Monday, March 15, 2010

# 3 Sneek Peek ..headed to the show...

ONLY ... 3 More Days till the show ...

And today is Sneek Peek # 3 ...

If you Love Garden Statuary ...rather you Decorate with it outdoors or in ...then we have some wonderful pieces we'll be bringing to the show this Friday and Saturday ...

These 2 Pillars and this Beautiful Statue of a Lady ...are Just 3 of Several More Pieces that will be coming with us ..

..We even have a pair of the the pillar turned on it's side ..I love how it has a Feather design to it...


So Yesterday I said I would share a picture of our business cards I have been working on ..Of course this picture doesn't do them justice nor show the hours of work that have gone into them. We started making business cards like this about 8 years ago ..and when we had our antique shops ..we ran out of them quicker than I could make them. You really have to love what you do to put the time and effort into them ...and they do pay off ..people remember a GREAT business Card.

So Here it is ...I used the old shipping tags ..and ran them through a paint and aging process ..then added a piece of vintage scrap lace ..topped them with a printed torn and aged edge card ..and tied the top off with a piece of cute cream and white check homespun ..I have a cute idea for displaying them ..but that's a secret ..I'll share picts of it from the show with you week.

Well Today ..I have been finishing up pieces have started and finished 2 others and have 3 more awaiting me at the kitchen counter. The House looks like a bomb went off ..I know what I'll be doing ALL next week ..That really bad 5 letter word " Clean" ...LOL !!!

Alrighty off to work some more ..Hope you are all having a most Lovely of Lovely Days ..


  1. Oh, this sounds *so* familiar...the work of sales...the disaster of the house...are we having fun, yet?:)
    Do try...
    Love your business cards...details do matter, don't they?! I need to design some more for me...I'm always changing things up.

  2. Hey there Sara!
    So it looks like a bomb went off huh? lol I've seen that a few times here too... lolol I'd rather mow grass, weed, and scoop manure any ole day than dust and vac the house. heehee
    I HAVE TO TELL YOU.. your business cares are BEAUTIFUL! I'M LOVIN THEM.
    You have the touch girl... no doubt about that.
    Just popped in to say HEYYYyyYyYYY

  3. The business cards are great, definitely worth the effort, nobody could ignore those.

  4. So glad I found your lovely blog this morning! How have I missed it up to now?!

    I'll be back often--such a beautiful spot to visit! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  5. Dear Sara,

    Your statuary is just beautiful! Your booth is going to sell out so quickly! Oh, the business cards are fabulous!!! You did a beautiful job with them. I can see all the time and care that went into them. It shows love!!! Thank you for sharing the sneak peeks!
    I hope you have the loveliest of days too.
    Love and blessings,

  6. I think I will have to buy one of your business cards. What a great idea and the metal cabinet!'s going to be a Fantastico show. Back to work! Ciao Rita


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