Friday, December 20, 2013

The Gift in the Manger ....

Merry Christmas to You All !
I hope this Friday Morning Finds you all toasty warm and enjoying the cooler or for some colder weather that the Season has brought us.
It was a beautiful foggy morning here .. the Lake behind our house was covered in thick billowy fog that is now bright and shiny from the rays of the sun trying to peek through and penetrate it ..
I Love all seasons of the year .... but I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy the cold weather .. I love to curl up in my big fuzzy blanket .. I love a warm sweater .. I like donning warm socks and slippers .. Cold weather is actually very comforting to me .. so I am and will continue through February to enjoy the rain, the cold wind, the icy cold nights, and the cool days of late fall and early winter.
So have you all got your Christmas Shopping done ?  I hope so ..I've seen the stores in our area when I have gone out to run errands ..and by golly are they jam packed with Shoppers picking out gifts for their loved ones. It's a funny thing Christmas Shopping... Everyone goes out seeking a gift for a friend or family member .. trying to find the one thing that the other person they hope will Love, Like, enjoy, Use, Wear, etc. We each go out in search of something we can give to someone else , something that we have picked by sacrificing our time, money, and whatever else may need doing in life find that one gift to bring Joy, Happiness and a Smile to that other person.
I find it fascinating .. that so many people desire to give gifts. It's like it was written into our hearts long ago .. and Maybe it was... in fact I believe the desire to "Give" was written into our hearts so long ago.. I think it all began ... with a star in the East , 3 Wisemen, A Husband, A Wife, Angels, and a gift that was on it's way to Save and Bless each person in this world .. A gift in a manger.  It was a gift that was given "Free" , A gift that has kept on giving and never run out for any generation that has been born into this world .. it was a Baby that was born "Christ" .. a Child that would grow into a Man and die on a cross  .. A child sent by God to redeem our lives and ultimately "Wash away our Sins" .. The Gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ.
I was 12 when I accepted Christ as my Saviour .. and I can't imagine having lived life without my Salvation, Without God.  It's been a Joy and a blessing to know that I am redeemed from all that ugliness that lurks inside me and trys to pop it's ugly head out every now and again.. To know that in all the seasons of life I can bow my head and I always have a friend in Jesus to talk to, to pray to. For me My walk with God is everything. Life would have no meaning without him.
So this Christmas Season I would like to share a gift with  you a Beautiful Story written by Sharon Jaynes. You can also visit her blog HERE and receive her posts each week directly to your e-mail in

