Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have You Seen This ?" The Bronson Pinchot Project "

So it's a been a week or two since I sat down and blogged ...Life's been super busy here at the Farmhouse .. I just finished all my custom orders this last week and I'm getting a little reprieve which I badly needed.

I have been pushing and pushing hard where work is concerned for many many months now with no break whatsoever ..and needless to say I am a tad exhausted ... so a little bit of break is actually very Welcome !

In so doing .. I actually have been able to sit ..Yes Sit in my comfy chair .. not alone however as Miss Flossie ..does like to ask politely to sit with me when she sees my warm throw blanket come out.. She's turning in to quite a character...And even as I sit here this morning .. She is warmly tucked beside me .. sleeping away .. on my feet ..which are now going to sleep ... 

While I have been doing this sitting or should I say much needed resting.. I actually got to just Veg out and watch some t.v. ... I do love my old movies but none that I love are playing right now .. so I had to look elsewhere for some good, calm, clean entertainment !

I haven't watched HGTV in several years now .. a few years back or more I did watch it quite often but it got where they were just re-running the same shows 25 times over and that got real old real quick ..and I just turned it off .. and that was that .. However Abbey was perusing the channels and noticed some shows we had not seen and we gave them a whirl ..

My Favorite being thus far .. "The Bronson Pinchot Project"

Do you remember Bronson from the show Perfect Strangers where he played Balki ? I do .. then I was a teenager .. and loved the show .. I don't remember much about it other than he had a funny accent and it was quite silly and made me laugh ..and I love shows that make me laugh !

Bronson's new show takes place in this house he own's in rural Harford, PA along with several other properties he own's
Bronson has been a lifetime collector of antiques ..and his taste in Architectural Salvage is just to Die for ! (Bronson can I come along with you salvaging ..Pretty Please with a Cherry On top .. LOL !!! Like that would happen !)

 Not to mention his decorating style and Ingenious Solutions to hiding unsightly modern appliances in the home

This last week the show was about his Kitchen makeovers and Please will Bronson  come to our House and give us a Kitchen makeover in True Bronson Style ! Gee that's two things I have pleaded for that just aren't going to happen .. Oh well I'll just eat a Ghiradelli  Mint and feel better .. !

 In the photo below .. this being the kitchen in what he refers to as the "Decker House" The Curtain over the window was old salvage from the 1800's .. it had mending spots in it and Bronson commented on the character that ir created in the piece ..which I couldn't agree more with .. and he used it to make that great window covering .. I've always loved pieces that have been well loved you might say ..when others thought they were long ready to hit the trash pile .I was digging them out in dreams of later bringing them back to life .. for some they want new .. for me I want Character ..I want life in my house ! 

My Favorite thing Thus far on the show has been Bronson's way of creating a early Kitchen with Modern Appliances ..Hidden behind facades that look like old cupboards or a wall with an old general store style display ... Behind these facades lurk the large metal boxes called refrigerators ... hidden away and covered by Character Laden Antique Salvage.

You see just to the right of the doorway in this photo below ... where you just see the angled wall with what appears to be a shelf hanging .. and what looks to be a cupboard beside it with a door in the center .. Yes that is all but a facade .. and the Frig. is hiding behind there ..

Such Genius !

Well I have seen alot of designers out there ..alot of Kitchen Makeovers... alot of shows that work with salvage .. But hands down I have to give it to Bronson for being the most Creative and Ingenious and Capturing true Character in his homes.  ! .. If I had one choice for someone to help design my Home it would have to be him .. he captures the true authentic Early Style I have loved for many many years ! ...The Style that makes you feel as good on the inside as the out !

If you haven't caught his show .. you should .. check out your HGTV listings .. and Catch this great Question and Answer by Slate about his New Show .. HERE

Until Next Time .. May your days be filled with Character .. Inside and Out !


Saturday, March 24, 2012

ConGRADulations to Flossie "The Flossie Chronicles" Tails of an English Springer Spaniel and More

This last week has proved to be another Lovely week of cool weather and Beautiful Days !

Thursday I was able to take a day off from working ..and Abbey and I took Flossie to her doggie day care class that she was invited too attend for the day ..and we had a wonderful afternoon having lunch and browsing some local shops which we don't ever do with our Sweet Friend Christie.

We found a few goodies that we came home with a few old wonderful watering cans .. and of course some antique lace.

That evening it was Flossies Graduation Class from her first 6 week Obedience Class ..and did we ever have fun. Showing off her ability to do her 10 cues and one fun trick I taught her last week which is to Roll Over on Cue.

