Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet Tattered Goods and The Tattered House ..

At the show last weekend...there were so many great artisans and decorators ..everyone had their own sweet touch and style ..and even though we all had a similiar flare ..our offerings were most definitely unique.

Sheila of Tattered Goods ..is a local gal that lives just a short distance from us. Sheila's one of those gals that has a great personality ..very exuberant ..lighthearted and full of life.

Her offerings were just beautiful ..the first day she had this wonderful antique door that you could lean against a wall or attatch ..she made it into a large chalkboard which I loved ..What a great way to display a quote ..sentiment ..or even a favorite scripture.

Here's a pict. of her space ..I wish I had gotten some close ups ..but if you click on the picture it will enlarge and you can see everything much better.

Oh and Sheila makes the darn cutest dog beds from old drawers. She's quite the creative gal ...and if you want to visit her blog ..click HERE Or..... her Etsy Shop ..click HERE


Then we have the Tattered House run by the Tattered Girls ..Erika and Sandy ..Two Sweet Gals with a Passiong for making the house a home....from Roseville, CA ..they came an 8 hour drive away to do the show.

Talk about the nicest gals ..and such unique offerings ..I must say I loved their style ..and I love the burlap that they used in their displays ...

From Totes and Pillows ..Home Decor ....

and Handmade Jewelry ...plus Oh so much more ..their was such a wonderful variety of decadent pieces to choose from ..that I can't imagine anyone went home without a taste of the The Tattered House ...I'm sure it left many desiring to take a drive to Roseville to shop at The Tattered House ..

Click HERE to visit The Tattered House.


Well that's it for today ...stay tuned for tommorows introductions ..there's more to come ....

Hugs and Blessings ..Sara

Meet Shirley from the Le Chateau de Fleurs Sale ....

At our show last weekend ...we were situated to share space with a wonderful lady by the name of Shirley ..from the Cottage in the Garden.

Shirley is a sweetheart of a gal ..and I have to say ..her space and offerings were just lovely. She makes the most beautiful jackets and bloomers from vintage linens ..and everyone loved them so much she sold out the first day.

Besides her handmade Vintage clothing offerings ..Shirley and her husband offered some of the most lovely furniture and home decor pieces.

We quickly made friends with Shirley ..and it was such an enjoyable 2 days to share spaces next to each other ..and to share a bit of our selves with one another.

I have to tell you I was most impressed by Shirley's age which she shared with us. Of course I'm not going to post it here as I don't know how Shirley would feel about that ..but what I will say is she is an inspiration. Those equal in age to her ..tend to be feeble or incapabable of the work load that she tended too both days ..I only hope I have an equal amount of energy when my years roll around to equal hers. It just goes to show that your only as old as you allow yourself to be. Keepy busy and keep going ..If you sit down and quit you'll grow old ..

Alrighty ....here's some picts of Shirleys space ..she's in a few of them.

Stay Tuned for more picts from the show ...I have lots of new creative friends to share with you all !!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

And ..The Winnner is !!!!!!

What a last few weeks ...I was so glad to pick the winner for the Giveaway today ..it's a real Breath of Fresh air ...something Fun and Positive and just light and breezy like a Beautiful Spring Day....

So we just finished picking the winner ....and My Dad did the picking ..I just had to share picts of him picking the winner so you all could see how great he looks and that your Prayers sure worked. Thank You again to all ...So here we go.....

Drum Roll ...........

We printed out everyones name ....Then Cut each one out individually and ...Folded them in half and put them all in the bucket ....

Then Dad Reached in after we gave them all a big tumble to make sure they were all mixed up well ....

He Picked .....

And ...the winner is ...."TwylaandLyndsey" ....Congratulations !!!! Your the winner of the sweet Alyssum Seed Ditty bag filled with Beeswax dipped pepperberries and a Paper Rose.

To all who entered ..."THANK YOU !!!"

Oh my heavens I couldn't believe how many entries there were ..I think 81 comments in total ..but with those who left mutiple comments it made the total entries well over 50. I can't wait for our next giveaway ..this one was so much fun. I loved all your comments regarding why you love spring !!! That was such a joy to read each and everyone of them.

If I haven't popped into your blog yet ..don't despair I will visit ..with so much going on with family medical the last few weeks ..I have been lucky just to check e-mails and blog comments. In fact I had some outstanding orders ..and I'm just getting those filled today ..I am so thanful for such understanding customers !!!

