Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin' & Hayrides ..by our Very Own Aunt Ruthie of Sugar Pie Farmhouse

Many years ago yes dating to the late 90's early 2000's ... I had the pleasure of meeting Sweet "Aunt Ruthie" or "Ruthann" of "SUGARPIE FARMHOUSE"
We met at the local antique mall where Abbey and I had 3 shops. She and Summer ( her daughter) used to come in and walk the aisles looking for just that special something. If you have visited Sugarpie Farmhouse then you'll know by the photos of her home that she truly does pick out some wonderful and amazing pieces to decorate her home.. and if you haven't visited Sugarpie Farmhouse then I urge you to take some time and visit ...you won't be dissapointed.
Our dear sweet Aunt Ruthie has an amazing talent for words, wisdom, and homemaking which you'll find throughout her website and in the several books she has written.
Aunt Ruthie is full of good old fashioned wisdom that spans the ages .. she shares her love for the Lord, for her family and for the blessed life she has.
I have had the priveledge and honor to receive an early copy of her newest book which is debuting today for the first time on her website...
When I received my early edition copy ..I was absolutely thrilled ..and just a peak at the first photos made my heart skip a few beats with complete excitement.
So here's to:
"PUMPKIN PICKIN' & HAYRIDES"  BY: Ruthann Winans ..AKA Aunt Ruthie
 The front cover or her new fall book is just so adorable and ever so charming with her two sweet little grandsons dressed in their country boy shorty-overalls bringing in their wagon load of pumpkins fresh from the crop ...

 the 96 page book ..Yes you read correctly 96 pages .. is plumb full of vintage photos, and stunning photography of Sugarpie Farmhouse ...along with ...

fun family traditions, yummy recipes and Nostalgic Delights as Auth Ruthie says.

I love her Section Titled "Tips for Tidying up your Home" ... where you'll find 22 fabulous easy, uplifting and encouraging tips for keeping  a home ...!

In the "Festive Harvest Home" Time to Decorate... section Aunt Ruthie shares several pages of wonderful and simple ways to make your home ready for the fall ...One of my favorites being


set a happy theme in

your home! I have several throughout my house. You can use them as
a backdrop to showcase your fall décor. Place a row of pumpkins in
front or arch twigs and tiny, white lights along the top. Write a
scripture, a seasonal quote, your supper menu or a love note to your

And if you are looking for some wonderful recipes .. "Raising my hand here" .. well above in this scrumptious chipped and tattered yummy blue chair .. is a scrumptious and yummy bowl full of  ... "Granny's Secret Apple Pudding Cake" ... I'll take the whole pan Please !
And Yes ... the Recipe is included along with many other "Country Fall Fixins" that will make your tummy rumble in a good way ...!!!

These Few pictures are only a small little glimpse into this wonderful book ... These are just 8 of 96 pages .. so you can imagine how wonderful the other 89 pages are ... and you'll enjoy reading all the homemaking tips .. homemaking wisdom, decorating ideas, Recipes and so much more that will make you delighted with excitement.
Pumpkin Pickin' & Hayrides is simply Charming.. Delightful .. and Uplifiting for the Soul.

So head on over to Sugarpie Farmhouse .. Meet Aunt Ruthie and Grab yourself a copy of her new Fall book ... "Pumpkin Pickin' & Hayrides" ...HERE

(Please Note all Images are the sole property of Sugarpie Farmhouse.. please obtain permission for use from Aunt Ruthie ...)


  1. Lovely fall things! :D I adore autumn! Also, you are invited to my Christmas giveaway!


  2. Hello sweet Sara!! Thank you so much for the fabulous shout out!! Wow! I feel so honored by your glowing words! I thank the Lord for special friends like you and Abbey!
    Sending hugs!!


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