Saturday, March 24, 2012

ConGRADulations to Flossie "The Flossie Chronicles" Tails of an English Springer Spaniel and More

This last week has proved to be another Lovely week of cool weather and Beautiful Days !

Thursday I was able to take a day off from working ..and Abbey and I took Flossie to her doggie day care class that she was invited too attend for the day ..and we had a wonderful afternoon having lunch and browsing some local shops which we don't ever do with our Sweet Friend Christie.

We found a few goodies that we came home with a few old wonderful watering cans .. and of course some antique lace.

That evening it was Flossies Graduation Class from her first 6 week Obedience Class ..and did we ever have fun. Showing off her ability to do her 10 cues and one fun trick I taught her last week which is to Roll Over on Cue.

Lynne the Owner and Trainer of Cool Dog .. hands out Graduation Certificates for each dog in class .. along with a few little gifts such as Magnet words with dog cues and words on them .. a cap for canned food .. and a few other goodies. And along with all that a photo of you and your dog with their certificate. I'm not one for taking photos .. I just don't think I'm very photogenic at all ..and am just camera shy all together ..but for Flossie and good memories in the future I succombed to taking the photo ..LOL !!!

Here's Flossie and Myself ...

Flossie is growing like a weed as they say ... she was over 20lbs when I took her to the vet about 10 days ago and she has managed to add to that more since. I'm betting she is well at or over 25 now.

I think she's hands down the smartest dog I have ever owned .. and the absolute Joy of my Life.

Her next round of classes won't start till summer .. so we have plenty of time to even master her first 10 cues between now and then.


For the More ... Well a few of my friends finally did it .. They talked me into Pinterest ..which I just posted a comment on Anne of Fiona and Twigs Blog a week ago "I don't have time for it" .. and that is true ..but somehow they wrangled me in ..and I now have an account and yes 4 pin boards started .. who would have thought !!!

So Please come join me on Pinterest if your there already ... I think I put the little pinterest dealybobber in my left hand column for you to follow me there .. If not I'll get it there ..LOL !!


I've been filling up the Etsy shop with new goodies this last weekend .. so check-r-out if you haven't stopped in lately !

Well off to work again ... It's a merry place to be !


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