Jacob’s Best Christmas Ever

Sharon Jaynes©
Jacob stood shivering behind his mother as she rang the bell for the Salvation Army Christmas kettle. Cling, cling, rattled the coins as busy men and women tossed their loose change in the big black pot.
“You must stay close by,” his mother chided. “No running around on the busy sidewalk.”
Jacob nestled against the back of his mother’s legs and warmed himself with her loosely fitting coat as if it were his shawl. His too small coat and worn thin tennis shoes served as poor barriers against the December chill.
After a while, Jacob began to grow curious at the brightly decorated storefronts lining the bustling street. His mother didn’t even notice when he wandered away to peek in the window behind her post.
The storefront housed mechanical elves slowly hammering away on various oversized toy trucks, cars, and train sets. In one corner sat a round jolly old woman dressed in red, appearing to sew lace on a dolly’s dress. Mesmerized, he moved to the next window and saw a laughing man with a white beard dressed in a red suit riding in a sleigh full of packages.
The next window housed a crèche much like the one he had seen in front of the church near his apartment. There were Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus surrounded by three Kings, two shepherds and a camel crowded in the back.
The next window was filled with mannequins dressed in sequined party dresses and fancy black tuxedos. The next window was landscaped with artificial snow and a snowman family. The daddy snowman donned a splendid top hat, the mommy snowman had a floppy red hat and matching gloves, and the “children” wore matching scarves and earmuffs.
On and on Jacob explored with wide-eyed wonder the sights of the season in storefront after storefront. When he finally thought to turn around and wave to his mother, she was nowhere in sight. Jacob had wandered many blocks away and his curiosity had taken him through a maze of twists and turns. He had no idea where he was or how to get back to her.
With tears in his eyes, Jacob plopped down on a bench in front of Edwards’s department store and hoped that his mother would come to find him soon.
Meanwhile, Clara Jones sat by the fire in her small brick bungalow, sipping a cup of afternoon tea. Suddenly, she felt compelled to go uptown and do a little shopping.
“Lord,” she prayed, “You know I’ve done all my shopping this year, but I sense you nudging me to go uptown. I don’t know why you’re telling me to move,” she chuckled, “but as usual, I guess you’ll let me know when I get there.”
She put on her heavy red coat, slipped on warm fur lined boots, and wrapped a bright Christmas green scarf around her neck. She slowly made her way through the heavy holiday traffic.
As soon as she got out of her car, she saw her divine appointment waiting on a bench in front of Edwards’s department store. Before she crossed the street, God spoke to her heart, Look at the boy with the eyes of your heart.
He wore a threadbare coat that was missing most of its buttons and had too small sleeves that came down just below his elbows. On his right foot, a white sock peeked out of a hole in the toe of his well-worn tennis shoe, and his hands were stuffed deep in his pockets. Unruly brown hair framed his chapped cheeks, and frightened eyes darted to the left and right as if searching for something.
Then God whispered again, You have a chance to give this little boy the best Christmas present ever.
After what seemed like hours of waiting, Jacob saw an older woman with kind eyes and rosy cheeks approaching him. He recognized her as Mrs. Jones, who often helped out at the Salvation Army clothing store.
“Hi Jacob,” she said with a warm smile. Do you remember me?”
Jacob nodded his head silently, afraid if he spoke his tears might give way.
“Son, are you lost?” Mrs. Jones asked as she stooped down to look in his eyes.
“I don’t know, ma’am,” Jacob replied with a quiver in his voice. “I was with my mom. She is ringing a bell where people throw pennies and nickels in a big black kettle to help poor people, but I guess I walked too far away.  And now I don’t know my way back.”
He was trying to be as brave as a 6-year-old boy could be, but the quiver in his small voice revealed the truth.
“I’ll tell you what,” Mrs. Jones said, “see that policeman over there. Let’s tell him that you are lost and describe to him what your mother looks like in case she comes by looking for you. Then you can come in the store with me while I shop and stay warm.”
“OK Mrs. Jones. That sounds like a great idea.”
The twosome told the policeman about Jacob’s mom, and he promised to be on the lookout.
In the store, Mrs. Jones led Jacob to the children’s coat section.
“Which one of these coats do you think a little boy about 6-years-old would like?” she asked.