As for Dad ..doesn't he look Great ...you honestly would never know he had surgery. We are in awe ..I'll tell you all the prayers ..Gods hand upon us ..and getting such awesome Dr.s this time around what a difference that makes. And all because ..alot of people cared enough to pray for us without knowing or even meeting us. This world can be a Beautiful Place if only more people would learn to Love ..The Greatest thing in the World !!!

O.k. I'm off to finish filling orders and hope now to start posting some more picts from our show last weekend ..so you can meet some of my new and talented friends here on the west coast !!!

Hugs and Blessings to you all ...Sara

Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Prayers Please ...

Well it seems when one set of prayers is answered another set of prayers is needed. I feel like we have been living in some long dream sequence this last few weeks.

To all of you who have been visiting my blog and leaving such beautiful comments and saying prayers for my Dad ...the Good news is ..he had his surgery ..did very well ..the Dr. was able to save the artery and open it wide ..and we are pretty much out of the woods for a stroke...Praise God !!! He's home and looking Great ..if it wasn't for the big bandage on his neck ..you wouldn't know he went through surgery ..this is the best he has ever looked after a surgery and I know it's because so many of you were praying for him. God Heard and he answered and all Praise be to him !!!

As for my More prayers Please Title ..Yesterday we brought Dad home ..My Sis and her husband came over to see him ..and about 2 hours later we were called that my sis was in a very bad car accident ..and going to the ER. She was on a very crowded off ramp nearby ..that I hate to get on because people drive absolutely crazy at this off ramp and cut in and cause accidents all the time. I have said for years they need to put cones up on the long stretch so people cannot cut in ..How many lives will be changed until something is done. Unfortunately my sis was one of those caught in the middle. From what we can gather ..a lady must have tried cutting in behind her ..at full speed and was not able to stop and plowed into the back of her throwing her car into the one in front. The picture of her car are unbelievable ..it is totalled ..the trunk is in the back seat literally ..We are Thanking God the kids were not with her or they would have been dead. Her air bags did not deploy and she was thrown into the steering wheel. Her face is so swollen, black and blue and she has fractured the bone that holds your teeth and nose in place. As well she is battered and bruised and so sore. It is without a doubt an absolute miracle she is alive. I told her the angels were surrounding her and saved her. She will have to see a maxiofacial surgeon this week. To determine if surgery will be needed. And of course we are very concerned as each hour passes that nothing else will happen. So once again we call on all our dear friends for prayer. Healing prayer and to Guide us to a Dr. that is very capable and skilled and can help her.

Thank You again for all your sweet and lovely comments ..I look forward to posting some lighter side posts and sharing more pictures of our show and of course getting the Free Giveaway winner picked ..

Please remember Life is about choices...in all we do. When we are driving a car ..we tend not to see it as a deadly weapon and poor choices behind the wheel ..when we are tired ..in a hurry..talking on a cell phone ..etc...all these things though small in our minds can truly be the undoing of our own lives ..but more importantly that of others. Although this person did not intentionally hit my sis ..a poor choice led to an accident that could have otherwise been avoided. Remember consider others when you make choices ..your choices affect everyone.

Hugs and Blessings ...Sara

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Picking the giveaway winner and My Dad ...

I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I will be picking the Giveaway winner on Monday coming up. With my Dad in the hospital ..I haven't had the time to sit down and get everyone's name listed. I think Monday will be the magic day.

As for my Dad ..Thank You again to everyone holding him up in prayer. Your comments have been an absolute blessing to my family we are so appreciative of the kind and uplifting words. And they are all working in our behalf.

Surgery will be tomorrow afternoon ..so please if you have a moment remember us once more ..you can never have enough prayers.

Will char with you all more soon...Blessings ...Sara

Monday, March 22, 2010

Picts from the show ...

Well we got home late last night ..it was a long day at the hospital .....Thank You to everyone who has left comments that they are holding my Dad up in Prayer ..

Today had it's good parts and it's bad ..

I won't go into all in detail ..but for now I'll say ..His Heart and Brain looked fine in the angiogram ..but he has a very severe blockage in his corotid ..that the Dr.s are calling high risk ..we have an early morning appt. with another surgeon for another opinion and between the 2 drs they are going to decide which type of surgery has the least high risk. So we are not out of the woods by far ..but God is good and has brought us some wonderful caring Dr.s that are doing their best to give my Dad life..Please keep the prayers coming we are most Grateful for them all.

