Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year, New Beginning Giveaway at "A Cultivated Nest"

For those of you who love Giveaway's .. Well..
Hop on over to "A Cultivated Nest" 
For Manuela's New Year, New Beginning Giveaway !
She's giving away a Beautiful framed image that her daughter made and will be available for purchase in her Daughter's new Etsy shop opening soon .. so stay tuned to her Blog for that date ! Looks like her daughter is going to have some wonderful offerings from what I can see
Also a Beautiful "Fleurs de Provence" towel ... and a Joy Journal ... Plus to our suprise one of our Farmhouse Farm Fresh Hotpads that she purchased to be part of her Giveaway !
What a great heart Manuela has to be giving away such amazing gifts to start your New Year off with a Bang ! And her blog is a joy to visit ..we're sure you will love it !
So Hop on over and find out how to sign up for her Amazing Giveaway and let her know the Sweet Magnolias Sent you !
With New Year's blessings....being sent your way !

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Sweet Magnolias Farm Christmas Shop has been filled with Christmas Cheer !!!

Welcome to the
Sweet Magnolias Farm
Christmas Shop ...<p>
We have been filling the shop with Christmas cheer's brimming over with Christmas and Farmhouse Goods ..
and the Good New is ..
We are now shipping all order within 48 hours of purchase or Sooner so you'll have that wonderful gift or that special Decoration within days of purchase !!!
So here's a little sneek peek at just at some of the wonderful offerings filling the Christmas shop ..

One of our Handmade Nubby cotton and Vintage Lace Stockings is available ..

Our New 2012 Christmas Yuletide Tree Farm Towel is just charming and be sure to checkout the matching burlap runner that's in the shop ..

Our Handmade Paper Mache Vintage Lace Covered JUMBO candy canes are positively cheerful ..and come in all white , red and cream , and cream and white ... these make the mantle and tree just stunning ! 

Our Wood and Tatted Gauze covered Stars with Real Jingle bells ..and topped with a festive banner and dusted in Mica are simply full of Christmas Cheer ..and they are wonderfully oversized and are perfect for a tree topper ..So fabulous on the Mantle ..Hung in the window ..or adorned on the front door wreath ! 

Our Happy Birthday Jesus Lace Banner is wonderfully vintage with it's antique lace trims's aged ribbon hanger's silver bell .. and it's dusting of old fashioned mica ..

Say Merry Christmas ... with our Farmhouse Flour Sack Towel your kitchen or as a wonderful gift ..these are fabulous for house warming gifts .. Christmas Party gifts ..Gifts for Mom, Sis and Grandma ... Pair with a Bottle of Sparkling Cider for a Gift that's Perfection !

Our Vintage Lace Ornaments are sure to delight ..and are ready to dress your Home Sweet Christmas Home ...

 He is the Reason .. and we are thrilled to say this is one of our top selling Christmas Towels .. Now that makes the heart sing ...
 This absolutely fabulous.. Unique.. and authentic Antique Early 1900's Invoice holder from an Old Hardware Store is an amazing piece we are thrilled to be offering....

6 Wings on Each side hold 4 invoices back and front per wing .. All wings including the center piece all swivel back and forward or fan out as shown... This would be a wonderful centerpiece in the Family Room with family photos and Sayings and quips tucked in the Invoice clips ... OR .. a wonderful addition to the Kitchen .. Add those wonderful old Recipe Cards ..How Handy and what an amazing conversation piece for all your company ...!

 The Original Manufacturers Plate .. McCaskey Register Company is on the front .. Check out the listing in our shop for the history on this company !

Our Towels are just the perfect gift ..for friends and family alike .. !

And we are having a Christmas Special on the last 10 Farmhouse Glasses we have available ..

A Whole lot of Sweet Tea & Jesus ..can make a Farm Girls heart Sparkle .. Our Towels .. Pillows, Napkin Sets, and Placemats can be found in the shop and are ready to ship in 48 hours ..

Needing a fun and useful stocking Stuffer ? ... Don't forget our Aged Rose Pens .. they are simply beautiful and would be lovely poking out the top of that someone specials stocking ! 

We have 4 all New Christmas Runners Available .. above is Our Merry Christmas Runner with Triple white Ruffles and tattered Lace edging Festive So Fun and so Full of Cheer ...
And Don't forget some of our wonderfully Aged Ribbon ... Perfect for tieing up packages ... Inside and Out !