“Oh, I think a little boy about 6-years-old would like this one!” he exclaimed.  Jacob pointed to a corduroy pea coat with big brown leather buttons and a hood lined with something that reminded him of a stuffed toy lamb he had seen in one of the storefront windows.
“I think that is a splendid choice,” Mrs. Jones replied. “That coat is just the one I’d like to buy for you!”
Jacob was surprised! He had never had a new coat before, much less one so handsome and warm. He hugged Mrs. Jones with delight, slipped on the new coat, and stuffed his old one in a bag.
Then Mrs. Jones took Jacob to the shoe department and purchased a pair of black shiny new boots with plenty of toe room. Just beside the shoe department, they picked out a new scarf, woolen gloves and cap.
With her shopping complete, Mrs. Smith and Jacob went to check with the policeman.
“No sign of her yet,” the man said.
“I have another idea,” Mrs. Jones said, “Let’s sit here by the café window so we can spot her if she walks by.
The older woman ordered two cups of hot chocolate and drank in the smiles and chatter of little Jacob.
Finally, Jacob looked up at Mrs. Jones, cocked his head and asked, “Lady, are you God?”
“No,” she said with a chuckle. “I’m just one of His children.”
“Well, I knew you had to be some relation,” he said, assured of his estimation.
“Jacob, would you like to be one of God’s children too?”
“Oh, yes,” he quickly replied. “But how do I do that?”
Over the next 15 minutes, Mrs. Jones told Jacob the Christmas story as he had never heard it before. She started with the baby in the manger who was born that starry night in Bethlehem so long ago. She told him that the little baby was God’s Son and God had sent Him at Christmas time as the very first Christmas present. He was a present for all who would accept Him as their Savior and Lord.
She told him about the wise men that came from the East, the shepherds who saw the angels, and the angels who proclaimed Jesus’ birth. Then she told him that the baby grew up to be a man who did many wonderful things, healed the sick, and fed the poor.
“But some people didn’t believe Jesus was God’s Son and they killed Him by nailing him on a cross.”
“Why did God let them kill His Son?” Jacob asked with confusion and hurt in his eyes.
“Well, Jacob, it was all in God’s plan. Jesus didn’t even fight when the soldiers came to take him away. He gave His life freely as a gift for you and for me. But the good news is–Jesus didn’t stay dead! They buried Him in a tomb, but three days later, God raised Him from the dead. He was alive again, and He is still living today.”
“Really?” Jacob said in wide-eyed wonder. “Where does He live?”
Mrs. Jones pointed to her heart. “He lives in here.”  Then pointing to Jacob’s heart she said, “And He can live in there too,”
“Jacob, do you know what sin is?” Mrs. Jones asked.
“I think it is when you do something wrong. I always hear my grandmother saying, ‘Your sins will find you out.’ But I’m not sure what that means.”
Mrs. Jones chuckled thinking of her own country grandmother saying those same daunting words to her as a child.
“Jacob, all of us are sinners. We don’t become sinners the first time we do something wrong. We are born sinners. It just means that we aren’t perfect. We make mistakes all the time. Jesus came to take the punishment for our mistakes. When we accept Him as our Savior, when we say that we believe Jesus is God’s Son and we believe that God raised Him from the dead, God adopts us into His family and we become one of His children.”
“I’d like to do that,” Jacob said.  “I want to be His child like you are. Do you think He would want me?”
“Oh yes,” she said with a smile. “God sent me here today just for you. He knew you were lost.”
The older lady and one special little boy bowed their heads.  Mrs. Jones led Jacob through a prayer to accept his best Christmas present ever. Just as they said “Amen,” Jacob looked up and spotted his frantic mother talking to the policeman.
He burst through the glass doors and hugged her around the waist.
“Jacob, Jacob, where have you been” she sobbed.
“I was lost, but now I’m found,” he said.
Mrs. Jones walked up and extended her hand to the weary mother.
“This is Mrs. Jones,” Jacob said. “She’s been taking care of me until you came. And look, she bought me a new coat, these shiny boots, these gloves and a hat!”
“You’re an angel,” the thankful mother cried clinging to her small son.
“No, she’s not an angel, mom” Jacob said. “She’s just one of God’s children, and you can be one too.”
For the next two hours, one older woman and one little boy told a young mother about the baby born in Bethlehem who was the Savior of the World. The angels rejoiced that evening as the adoption papers were complete on two more of God’s children. Yes, it was Jacob’s best Christmas ever.


