Monday, April 25, 2011

Fresh From the Line ...

There's nothing that Say's Spring like....


It's that time of year when the weather is beautiful ..the sun is out ..and the feeling and smell of crisp, sun bleached sheets are ready to dress your bed ..It's the time to hang all your beautiful whites ..and let the sun use it's natural whitening power. It's that time to pull up your old motel, or addirondack chair and watch the linens and clothes sway in the spring breeze ..

So this last week I was inspired to create more of our wonderful Vintage and Romantic Style Clothespin Bags ..since those I had available were chosen to make their way to some other Home Sweet Homes ..

The are absolute Perfection for the clothesline !

Makes the job easier and makes the job a little more charming to the eyes !

So Here's My "Fresh from the Line" Clothespin Bags ..

Now available in our Etsy shop ...

To vist our Sweet Magnolias Farm shop click HERE


Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring has Sprung at Sweet Magnolias Farm

A small but delightful flower garden'll find at Sweet Magnolias Farm...

Tended with rain drops, sunshine, and little else ..

it's Blooms are Beautiful, Bright, and full of many happy smiles !

Welcome our Flower Garden ...

Come and sit a while with us ..and enjoy the warm rays of sunshine ..

Where little lemon kissed flowers dance on their vines and find charming little places to twist and wind ...

Where pink Ruffles are in style ...and

The little wrens await their turn to splish and Splash amongst our many old bird baths ..

The flowers ...of spring are now tumbling over ....

And out there containers ...which contain them no more ..

Where tattered and vintage garden houses find themselves as sweet little backdrops to the blooms that steal the show....

And garden arbors, vintage bicycles and wire stands are entwined into the mix ..

It's a garden of sweet old fashioned charm .. where sweet dreams are dreamed ....And...

All Gods Beauty....

and delicate handiwork is so very amazing ...!


The garden reminds me of the coming resurrection day ...

The day sweet Jesus was resurrected from the tomb.

Just as so many thought our lord Jesus had been put to death forever ..he was gloriously resurrected .. just as the winter takes it's toll on the garden stripping every bit of life and beauty from it making our hearts long for the day the blooms will return ..Come spring time the garden proves it was there all along and is resurrected. Just as Jesus Spirit fills the garden of our hearts and reminds us he is still here with us ..the beautiful spring garden reminds us that it's spirit was also their all along.

The Beauty of it all is .. the spirit of the Lord is forever ..!

Wishing you all a Joyous Resurrection Day !!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Etsy Rustic Farmhouse Romance Treasury

Looking for some Unique Rustic Farmhouse Romance Finds ..???

Visit my Rustic Farmhouse Romance Curated Treasury HERE


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Working with White ...

It seems shades of white have become a true love of here at Sweet Magnolias Farm.... No matter how far we travel into shades of pink or blues ..we always tend to find ourselves being drawn back to the comforting appeal of layers and layers of shades of white !

Having recently closed our 2 shops ...and not having come to a decision on where our next stop will be at this time ..I've been spending alot of time lately with my Best Friend Etsy ..

Yes ..I've been building the number of offerings in our Sweet Magnolias Farm Etsy Shop ..

Mostly whites and some color ...

Vintage And Romantic Farmhouse Pieces ...

The closer I am in the process to each piece ..looking it over carefully for correct desciptions, taking pictures that try to make it looks as beautiful as it is ...the more in love I keep falling with "White"...

Here's a few sneek peeks I have added this last week...

We were just published in the Spring Issue of Haute Handbags ..I am thrilled to say ..! I'm still awaiting my issue ...but I did recieve the totes that are published back in the mail ..and have made the available in our Etsy shop ..

This Early Pasteware Monogrammed Butter pat has a sister ..yes 2 of them ..I love that they are monogrammed !!!

Isn't she absolutely breathtaking ..I almost didn't let her go ..she is so peaceful ..! As she sat upon my desk all day while working ..I just couldn't keep looking at her and thinking how calming and so lovely to look at she was. She is actually a planter or flower holder. On her back side is a cavity to place water or soil in and add your plant or bouquet. I thought she would even be sweet with a bouquet of our Paper Roses displayed inside ..

Our Flour Sack Towels ..are so so Soft scrumptious ..Lint Free and perfection for use in the kitchen, or Bath, Our vintage images are added with professional machinery so they are not iron ons ..and wash up beautifully ..softer each time.

Remember the old restaurantware .. These 2 Buffalo china soup bowls are perfection for that mis matched dinnerware style. That's how we do dinnerware here at SMF ...We have a wonderful collection of Blue and Brown 1800's transferware plates, Platters, bowls name it ..and to compliment it we use antique silver plate silverware all mis-matched ...Its postively charming ...!

So even though it's White Wednesday ...Lately every day has been full of shades of white for me ..and it has even inspired me more to continue on the search for more shades of white in vintage finds along my journeys.

We would like to invite you to visit our Etsy shop by clicking HERE ... even if it's just for fun !

Wishing you all a Beautiful WW ..Hosted by Faded Charm ..


