Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sometimes you just need a Smile in Life .. The Flossie Chronicles Tails of an English Springer Spaniel...

Well this is just a quick post today ... as I am rather exhausted .. from all the hubub of our Yard Sale and the week following of doing nothing but cleaning and organizing for 6 days straight inside and outside and this week it's been catch up with orders ...
Today as Abbey headed out the back sliders to do some work ... Flossie stopped and sat down ... Abbey told me you have got to look at her .. and I can't believe it but she actually sat there while I got my camera and never moved an inch and still yet she sat long enough for us to grab a picture of her ...
What a silly little gal she is ... she sat down right under the curtains .. and as she picked her head up they feel ever so perfectly as to look like she had dawned a vail ... She's possibly trying out to become a nun ..  ??? ... LOL !
Well On a day I really needed a smile .. Flossie just didn't disappoint .. She truly is a little Angel God sent us from heaven.  10 months old and she's the sweetest little girl .. Such a blessing from above ..
Hope she put a smile on your face too .. if she did ..well she's doing her job and hopefully her job to be. I hope very soon to begin training Flossie to become a Therapy Dog .. because I know she would be a joy and a healing presence for those who are Lonely .. those who are sick .. and those who need recovery .. Her spirit is truly one of healing and Joy ...
Wishing you all a beautiful .. and Happy week full of many smiles !


  1. so sweet, she does have such soulful and loving eyes! thanks for not just a smile but a good chuckle!!

  2. Hi Sara,
    That was just what I needed...a good laugh and a big smile! She really does look like a nun...and a sweet ANGEL! Thank you for sharing your sweet girl with all of us! Hope you are all well and please say hello to Abbey for me...

  3. You made me smile this morning. Too cute .Flossie is such a good model. You must get her an agent! Have a wonderful day. -Al

  4. I am SMILING! She is the sweetest thing ever. I hope to see you all soon. Ciao Rita

  5. Missed you at Glitterfest! Hope that the garage sale was a huge success. What a darling photo..so cute. Hope to see you both at the Vintage Marketplace ....xoxo Lidy


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