Have you been searching for the most precious gift ?
A gift that keeps on Giving ?
Do you know God.. ?
Have you accepted Christ as your Saviour ?
Would you like to have your adoption papers signed by God ?
If you would like the Greatest Gift ever for Free .. the Love of God ..
You can Find out how to receive it HERE

Wishing you all a

Very Merry Christmas !

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Giveaway at " Living Vintage " ~ 27 Winners ... Wow !!!!

Hey Y'all ...
There is a Huge Christmas Giveaway Going on over at Living Vintage !
27 Winners !!!
With 27 Chances to Win !
The Giveaway Started today 12-9-13
an ends Friday the 13th at 3:00 p.m. central time ..
So Hurry on over and choose your ways to Enter ...
Kim compiled an amazing list of Sellers offering Gift Certificates to their shops as the Prizes ..
We are one of them !
Click HERE to visit the Living Vintage Blog and Enter the Giveaway
Merry Christmas and to all the Best of Luck !

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Vintage Marketplace Christmas ~ And Gift Giving

Well Happy Monday To you all !
I hope this Post finds you all have survived another Thanksgiving of Full Tummies .. and shopping for those of you brave enough to venture out on Friday ..
Of all things I had to go out on Friday not by Choice though. I had a special order in a Jo anns and of course it came in and I needed it desperately so I ventured in to pick it up .. to my surprise the lines to pay were not bad at all but I was told that over 100 numbers were out at the cutting table .. thank the Lord I didn't have to go to the cutting table ..LOL !
Well I just wanted to remind everyone who is planning on making the trip out to the Vintage Marketplace at the oaks that it's  This
Dec 6th and 7th
The Weather reports have been a little back and forth for a week now but it looks like it's going to be a blustery Cold week ... so be sure to wrap up warm and bring a thermos with some coffee and hot chocolate and just for safety bring the umbrella too ...
Last year it rained ..both days but it didn't stop anyone from selling ..and it sure didn't stop you all from coming and shopping ... so I'm sure this year will be no different if the rain decides to visit !
 As for Abbey and I we won't be selling at this market unfortunately. We are pretty sad about that ..but with all that's taken place in our lives the last few months it just proved to be too much for us.
I'll be there on Friday Morning to Visit and Support all the vendors and do a little shopping of my own though ... so maybe I'll see you all there just in a different capacity "Fellow Shopping Gal" ...
So if you all need you Christmas Fix ...
And need a new Christmas Towel or Runner ... o
Need some easy and quick gifts ..
Don't forget you can purchase from us online
Our shipping is very reasonable and well it's generally a heck of a lot cheaper than gas these days ...LOL !
Here's a few peeks at some of our Christmas offerings this year ....

All of our Towels have the choice between Red Gingham and White Ruffles or Double White Ruffles .. and Yes they come with that charming twine bow and real Jingle Bells .. The bow is just pinned on so it makes washing these easy !
And Our Burlap Runners make any table Festive

You can Find all these Festive Christmas Items in our Sweet Magnolias Farm Shop HERE
And More !!!
Merry Christmas Y'all !

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Giving Thanks for Gods Abundant Blessings

Another Thanksgiving ~ Another Year to be Thankful for the Blessings in our Lives.
No matter what road you have traveled this year .. no matter what the journey, be it filled with Joy or filled with sorrow "Give Thanks"
This Year has been full for us here at Sweet Magnolias Farm. It's been a year filled with both Joy and Sorrow. If you truly live life to the fullest you cannot escape the overflowing Joy and Happiness it can posess ..Nor can you escape the deep and certain sorrow's that will make their way throughout your journey of life either.
Both the Good and the Bad are part of living. Life is like the vows of a marriage
 " For Better or Worse".
But the beauty of both is that you can "Give Thanks" in both.
Today as I do each day of my life .. I once again Give Thanks for each thing that has come my way thus far this year.
From The Love of my Family ... the Joy of Friends ... the sweet unconditional Love of our Sweet Flossie ... A place to call home ... The warmth of a bed .. the comfort of a full stomach... the luxury of transportation ... good health ...Blessings of our Business Growing and so much more... to the Sorrows of a critically ill family member ... the deep concern of my Dad's health ... and other personal sorrows ....
I give thanks for them All !
Each one transforms my life .. each one helps me to be more thankful, more understanding, more compassionate, more giving, more loving, more of everything that is good and truly isn't that what we all would like to be more of everything that is good.
 As you enjoy Going back Home ... this Thanksgiving ..
Visiting Grandma's House ...
Spending it With Good Friends ...

Gathering at your own table ... as we do here at the Farmhouse ...
"Let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name" (Hebrews 13:15).

It' not difficult to find just the simplest of things to be Thankful for ...

 Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!
Psalm 107:21

Thank You to all our Blog Followers .. we are so thankful you enjoy our blog.

Thank You to all of our Friends that support us throughout the year with kindness and encouragement.

Thank You to all of our customers who have supported our small business we appreciate you more than you'll ever know !

Thank You to my Family who has Loved, and Supported me through my Journey in Life.

Thank You to all the Doctors and Nurses and Medical Help that each day care for people like My Dad and give of themselves to see that he is refreshed from sickness to health ... and for the caregivers that take care of critically ill patients .. you all have the true heart of giving.

and Lastly and Most Importantly.

Thank You Lord for all the above

Wishing you all a Beautiful Thanksgiving .. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

You Can Help ..

