Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Remember !!!

On This September 11th of the year 2013 ..

Sweet Magnolias Farm

has "NEVER" Forgotten


I shall always hold the memory of that day as I awoke here on the west coast while staying at my Sisters Home when we turned on the t.v. that morning and in disbelief viewed the tragedy before our eyes that was being captured live.

It was an absolute Horror and Atrocity that I pray shall never happen again.

We as citizens are responsible for making sure this  never happens again by voting for officials that have our best interest as a nation in their hearts and minds and by making sure that this history stays alive in the youth of our country so that they shall be on alert to not fall complacent in the future.

To All those who lost a loved one our hearts still ache with yours for their loss and even though we may not know them by name their life shall be etched on our hearts and minds forever

Let's no let 911 happen ever again !

Fight to keep America Safe !


  1. Sara,
    Thanks for the nice post on 911. Being married to a firefighter I can still to this day remember the horror on his face as he watch his fellow brothers run into a building and their deaths to try and save others. He is my hero and all of the first responders that lost their lives that day trying to help others out of that unthinkable tragedy.

  2. Sara- We have never forgotten either. It makes my heart hurt to even think about it. I posted about it today, too. xo Diana


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