And Last of all but not last of what's in the shop are these adorable Carnation Sample Milk Cups ..Aren't these so chraming ..and how perfect for Santa's cup of milk ..or tucked inside a glass dome with some snow ..
Well we hope you have enjoyed our sneek peek at the Sweet Magnolias Farm Christmas Shop ... and be sure to come and browse our over 100 items that are now being offered ..
Visit the shop HERE

Wishing all of our dear Blog Friends .. a Very Merry Christmas ..!
The Sweet Magnolias Sara & Abbey


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We're back ..from ...The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks

Yes We are Back from the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks this last weekend .."Friday & Saturday"..
In the last 3 years of setting up at the Market we have faced the Extreme Heat .. the Wind and a bit of cold but we never had to face a rainy day or more than that several rainy days. The Market has always been Rain or Shine ..but We have always been so blessed and it's always weighed out on the side of "Shine" So we weren't sure what to expect for a turnout on Friday Morning.
We all set up and prepped for the rain and hoped and hoped we would have a good turnout despite the rain ..and we weren't dissapointed !!!
Friday Morning opened with a wonderful suprise we had an amazing turnout .. it drizzled sprinkled.. it even poured down rain a few times and steadily rained throughout friday and it was a bit damp to say the least ..but I must admit it really put you in the mood for Christmas in comparison to many of our years being 80 degrees and sunny and trying to decide on buying a snowman or not ..LOL !!!
To all who came out and braved the wet and kicked your heels up in the puddles and dawned your hoodies and carried your Brellas .. "Thank You" .. We really put alot of work and heart for many weeks before each market preparing a wonderful experience for all of our sweet shoppers and we are thrilled you came out and supported us once again !
So for those of you far away who couldn't make it or for those of you who just couldn't make it's a little peek at what you all missed ...
We set up our Christmas Shop once again this year .. And we had a few more colorful things that would have been displayed out front but the rain would have ruined them our 5ft Wood trees had to do the job all on their own ..

 Thank Goodness we had my Sis's Tent ..and we set up a second tent to sit under and allow for our cashier area to remain dry... The Tents overlapped just enough that you could walk through from one to the other .. keeping everyone dry ...

 The table was decked out with Wonderful Vintage Goods along with our Handmade Christmas Goods ..and trimmed with a wonderful Jingle Bell Ribbon...

 Abbey and I love Old Christmas Bells ..and this set that hung above the table is from our personal collection ..they weren't for sale just purely for decoration ..we found them a year ago at a wonderful Barn Sale ..they date to the 1950's - 60's and are paper Mache with their orginal glitter .. Abbey Topped them with some of our wonderful poinsettias and they looked just stunning hung over the center table ...

 Our Glass Glittered Roses were once again a hit ..and an abundance of them headed off to a Winter Wedding ....

 Our Vintage Lace Ornaments ..Made their way home to lots of Christmas Trees.. Wreaths ..and Mantles ..bringing Much Christmas Cheer ...

 The Crates were filled with Christmas Towels and Aprons ..and By Saturday afternoon ..they were all gone ...

Once Again and despite the wet weather .. the Marketplace was an absolute success for not only us but all the other shops as well...
It was such a joy to see all of the familiar faces we know from each market and to meet new faces too !
Thank you to all the Ladies that came by Bus to shop .. and those that made lengthy trips from out of state !
And Thank you again to Christie, Rita, Dean, And the boys for all you do to keep the market going and running smoothly ... !!!
For those of you who could not make the market .. I have listed lots of new Christmas Goods in our Shop today HERE   and will be adding more tomorrow as well..
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from the Sweet Magnolias ...Sara and Abbey !

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks "Tomorrow" RAIN OR SHINE !

The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks ...
Friday Nov 30th - Saturday Dec 1st
RAIN OR SHINE ! We'll be There !  
9 A.M. - 4 P.M.
Bring your Rain Coat .. Grab your Umbrella !
Put on your Scarf and Dawn your Gloves !
"It's time to have 2 days full of Christmas Cheer"
Sweet Magnolias Farm will have an extra tent to pay under .. heat to warm your tootsies ... and  a Place to store your packages while shopping ... So don't let the Rain keep you away ..We've got you Covered !


Monday, November 19, 2012

It's time for the Vintage Marketplace "Home For the Holidays" Come Join us ..