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Custom White Wednesday & Inspiration Friday ...

It's been a Custom White Wednesday here at Sweet Magnolias Farm ..

My Most recent custom creations that we offered at our last show Glitterfest ..sparked the imagination of one of my Good customers and Friend...

She Wanted this Old Hump Back Trunk ..Distressed in a creamy aged white ...

Which I began work on today ..

AND ...

Created in the image of this Farmhouse Romance ..Custom Train Case I recently fashioned.

This Train Case was one of those "ugly Ducklings" when I happened on it and not in useable condition as it was ..those are my favorite pieces to find ..!!!

Something that has good bones but needs a new life built back into it so it can go on being enjoyed for many years to come !

I applied our Sweet Magnolias Farm Signature Farmhouse Style ...With lace Rosettes ..Vintage Sheet music ..antique lace trims ..aged seam binding ..

And an aged creamy white paint job ...

...It's crowning Glory inside make-over as well ..

Finished off in authentic vintage sheet music ..

and Built in vintage linen and lace pockets ..

Adorned with scrumptious rosettes and crinkled tendrils of aged seam binding ..

A True Sweet Magnolias Farm Original ...

It is available now in our Etsy shop Here

It will be a wonderful artistic journey to bring the humpback trunk to a Stunning Vintage Farmhouse Beauty ...Considering it's about 3 times larger than the old train case above ..It's sure to make a wonderful statement in her Home Sweet Home.

I already have the vision of it's design dancing in my head it's time to begin applying that vision, from my head to my hands ..


I'm also working on 2 more train cases that will be offered very soon ...with more "ferme romance" built in ..a little Farmhouse Romance that is built in !

If you also ever desire a custom order all means feel free to contact us, we love working on custom orders !

I hope your enjoying white wednesday hosted by Faded Charm sure to stop in and link up for white wednesday ..or enjoy the white wednesday posts .

And Inspiration Friday ...Hosted by Debra of Common Ground Stop in and visit all the Inspiring ideas

Until Next time ..May your days be bright and cheerful ..with a smile at your lips and happy thoughts on your mind !


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy as a Bee ....

Busy as a Bee in Spring ....

That's been me today ...

I've been buzzin around all day pollinating our Etsy shop with more new offerings ...

Here's just a few items for a sneek peek ...

Be sure to stop in to check out all the new offerings ...Click HERE ..


Saturday, April 9, 2011

1920s Farmhouse and Barn Sale ...

Ah ...Does the title of this post just not make your heart swoon with excitement ...!!!

It did Abbey's and Mine ...when a friend of ours told us a few weeks back about an upcoming sale that would be held in an authentic 1920s Farmhouse and had a Barn and Wood Garage to boot !!!

I'm telling you my tummy had the rumbly's just like Winnie the Pooh ...

And the week leading up to it I couldn't contain my excitement.

So Last Friday off we went before the sun rose in the sky to grab ourselves a place in line hoping we could be one of the first few to enter and get to choose some of the prime pieces.

Indeed we were numbers 6 & 7 In line and they let the first 20 in and closed the gate behind us ...Wooo Hoooo were we so thrilled !

So Abbey went in the house ..I took the garage and barn and Papa Fred stood guard over all of our fun finds ..without him ..our finds would never make it home with us Sad to say.

So Our truck came home full ..An antique Pie safe an old rustic bow front cabinet ..Wire egg baskets and feeders, Vintage Fabric ..Old farm dresses ..and so much more that it makes my heart swim just to write about it. and I want to go back for more !!!!

So I just finished up listing in our Etsy shop the first of some of our finds and thought I would share these vintage beauties with you all ..

It's spring and time for color ..and what says spring better than some vintage Fabric ..

A stack of old vintage feedsack fabric, cotton print, and novelty seersucker ... all in bright, colorful designs ...

The strawberry print above is my absolute favorite

Florals that are so happy !

And little lambs that remind of you little pitty pattering feetsies !

And just in time for Easter ..

what better to find than a whole stack of vintage Easter baskets !

Positively sweet they are ..some are marked Japan and Occupied Japan ...and some are more colorful than others ..All perfect for Easter decorating or to use in your farmhouse kitchen the whole year through ...

These are just a few of the pieces from the Farmhouse and Barn Sale that I just finished listing in our Etsy shop today take a look at more of our offerings click HERE ... and check back for more this week ..!

Now I'm waiting for the next good sale ..wherever that may be ..LOL !!


I also listed a few of my newest handmade pieces ..

Sweet Magnolias Farm Soldered Window Charms.

If you've seen the large windows I offer ..well these are my miniature version of them I am now offering.

Each one is made from an authentic pane of glass from an antique window.

I Make the custom graphics ...and have a special process of addding them to the glass.

Each piece is soldered ..and Prisms or Keys or a unique vintage ensemble hangs from the bottom ..while a sweet seam binding tie adorns the top for hanging ..

Our Window charms can also be found in our Etsy shop ...

Happy Spring to all of our Dear Kindred Friends ...

Blessings ..Sara