Now on to sharing pictures from the show we did this last weekend.

Well here we were all loaded up and ready to go ...Abbey and I did a fair job of packing everything and getting it all strapped down ..we only overlooked a few things ..but we caught them in time before getting on the freeway...

About an hour after we arrived we got this far in setting up ...I found a pair of the ladders at a sale a few months back ..these have the nice deep steps great for displaying...

Dad put together this Chandelier for us ..or as I called it a Plantelier ...LOL !!! Made from Vintage garden fence wire ..Zinc French Sap buckets that we planted with..begonias ..and hung from wonderful tattered and chippy white paint chain..this was our wonderful centerpiece inside the pop-up top....

The lovely bench didn't last the first day ...it went off to a lovely new home ..a husband and wife fell in love with it ..and a few of our smalls ...and it was a must have for them....I can't wait to put together more pieces like this one ...

This Cabinet was a favorite of Abbey's and mine ..with it's many drawers and Floral stenciled screen door ..it too made it's way to a new home on the first day ..while the lovely vintage slipper chair found it's new home the second day ...

Here's a Shot of our booth almost done ..on set up day ...

This lovely white dresser ..didn't find a new home ..so maybe next time ..in the meantime ..it will reside with us ..here at the farmhouse ..

See our Framed Logo in the background ..That was a quick handmade sign I put together the day before the show ...I'll share with you in a later post how simple it is to put together a sign for your booth if your in a time crunch ...

These were all my baskets and boxes I took ..Yes I still have some available ..I will be posting them soon ..I'll keep you posted as to when and where ... and of course on the second day ..the paper roses you see ..that was all I had left ..the first day I was wiped out ..I made 3 dozen and they were gone in the blink of an eye ..

The Night Stand ..is really Cute 3 drawers ..Covered in Burlap and embellished with antique lace ..

My Garden Girl ...She is a very heavy solid piece of statuary ..she's holding a basket of flowers ...I absolutely adore her ...she didn't sell ..I was a bit shocked ..I was sure someone would grab her up ..but that's o.k. she's now quietly overlooking my garden ...

This is a shot of the booth on the second day ...Of course I was so busy the first day I forgot to get the old camera out and take pictures ...I have to learn to be better with the camera ..I have always been a bit camera shy myself buy I am seeing this is a hurdle I must overcome.

And Here's that sweet metal Cupboard we did ...doesn't it look beautiful ...

The show was an absolute success ...Christy Repasy and Rita of Mammabellarte ...did a Fabulous job ..and of course Dean Rita's husband was so helpful from helping carry the heavy stuff ..to making a great Lunch both days and serving up cappuccinos to keep everyone going. This show was well put together and top notch in my book ..

Also ...Beth of Stampington Art ..came to the show ..and shot alot of pictures ..it was a pleasure to meet her . Plus ..Polly of the Porch Magazine or maybe you know her from the French Cupboard ..asked for photos of the show ..so Rita has sent them in to her ..very exciting all the way around.

I look forward to the future and what it brings ..this was a new step in a new direction and it really boosted my morale greatly.


I have more pictures of the show ...and all the other great ladies who offered their wares ..and those will be coming throughout the week as I get time.

I hope you have enjoyed ...

Blessings ...your Kindred Friend ...Sara

Last Chance ...and Prayers Please

I'm finally Back ....Wow we had a great show and I have lots of pictures to share with you but first ...

I just want to remind everyone it is the ....

To Enter our Free Giveaway ...Tomorrow is the last day to enter ...so get your entries in ASAP ...by clicking in the sidebar on our giveaway and following the giveaway post info.

I will hopefully begin sharing picts from the show with you Tonight or tomorrow ..But ... I am headed out with my Parents to the hospital today ..My Dad is having some very serious health issues ..relating to his heart and arteries. He has already had a triple bi-pass and corotid artery surgery and we are looking at another artery surgery again. He has been having mini strokes ..so today will be the angiogram to determine what the course of action will be. His procedure will be at 3:30 today so all your prayers would be greatly appreciated. My Dad is only in his early 60's and a young 60 at that very active and vibrant ..so this is very scary for all of us. We know God has brought us through all his earlier surgeries and health issues and he too will uphold us in this one ..Please Pray with us for healing of his body ..and for the guidance of Good Dr.s and Nurses hands and to bring about a peace among us as we face this next season of life.


