Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning ...

Hi there .. Hope this post finds you all having a beautiful September Day !
This morning is absolutely glorious here at the farmhouse ... I awoke to an overcast and foggy morning with just the perfect coolness I would say even a bit of the Ocean air was carried inland overnight in fog and has sprinkled a bit of it's lovely saltiness on us this morning ..
It's such an amazingly nice break from the scorching heat that has not given us a break for several weeks now ..
It's always a bit funny to go from such hot weather to such cool weather .. From no blanket to "where's a blanket?"  from Peeling off your clothes trying to get cool .. to " I need a sweatshirt" .. from barefoot 24hours a day to  " now what did I do with my slippers?" .... And it's only in the 70's this morning from the way we are acting you just might think we are preparing for a snow storm ..LOL ! ...
Well it's been a long time since I have got to regularly post here on our blog.. and I have truly missed it and missed chatting with you all. For those of you who leave us comments .. Thanks So Much each and every one are so appreciated and please know that even when I don't get back with you ..
Our lives the last 6 months between work and family illness as I have mentioned previously has really been all consuming.
Trying to keep business moving forward and keeping up with orders etc .. and opposite that we have been at Dr.s and Hospitals .. any addtl. time has been spent running errands ..and grabbing an hour here and there to just rest.
And the Next few months ahead do not appear to be sparing us any change from the months that have passed. They have finally come to a conclusion on my Dad's illness and we will be embarking on a new journey with him which I will share more about in the next month.
I have always said life comes in seasons .. and this has been and shall continue for a while longer to be a season of our lives. The Beauty is each season doesn't last forever and a new season comes bringing new beauties, wonders, difficulties, joys, sadness, strengths and weaknesses.
My Joy is that with each season I know I have one true thing that never changes and that is the Lord. For me I cannot imagine life without him. A friend that I have, recently reminisced the same sentiment to me. She has walked a long arduous path the last 3 years .. she did not know the Lord as her savior but came to know him in that 3 years and she told me a week back that she could not have made it through her difficulties without knowing him... I am so happy for her !
So I will keep moving ahead .. enjoying each new day as the sun rises or the flog rolls in or even if the unrelenting heat returns !!!
Each day I will "Put on my Big Girl Panties and Deal with it " .. LOL !!!
Take Care .. and Be sure to always Smile's hard to be mad or angry when your smiling ~ Put your arms around the one's you love and tell them how much you love them ~ Spend time with your parents and show them you care ~ enjoy your children they'll be flying from the nest quicker than you ever imagine ~ enjoy each new day for whatever it brings because we are all so very blessed in so many ways .. !
Have a Great Week ..!


  1. Sweet Sara,
    This is just beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Sending big Michigan hugs your way! We are dealing with new health issues and also hospital, nursing homes, doctors etc. Not a fun part of life, but I so agree! Where would we be without the Lord by our side??!! So thankful for his peace in the midst of the storm. :)

  3. Beautiful post - thank you. I pray that your father will be well soon.
    Take care.

  4. I hope the treatment works wonders for your Dad. It is always sad when illness invades a family because it is life-altering for every one. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  5. Your post is beautiful . . . I'm sending up prayers for your dad.
    Stay positive and thank you for spreading sunshine with this wonderful verse.

  6. Beautifully said! I just love this post:). It was a great motivation reading. May our Lord give you and your family all the strength needed.
    Love & hugs

  7. My prayers are with you and Dad...The joy of the Lord is your strength! what a beautiful testimony about your friend coming back to her heavenly Father........ May God comfort you and your family in these trying days~~~Roxie


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