Lynne the Owner and Trainer of Cool Dog .. hands out Graduation Certificates for each dog in class .. along with a few little gifts such as Magnet words with dog cues and words on them .. a cap for canned food .. and a few other goodies. And along with all that a photo of you and your dog with their certificate. I'm not one for taking photos .. I just don't think I'm very photogenic at all ..and am just camera shy all together ..but for Flossie and good memories in the future I succombed to taking the photo ..LOL !!!

Here's Flossie and Myself ...

Flossie is growing like a weed as they say ... she was over 20lbs when I took her to the vet about 10 days ago and she has managed to add to that more since. I'm betting she is well at or over 25 now.

I think she's hands down the smartest dog I have ever owned .. and the absolute Joy of my Life.

Her next round of classes won't start till summer .. so we have plenty of time to even master her first 10 cues between now and then.


For the More ... Well a few of my friends finally did it .. They talked me into Pinterest ..which I just posted a comment on Anne of Fiona and Twigs Blog a week ago "I don't have time for it" .. and that is true ..but somehow they wrangled me in ..and I now have an account and yes 4 pin boards started .. who would have thought !!!

So Please come join me on Pinterest if your there already ... I think I put the little pinterest dealybobber in my left hand column for you to follow me there .. If not I'll get it there ..LOL !!


I've been filling up the Etsy shop with new goodies this last weekend .. so check-r-out if you haven't stopped in lately !

Well off to work again ... It's a merry place to be !


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're back .. and here's a peek at our last 2 shows Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks and Gllitterfest

What a last 2 months we have had preparing for 2 shows back to back weekends...

First off in January Flossie came home .. and that changed things alot .. sleepless nights .. and lots of attention required during the days ...which changed the whole dynamics or work...

Then Abbey got that terrible Virus that was going around in February ..and passed it on to me and Papa Fred a week after .. They both got through it .. and I am still battling the chest cough from it ..and now allergies from all the pollen in our area from all the blooms that came out to our warm weather ..which will be changing this weekend as we have a cold front headed our way and I'm looking forward to that and to getting rid of this horrible cough I have had  now for 3 weeks ..

Needless to say it's been a busy few months all in all ..and we got through it and pulled off 2 shows .. "Thank you Lord"

So for those of you who didn't make the shows we did or don't live nearby to come ..Here's picts of both shows ...

First up The Vintage Marektplace at the Oaks ..

To Make picts larger click on them ... I thought the frames around the photos would be cute ..and they are but they made the photos very small to see without clicking on them .. Lesson Learned !


And Now Glitterfest .... this past Saturday ..

Glitterfest is a nice change from the Vintage Marketplace in that we get an 8 ft long table and go up on it with our displays.

It takes about 2 hours max 2 set the table and we are ready to go at 10 when the doors open...

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our Shop and both shows !!!

We are ever so grateful to all of you are supporting Small Business, Handmade in America Items, you are part of Recycling by purchasing upcycled items and Vintage and Antique Offerings... We appreciate your business !

That's it for today .... I'm doing my best to rest up this week inbetween trying to fill custom orders by Thursday .. and getting ready to fill our Etsy shop ...I'm hoping to fill the shop this weekend but it could be early next week if the weather doesn't cooperate for good lighting for photos... I'll keep you all posted.

In The meantime ..May you have a Blessed Week !

Friday, March 9, 2012

Glitterfest Spring 2012 Sneek Peek ...

Tomorrow is Glitterfest ...and yes we are still working away ..

The Truck is almost Loaded and we are working on all those last minute details to ready ourselves for our early morning commute and setup.

But we thought we would throw a little teaser out there ..and give you all a sneek peek for tomorrow ...

No Flossie won't be there .. No pups allowed .. But she'll be thinking of us ..well maybe not so much ..she will be with Papa Fred all day ..and he and she are pretty good pals ...!

See all you local Gals Tomorrow !

And for all you Gals that are not local ..I'll be filling up the Sweet Magnolias Farm Shop ..Starting late next week ..I'll keep you all posted !


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Glitterfest Spring ...Saturday ..are you coming ?

We are running a little late in getting our post for Glitterfest up .. We have never had both The Vintage Marektplace and Glitterfest within One week of each other things are a little busy to say the least here at the Farmhouse ...

So here's a shoutout to let you all know .. 2 days from today Saturday March 10th .. Abbey and I will be setting up once again At Glitterfest .. This will be our 4th time at Glitterfest and we can't wait ! ...

Check out the Glitterfest site ..HERE ... for more info. Driving Directions ..etc !

We'll see you all on Saturday !