The story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) gives a clear picture of God's desire for us to help those in desperate need wherever we find them.
For 35 years, Samaritan's Purse has followed Christ's command by aiding the world's poor, sick, and suffering.
Samaritan's Purse is already in the Phillipines giving Aid in every way possible ..
It's hard to imagine as we sit in the warmth of our homes ..or take a warm shower , sleep in a warm bed or have a warm meal .. what it really means to not have any of those comforts and to not see a future with them  let alone the simpler things such as a pair of shoes or a hair brush or shampoo ...
To live through such a catastrophic event must be overwhelming to every sense of the body and mind and the desire for help must be so great.
Sweet Magnolias Farm supports Samaritan's Purse by Franklin Graham, it's a wonderful organization that has been trusted for years and has the heart of a servant to do for and help others.
As I have said before ..helping doesn't mean giving hundreds of dollars means offering up what you can ..and that means even if you can spare $1- then you have helped someone else ..and what a great and beautiful thing that is to help someone in need ..
You can click HERE  to be directed to the Samaritan's Purse Online Donation page..
They have a Phillipines Emergency Relief box  just put in your dollar amount and then click add and it will direct you to a checkout page where you can pay by CC, or via your bank account or it allows you to send payment.
Wishing you all a Beautiful Sunday Afternoon .. and a Happy Veterans Day and a Lovely Week ahead !

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello Dear Sweet Friends ...

Well .. Hello you all ...
It's been a while since I've posted and there's good reason !
As the above say's I've been having Courage .. trying not to be afraid and definitely not being dismayed because Amen to the fact that the Lord is with me wherever I go !
I mentioned several months back about my Dad being ill .. Well since my Parents and I share a home we share every bit of our lives together like a good old married couple .. the good and the bad ..
So Dad had to have as the Dr. put it a Major Major surgery ... and what was supposed to be about a 3 to 5 day hospital stay ..ended up 8 days and then after less than 48 hours of being home... back to the ER with Fever and Chills for another 6 day stay in the hospital while they treated him for an infection...
So all that to say my days of blogging have been on hold for a really good reason ..
Right now we are just catching up with work and home and hope to be back to posting in the next few weeks ..!
I've missed chatting with you all and look forward to doing so real soon again ..
Oh and Yes Dad's doing good now .. He has about 6 weeks of recovery left ahead of him but he's healing and that's the important part he can eat again after 6 months of nothing but ensure and white bread .. that's making the man smile ..would me too !
Wishing you all a Beautiful Week and a Happy Fall !

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sweet Magnolias Farm "NEW" "Feedsack Collection" now available....

Well Happy Saturday to You All !
Here we are already in October and Fall is upon us ..we are having the warm days, cool nights, and this weekend we have wind .... All the right ingredients for a perfect Autumn Day. So how's Fall looking where you are at ? Are the tree's changing color ? Are the nights getting cool ? Now don't answer that if you're in the Dakotas' because I know the answer to that, some of you all are buried in 37 inches of snow about a weather change ! Those 100 year storms always are a shocker and especially if you are in the path of one.
Well Abbey and I have been busy the last few months creating and designing our New
 "Feed Sack Collection" 
 And we are thrilled to now be offering it in our Sweet Magnolias Farm Etsy Store.
We have collected Among a number of other vintage doodads Antique and Vintage Feed, Seed, Salt and Flour Sacks for quite a few years now ... and most of them we don't have the heart to cut up.  It's so hard cutting them when you know how rare they are becoming as the years pass and time takes it's toll on them or Mother Nature destroys them through natural disasters or the kids throw that old junk out and off to the garbage dump it goes ..and ....It's kind of like back in the day when old raggedy falling apart quilts were all the rage also known as "cutter quilts" remember when ? Well Abbey and I scoured the Flea Markets, Antique Malls, and Yard Sales for those fabulous worn, torn and ragged quilts ..only to not have the heart to cut them up ..LOL! Yep we ended up stacking them up in cupboards after choosing to cut up 1 or 2 and then be sad about it... I guess that's our sentimental hearts !
 Well the same goes for pretty much the majority of our Feed Sacks but we wanted a way to make them available for everyday use we found a way to bring you these fabulous original designs in our Everyday Farmhouse Linens.
From Natural Muslin Runners with tattered edges and triple ruffled ends ~ To Our Farmhouse Hot Pads, Flour Sack Towels and our Scrumptious Sawdust Pillows.
We have several Designs Available in the Shop now .. just click on 
"Feedsack Collection" in the left column of the shop and you will find all the runners, hotpads, and towels HERE
Pillows are in the pillow Section of the shop
New Feed Sack designs will be released every few weeks so be sure to stop by and check out what's new.
These make Fabulous gifts for the upcoming Holidays or even a Birthday or Anniversary.
Wishing you all a Beautiful Weekend .

Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Fall Y'all ~ It's Official !!! Pumpkin Pickin' and hayrides by: Sugarpie Farmhouse

Well a Great Big Hello and Howdy from here at the Farmhouse ..
Can you believe it's officially Fall !
Yep .. even the weather seems to be cooperating right now with cool mornings ~ Warm Days ~ and Cool Evenings ..Yippee my favorite time of the year ..
Now only if I were living back in the mid west or east or south ..I would be enjoying those beautiful changing of colors on all the trees but since I'm not .. I'll just have to surround myself with all the beautiful fall decorations and enjoy all the lovely pictures of fall in it's complete glory on pinterest ..
Today I wanted to share my Sweet Friend Aunt Ruthie with you.. Well many of you already know her blog and follow it faithfully but for those of you who don't well you need to hop on over and start enjoying her wonderful blog filled with lot's of wonderful recipes ~ how to's ~ and Faith Filled posts that are such a pleasure. As I've heard someone say before they can just spend hours reading her posts and looking through her photos.
Aunt Ruthie also has a few books she has published over the years .. One of which is just perfection for the fall ...
"PUMPKIN PICKIN' & HAYRIDES"  BY: Ruthann Winans ..AKA Aunt Ruthie
 The front cover or her  fall book is just so adorable and ever so charming with her two sweet little grandsons dressed in their country boy shorty-overalls bringing in their wagon load of pumpkins fresh from the crop ...

 the 96 page book ..Yes you read correctly 96 pages .. is plumb full of vintage photos, and stunning photography of Sugarpie Farmhouse ...along with ...

fun family traditions, yummy recipes and Nostalgic Delights as Auth Ruthie says.

I love her Section Titled "Tips for Tidying up your Home" ... where you'll find 22 fabulous easy, uplifting and encouraging tips for keeping  a home ...!

In the "Festive Harvest Home" Time to Decorate... section Aunt Ruthie shares several pages of wonderful and simple ways to make your home ready for the fall ...One of my favorites being


set a happy theme in

your home! I have several throughout my house. You can use them as
a backdrop to showcase your fall décor. Place a row of pumpkins in
front or arch twigs and tiny, white lights along the top. Write a
scripture, a seasonal quote, your supper menu or a love note to your

And if you are looking for some wonderful recipes .. "Raising my hand here" .. well above in this scrumptious chipped and tattered yummy blue chair .. is a scrumptious and yummy bowl full of  ... "Granny's Secret Apple Pudding Cake" ... I'll take the whole pan Please !
And Yes ... the Recipe is included along with many other "Country Fall Fixins" that will make your tummy rumble in a good way ...!!!

These Few pictures are only a small little glimpse into this wonderful book ... These are just 8 of 96 pages .. so you can imagine how wonderful the other 89 pages are ... and you'll enjoy reading all the homemaking tips .. homemaking wisdom, decorating ideas, Recipes and so much more that will make you delighted with excitement.
Pumpkin Pickin' & Hayrides is simply Charming.. Delightful .. and Uplifiting for the Soul.

So head on over to Sugarpie Farmhouse .. Meet Aunt Ruthie and Grab yourself a copy of her Fall book ... "Pumpkin Pickin' & Hayrides" ...HERE

(Please Note all Images are the sole property of Sugarpie Farmhouse.. please obtain permission for use from Aunt Ruthie ...)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning ...