Well it's that time again ... Time for the Vintage Marketplace !
if you haven't marked your calender still have a little time !
Friday November 30th and Saturday Dec 1st
9a.m. - 4p.m.
Abbey and I have been working feverishly getting all sorts of goodies ready for you ..and my plans were to have some sneek peek pictures for you all this weekend for this post.
However my plans were a tad detoured without my consent .. This last friday I slipped and within hours I was sporting a strained/tore Hamstring. Not something to ignore even if it would let you ignore I've been chairbound for 3 days and Poor Abbey has been waiting on me. Needless to say I'm Ricing as they call it .. Resting, Icing, Compressing, and Elevating .. in hopes that by next wednesday I'll be able to load the trailer on my own. We shall see. Today I can walk better and have more range of motion in my leg and the pain is lessening so I think I'm headed in the right direction !
All that said ..we have some wonderful Christimas Offerings for you all. One of a Kind Rustic and Romantic Decorations. Our New Farmhouse Jumbo Candy Canes .. Handmade paper mache Candy canes layered in vintage laces, aged ribbon and tied with scrumptious lace tendril bows that have sentiments of Christmas ..Perfect for tree or apothecary .. Our Signature Farmhouse Lace Ornaments ..each with Christmas sentiments and dusted in beautiful Mica ... And another new offering .. Our Signature Glass glittered roses now adorn 6 Ft bark wire garlands wrap the tree or lay upon the sideboard  table or mantel .. There's oodles more handmades ..headed to the market along with lots of wonderful Vintage Finds Such as an authentic Sled Ready to find a new home ...
So come Join us at our Marketplace Home for this wonderful Christmas Holiday !
Bring the Family and enjoy 2 days of spectacular holiday fun ..
We'll see you there !

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin' & Hayrides our Very Own Aunt Ruthie of Sugar Pie Farmhouse

Many years ago yes dating to the late 90's early 2000's ... I had the pleasure of meeting Sweet "Aunt Ruthie" or "Ruthann" of "SUGARPIE FARMHOUSE"
We met at the local antique mall where Abbey and I had 3 shops. She and Summer ( her daughter) used to come in and walk the aisles looking for just that special something. If you have visited Sugarpie Farmhouse then you'll know by the photos of her home that she truly does pick out some wonderful and amazing pieces to decorate her home.. and if you haven't visited Sugarpie Farmhouse then I urge you to take some time and visit won't be dissapointed.
Our dear sweet Aunt Ruthie has an amazing talent for words, wisdom, and homemaking which you'll find throughout her website and in the several books she has written.
Aunt Ruthie is full of good old fashioned wisdom that spans the ages .. she shares her love for the Lord, for her family and for the blessed life she has.
I have had the priveledge and honor to receive an early copy of her newest book which is debuting today for the first time on her website...
When I received my early edition copy ..I was absolutely thrilled ..and just a peak at the first photos made my heart skip a few beats with complete excitement.
So here's to:
"PUMPKIN PICKIN' & HAYRIDES"  BY: Ruthann Winans ..AKA Aunt Ruthie
 The front cover or her new fall book is just so adorable and ever so charming with her two sweet little grandsons dressed in their country boy shorty-overalls bringing in their wagon load of pumpkins fresh from the crop ...

 the 96 page book ..Yes you read correctly 96 pages .. is plumb full of vintage photos, and stunning photography of Sugarpie Farmhouse ...along with ...

fun family traditions, yummy recipes and Nostalgic Delights as Auth Ruthie says.

I love her Section Titled "Tips for Tidying up your Home" ... where you'll find 22 fabulous easy, uplifting and encouraging tips for keeping  a home ...!

In the "Festive Harvest Home" Time to Decorate... section Aunt Ruthie shares several pages of wonderful and simple ways to make your home ready for the fall ...One of my favorites being


set a happy theme in

your home! I have several throughout my house. You can use them as
a backdrop to showcase your fall décor. Place a row of pumpkins in
front or arch twigs and tiny, white lights along the top. Write a
scripture, a seasonal quote, your supper menu or a love note to your

And if you are looking for some wonderful recipes .. "Raising my hand here" .. well above in this scrumptious chipped and tattered yummy blue chair .. is a scrumptious and yummy bowl full of  ... "Granny's Secret Apple Pudding Cake" ... I'll take the whole pan Please !
And Yes ... the Recipe is included along with many other "Country Fall Fixins" that will make your tummy rumble in a good way ...!!!

These Few pictures are only a small little glimpse into this wonderful book ... These are just 8 of 96 pages .. so you can imagine how wonderful the other 89 pages are ... and you'll enjoy reading all the homemaking tips .. homemaking wisdom, decorating ideas, Recipes and so much more that will make you delighted with excitement.
Pumpkin Pickin' & Hayrides is simply Charming.. Delightful .. and Uplifiting for the Soul.

So head on over to Sugarpie Farmhouse .. Meet Aunt Ruthie and Grab yourself a copy of her new Fall book ... "Pumpkin Pickin' & Hayrides" ...HERE

(Please Note all Images are the sole property of Sugarpie Farmhouse.. please obtain permission for use from Aunt Ruthie ...)