beautiful Trees ..Romance and Beauty Met !

It was a Bedroom under a canopy of Vintage Umbrellas ..

With Garden Statuary brought in ...and Vintage Windows with our custom Designs framing in our shop ...

The Indoors met the Outdoors with sweet and charming vintage pieces ..

Our Sweet Magnolias Farm Signature Wreaths were met with delight ...and off many of them went to add a little soft, charming and romantic appeal to their new home sweet homes...

Our Beautiful Custom Pillows designed here at Sweet Magnolias Farm were loved by many ...and many of them are now gracing a bed, a chair and even a little love seat..

The sweet antique corner cupboard handpainted in a lovely vintage pink and creamy white ..will be headed to our shops at Treasures N Junk tomorrow ..

Our Custom Farmhouse Flour Sack towels ...just about Sold Out ..Our new designs were loved by many ..We are thrilled and can't wait to offer our new designs at our shop and online in our Etsy store very soon...

Vintage Books Tied with Love and embellished with sweet pieces of antique lace ...

More Pillows ...

Our Vintage Utility Cart ...painted in the sweetest vintage pink and handpainted with the #'s 1, 2, 3, on each shelf ... headed out on Saturday ...

Our mini windows ... found new homes to ..but there were a couple left they will be headed to T&J tomorrow too ...

Abbey's gorgeous Custom Designed High Heel ..remember the sneek peek I gave of it ..will here it is in all it's glory and the picture just doesn't do it justice.

Yes it found a new home too ..She'll be making more for Glitterfest though !

Abbey's Sweet Pink Altered Baby Shoe ...It found a new home also ...I can't wait for her to make another one !!!

Mini Windows and wreaths ... Can be ordered if you see on you like.

Mini Windows are $32- plus shipping

Wreaths are $76 and $89-plus shipping. their are 2 sizes available

If you want to place an order by all means contact us and we'd be glad to accomodate you !

And Last but by no means least Abbey's 2nd High Heel she designed ...It's positively Breathtaking ... and Still available ...

And My Favorite Customer of the Entire Marketplace ................

Meet Humphrey .... Oh my gosh is he not to die for !!! If I could have I would have grabbed him up and took him home ...!!! His owner said she ordered him from New York and that he was part American Poodle, Golden Retriever, and Springer Spaniel . This is one of those times that a combination of breeds comes together in a Beautiful way !!! Plus his personality was just as charming as he looked.

So Another wonderful Marketplace is behind us and tomorrow we are headed with a truck full of new offerings to our Shops at T&J .. then Tuesday it's countdown to Glitterfest and these gals will be Busier than a hive of honey bees ....prepaing to bring you a sweet honey hive full of goodies on March 19th ...

Wishing you all a Beautiful Week ..full of Sunshine Dreams !



  1. Sara, you girls are just amazing! I am swooning over all your beautiful things!


  2. Oh My the pic's are beautiful
    Love the cake plates with the hanging keys and spoons
    You are so clever!!!

    sorry I missed it

  3. Congrats on having a wonderful sale!! I think I'm living in the wrong part of the country!!!! Everything was beautiful!!!!

  4. Your creative displays area always my favorite! Just gorgeous!! I'm glad it was so much fun and I'm really bummed that I missed this one. Next time! I love-love-love the picture of that beautiful dog too. He just looks like such a sweetheart. Awwww...

    Take care,

  5. As always I loved the company of you three next to at the Chateau! It was a wonderful, happy, joyous time full of such great people. Your booth was as beautiful as you ladies too! See you at GLITTERFEST!!!! I want a HUMPHREY too. He was so neat.

  6. Absolutely beautiful and Humphrey ~ well he's very handsome ;-)

  7. As always your booth was just dreamy! Im so glad I got to see you. Lets get together soon.

  8. oh, your space is soooooo dreamy!!! I love everything!!!

  9. Oh My I was just in Ontario and had no idea that was where you were, DARN!

  10. Looks like a great market! Your booth looked amazing. If I had to choose (& that was very difficult), I love the big windows and pillows. The trays with the keys dangling off are ingenious too. Keep junkin' tiff
    The Cranky Queen

  11. Everything is so beautiful! I think you should expand and have shows in southeast Michigan! lol

  12. yes, humphrey certainly was the highlight of the day and he matches all those whites perfectly!


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