Alrighty ...will chat more with you all soon ..I can't believe how many entries there are for the Free Giveaway ..thank You for everyone's comments ..I can't wait to stop by all your blogs and meet you ......I'm so excited !!!

Blessings ..Sara

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Wonderful Start to the Weekend

Hi There Kindred Friends ...Just stopping in to let you all know that I haven't fallen off the earth ...LOL !!!

We are the First day into the Chateau De Fleurs Show and it's been absolutely Awesome !!!

Being this has been our first show in 4 yrs ..we really were not sure what to expect ...And we were Pleasantly Suprised ...with a Full House today ...

We have sold, sold, sold ...today ..But still have lots for tomorrow ..

Can't wait to see what the turnout is like tomorrow...

We met such wonderful people today .everyone has treated us with such kindness and generosity ..it's been a most pleasant experience.

Well ..I'm dog tired ..and ready to head off to sleepy land ...Hope to have picts to share with you all this coming weekend ...and news about who came to the show and what sold ...

Plus it's time to get rolling this next week on new offerings ...The Fun never stops here at the farmhouse !!!

Have a Wonderful weekend ...Your Kindred Friend ...Sara

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

# 4 Sneek Peek ...Only 2 more Days till the Sale !!!!

O.K. ...here is sneek peek #4 ....

Abbey and I spyed this Vintage Metal Cupboard at an Estate Sale ..Old Worn and stashed in the corner of a garage ..No one had any interest in it ..but Abbey and I could see the Gem it could become with a little love !!!

This Cupboard stands about 5 and a half feet tall ..and has double doors on bottom and top with a cute drawer in the center ..we have added our sweet touch of a vintage flower basket ..the Song of Solomon Verse ..and some beautiful Vintage Birds ...along with a wonderful Paint facelift that is perfectly vintage looking itself.

This is such a sweet Piece ..we did have to question rather it should even go to the show or stay right here at home... The show won out ...so lucky somebody will be going home with this sweet treasure !!


By the way ..I just wanted to say Thank You to all of those who have left comments the last few days ..and have signed up for the Free Giveaway ...I am so busy getting ready for this show right now ..I can't get by your blogs to say Hi ...but I will ...you can count on it ..It may be a few weeks ..as my dad is having some health issues and I don't know what the next week is going to hold for us. Please keep us in your prayers.

Wishing you warm Spring Days filled with Beautiful Blooms and Lovely Fragrances ...

Your Kindred Friend ...Sara

Monday, March 15, 2010

# 3 Sneek Peek ..headed to the show...

ONLY ... 3 More Days till the show ...

And today is Sneek Peek # 3 ...

If you Love Garden Statuary ...rather you Decorate with it outdoors or in ...then we have some wonderful pieces we'll be bringing to the show this Friday and Saturday ...

These 2 Pillars and this Beautiful Statue of a Lady ...are Just 3 of Several More Pieces that will be coming with us ..

..We even have a pair of the the pillar turned on it's side ..I love how it has a Feather design to it...


So Yesterday I said I would share a picture of our business cards I have been working on ..Of course this picture doesn't do them justice nor show the hours of work that have gone into them. We started making business cards like this about 8 years ago ..and when we had our antique shops ..we ran out of them quicker than I could make them. You really have to love what you do to put the time and effort into them ...and they do pay off ..people remember a GREAT business Card.

So Here it is ...I used the old shipping tags ..and ran them through a paint and aging process ..then added a piece of vintage scrap lace ..topped them with a printed torn and aged edge card ..and tied the top off with a piece of cute cream and white check homespun ..I have a cute idea for displaying them ..but that's a secret ..I'll share picts of it from the show with you all...next week.

Well Today ..I have been finishing up pieces have started and finished 2 others and have 3 more awaiting me at the kitchen counter. The House looks like a bomb went off ..I know what I'll be doing ALL next week ..That really bad 5 letter word " Clean" ...LOL !!!