Hi there .. Hope this post finds you all having a beautiful September Day !
This morning is absolutely glorious here at the farmhouse ... I awoke to an overcast and foggy morning with just the perfect coolness I would say even a bit of the Ocean air was carried inland overnight in fog and has sprinkled a bit of it's lovely saltiness on us this morning ..
It's such an amazingly nice break from the scorching heat that has not given us a break for several weeks now ..
It's always a bit funny to go from such hot weather to such cool weather .. From no blanket to "where's a blanket?"  from Peeling off your clothes trying to get cool .. to " I need a sweatshirt" .. from barefoot 24hours a day to  " now what did I do with my slippers?" .... And it's only in the 70's this morning from the way we are acting you just might think we are preparing for a snow storm ..LOL ! ...
Well it's been a long time since I have got to regularly post here on our blog.. and I have truly missed it and missed chatting with you all. For those of you who leave us comments .. Thanks So Much each and every one are so appreciated and please know that even when I don't get back with you ..
Our lives the last 6 months between work and family illness as I have mentioned previously has really been all consuming.
Trying to keep business moving forward and keeping up with orders etc .. and opposite that we have been at Dr.s and Hospitals .. any addtl. time has been spent running errands ..and grabbing an hour here and there to just rest.
And the Next few months ahead do not appear to be sparing us any change from the months that have passed. They have finally come to a conclusion on my Dad's illness and we will be embarking on a new journey with him which I will share more about in the next month.
I have always said life comes in seasons .. and this has been and shall continue for a while longer to be a season of our lives. The Beauty is each season doesn't last forever and a new season comes bringing new beauties, wonders, difficulties, joys, sadness, strengths and weaknesses.
My Joy is that with each season I know I have one true thing that never changes and that is the Lord. For me I cannot imagine life without him. A friend that I have, recently reminisced the same sentiment to me. She has walked a long arduous path the last 3 years .. she did not know the Lord as her savior but came to know him in that 3 years and she told me a week back that she could not have made it through her difficulties without knowing him... I am so happy for her !
So I will keep moving ahead .. enjoying each new day as the sun rises or the flog rolls in or even if the unrelenting heat returns !!!
Each day I will "Put on my Big Girl Panties and Deal with it " .. LOL !!!
Take Care .. and Be sure to always Smile's hard to be mad or angry when your smiling ~ Put your arms around the one's you love and tell them how much you love them ~ Spend time with your parents and show them you care ~ enjoy your children they'll be flying from the nest quicker than you ever imagine ~ enjoy each new day for whatever it brings because we are all so very blessed in so many ways .. !
Have a Great Week ..!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Many Thanks To Rita And Christie of The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks

Well it's been a whirlwind of a last month .. but it's been a good whirlwind !
Last month about 3 weeks before the Market we had to call Rita and Christie and graciously cancel being there ..which was really hard to do. I'm one of those people that once I make a commitment I don't like to break it. But this was a situation that just couldn't be helped.
Well a few days later Rita came up with an idea for us to be able to come and sell at the market ..
They have a vintage truck at the entrance for a cute display ..and she thought that us selling out of the truck would make it easier on us so we didn't have the huge 2 tent setup we normally do. I immediately took her up on it .. they were trying to meet us halfway to get us there and I most definitely wanted to meet them halfway to get there.
So it all worked out .. I ended up going on my own .. and setting up  and selling which worked out beautifully.
Oh my heavens was it ever a hot hot weekend in the high 90's and 100's and being near that black asphalt was no dream ..but hey I was just thankful to be there. So on Friday in the afternoon when it got way too hot ..Should I say Sweltering ! ... I got a bag of Ice and plopped it into the plastic tub my merchandise bags were in ."yes I took the bags out" .. and put my feet down in all that ice ... and  within minutes I was feeling so much better. Saturday Proved to be another day of icing the feet ..and my mini foot pool caught on with some of the other sellers ..galvanized pans were being bought and sold from seller to seller for mini foot pools .. LOL !
Thank You To Rita and Christie for offering up a way to sell at the Market ! ...I had the best time and really enjoyed setting up in the Vintage Truck !
Thanks to Dean and Sylvia and Rita and Christie and everyone else who came and checked on me periodically for food and water .. you were all such a blessing !
And A big Thanks to everyone who came out in the "Sweltering" heat and once again shopped and supported all the small business that makes up "The Vintage Marketplace" ... I cannot tell you all how much it means not only to myself but each seller out there to have you all come !
So for those of you who live to far off or who couldn't make it to this market .. Here's picts of our setup in the Vintage Truck  next to the entrance of the Market ..

For Picts of the Entire Market be sure to visit "The Vintage Marketplace" FB page HERE
And Look for new offerings being Listed in our ETSY shop .. Starting this Saturday Sept 14th 2013.
Have a Great Weekend ..