Alrighty off to work some more ..Hope you are all having a most Lovely of Lovely Days ..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

# 2 Sneek Peek ..headed to the show...

My Brain is a bit fuzzy...My feet are aching ..and my body is asking to sit in my cozy chair in front of the t.v. and put on a good british movie ..like Emma or Wives and Daughters .. ..but On I push ...and Abbey too ..preparing for Next weekends show...

I promised I would share a sneek peek every day until the show of some of the items headed to the show and here is the 2nd sneek peek ....

This ever so sweet Au Natural Bird on a Branch ..Spring Basket ..Made from some of my most favorite materials ..Burlap...Eyelet ..Vintage Sheet Music ...Lace ..and more .

Of course with our creations being One Of A Kinds ..this is the only one like this ..there will be several other baskets to choose from ...but get there early to get first Pick ..Promptly at 9:00 a.m. on Friday the 19th.

Today I have been working on our Special Business Cards we will be handing out ..all handmade ..I'll share a sneek peek of those hopefully tomorrow with you ..Abbey has been working on making Aprons for both of us to wear ..She has finished mine and I am in love with it !!! I know where's the picture of it ..Well truth be told I crawled out of bed today and have stayed in my P.J.s all day ..I still have bed head ..so no pictures today ...I'll try to share the aprons and the business cards with you all tomorrow.

O.k. More work calls ...my excitement is growing and I'm looking forward to Friday morning ..when the Real Fun begins ..Lot's of Girl Chat ..and Great Finds ..to Dress up the farmhouse !!!

Hope to see you there ..and if you are not located close enough to join us ..don't despair ..about a week after the show I will be updating our website and our Etsy Shop with all new offerings and handmades....

Have a Beautiful New Week ...Blessings ..Sara

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Barn Sale Trail ...This Friday and Satuday ..Fallbrook, California

Well Abbey and I are working like little busy bees around the farmhouse this week ..we are counting down the days until the Barn Sale Trail ...that will take Place in Fallbrook, CA ...just a hop, skip and jump away from where we live.

The Chateau De Fleurs Sale Is Hosted by none other than Christie Repasy herself. If you have not seen Christie's work ..then you must visit her website ..it is positively breathtaking !!!

There will be a total of 14 artisans ..and Antique Vendors offering their wares ...

The Market Place is part of the Barn Sale trail in Fallbrook. That means, not only do you get to shop at Le Chateau de Fleurs but you will have a chance to visit all the other Barns participating.

Over the next few days we will be featuring just a few of the items we will be taking with us to the show ...

First up are our Paper Roses ...

They are all Handmade ....in Beautiful aged creams ..blues and Pinks ..and have Vintage Sheet Music interlaced ..for that wonderful Vintage appeal we all love so dearly ..

You will be able to choose from different sizes and styles that we have created...

And they are all dusted in either clear frosted glitter or 100% Pure Silver Glass Glitter that will tarnish in time for a wonderful early appeal.

Of course My hands can only make so many of these and time only allows for a limited amount ...so get there early ...to pick your favorites up.


Until Tomorrow's Preview ....Have a most Lovely Day ....

Blessings ..Sara

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celebrating 100 Blog Followers Giveaway

Well I wanted to celebrate ..Reaching 100 Followers ...with a Wonderful Giveaway filled with Handmade pieces from right here at Sweet Magnolias Farm.


I am so grateful to all who are followers of my blog ...and those that leave comments always make my heart fill with joy. I am so grateful for all the wonderful Kindred Spirits I have met here in blogland ..and the beautiful Friends I have made.

Thank You so much for making me feel special !!!

So Here is the Free Giveaway I have put together ..I hope you all enjoy ......

The Winner of the giveaway will receive ..one of our newest Farmhouse Romance Garden Seed Ditty bags ...this one being Alyssum ..by the way the back also has the reverse side of the authentic seed packet printed on it too ..

The ditty is filled with a Lovely bunch of our Beexwax Dipped Pepperberries ...they look and smell ever so wonderful ...AND ...
One of our newest pieces not even being offered yet ..our Paper Roses ..layers of vintage paper and vintage sheet music ...make up the petals ..with a long sheet music stem and light green leaves ...This rose is in the faintest blue ...and the petals have been dusted in Silver Glass glitter which in time will patina beautifully.

So Here are the Rules for entering ..don't worry they are easy peasy !!!

1. Leave a comment here on this Free giveaway blog post ....and tell everyone why you love Spring.

2. Get a Second Entry ...by saving one of the Free giveway Pictures and adding to your blog and linking it back to my blog. Be sure if your going to add it to your blog .. to let me know in your comment ...so I know to enter you twice ...

Alrighty ...I think that's it ..told you it would be simple !!!

Oh ...and I will pick the winner of the Giveaway on ......

Tuesday March 23rd ...

that gives you all 2 weeks to enter and spread the news to your friends ...


Blessings to all of you !!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Vintage Black Friday ....

It's Vintage Black Friday ..Hosted ..by The French Cupboard ..

I'm a little late posting today ..but better late than never ...

Of course ..as always ..we were on the road early this morning estate saleing...and we couldn't have found anything more perfect for Black Friday than this wonderful Antique Black Clock .,.

Of course it's not in working condition ...but look at that clock face...the columns ..and that beautiful carving ..Plus if you like lions heads ..the 2 original ones are still on each side ..

I haven't even had time to get out and clean ..this so your looking at it right out of the garage I found it in ..with layers of dirt ...Imagine what a beauty it's going to be all spruced up !!!

This piece will be headed to our Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace in Fallbrook, Ca on March 19th ..

Thank You to those who started following my blog ..and helped me make it to over 100 followers ..How exciting ..Our Blogland is so much fun ..isn't it !!! Now I did mention that I would be doing a Free Giveaway ...and I will be doing one ..I'm hoping to have it all prepared and ready to go by this Monday !!! So check back in ...

Blessings ..Sara

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

White Wednesday ....and almost 100 Followers

It's a Beautiful White Wednesday here at Sweet Magnolias Farm ...

Today I have been working on some New Farmhouse Romance Laundry Room Items ...The first of which I finished ..

This Sweet Farmhouse Romance Clothespin Basket ...

We recently aquired some tiny Galvenized tubs ..which I have covered in some of our recent Antique Lace and finds and embellished with a few Rhinestone Jewelry finds ...

I filled the basket with Shredded vintage book page paper and Antique Clothespins ..

I added a wonderful braided wire basket handle ...and it's ready to add to the laundry or bathroom for a little Farmhouse Perfection ...

I will be making these for our Site and Etsy ...and will be taking a few of them to the Show we are doing in Fallbrook, CA on March 19th ..Read more about in on my sidebar.

Well I truly can't believe I'm almost to a 100 followers ..it's been a long time coming ..and I am truly touched that I have so many that frequent my blog. In Blogger Fashion ..I plan to celebrate as soon as that #100 comes along with a Free Giveaway ... I'm trying to decide what ....but it's sure to be something wonderful ...Keep checking back ...It could be any day now ....

Wishing you all a Beautiful and Lovely White Wednesday !!!

Yours Truly ...Sara

Monday, March 1, 2010

A taste of Goodness !!!

Hi there Blogerettes !!!

What's Cookin at your Place ???

Well if you know me by now ..you know I'm a major chocoholic !!! Can't get enough of the stuff ever ..I think I might ...that is if I'm desperately ill in the head ..go without some form of chocolate 1 day out of an entire month ..but it is without a doubt a part of my daily diet.


I whipped up an old recipe that I found many years ago in an old cookbook I got yard saleing ...and it was just as delicious as I remember it from years back.

what's great is it's So Easy to make and actually doesn't consist of anything to bad for you ..a definite bonus !!!


Chocolat Fudge Pudding Cake ...

This is a piece from the dish of it I made ...along with a scoop of Hagen Dazs Vanilla Yogurt ...

This Pudding cake is so fun to make ...It starts off with a thick batter that you spread in a square bake dish ..then add liquid on top ..and as it cooks the cake rises and the liquid forms a fudgy pudding that sinks below ...Is your mouth watering yet ???

Well I'm going to share the recipe with you ..because a girl has to have her chocolate ...below I have pictured the original recipe sheet and a close up of the recipe ...

( click on the picture for larger image and save if you like )
Now I know it says ..." SOFTASILK CAKE FLOUR" ... its an old recipe ..just use your normal everyday flour ..and sift the ingredients as it directs. ... That's how I do mine.

It's simple ...It's Easy.... It's Quick ..when your needin a little chocolate fix ..and it's fairly light on the hips ..

Well let me know if you make it ..and if you like it ...

Happy March !!!