Tuesday, March 16, 2010

# 4 Sneek Peek ...Only 2 more Days till the Sale !!!!

O.K. ...here is sneek peek #4 ....

Abbey and I spyed this Vintage Metal Cupboard at an Estate Sale ..Old Worn and stashed in the corner of a garage ..No one had any interest in it ..but Abbey and I could see the Gem it could become with a little love !!!

This Cupboard stands about 5 and a half feet tall ..and has double doors on bottom and top with a cute drawer in the center ..we have added our sweet touch of a vintage flower basket ..the Song of Solomon Verse ..and some beautiful Vintage Birds ...along with a wonderful Paint facelift that is perfectly vintage looking itself.

This is such a sweet Piece ..we did have to question rather it should even go to the show or stay right here at home... The show won out ...so lucky somebody will be going home with this sweet treasure !!


By the way ..I just wanted to say Thank You to all of those who have left comments the last few days ..and have signed up for the Free Giveaway ...I am so busy getting ready for this show right now ..I can't get by your blogs to say Hi ...but I will ...you can count on it ..It may be a few weeks ..as my dad is having some health issues and I don't know what the next week is going to hold for us. Please keep us in your prayers.

Wishing you warm Spring Days filled with Beautiful Blooms and Lovely Fragrances ...

Your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. I love the metal cabinet!! I love what you have done with it~~ it's so beautiful!!! I've posted your giveaway on my blog, I just don't know how to link it back to you, If I figure it out I will link it to you. I'll sure be glad when I learn how to do everything I want to do on my blog, just don't seem to ever have enough time to get it all down. I will be praying for your Dad. Blessings... Daphne

  2. Wow Sara, you both did an awesome job making over that cabinet. That will be snatched up in no time :)


  3. I don't know what it looked like before, but you have done a fabulous job on it, it looks great!

  4. Dear Sara,

    I love what you and Abbey did with the metal cabinet! Such an amazingly beautiful transformation! It wont last long at your show. I am sure it will be purchased first thing! I love the flowers and the verse!

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I will be praying for him!!!

    Wishing you the same kind of day!
    Love, Paula

  5. Sara, I have linked your giveaway back to your blog! Thanks so much for the computer lesson. yea!!! Your so sweet. Blessings... Daphne

  6. wow what lovely things you create:) I love them!

  7. I looks beautiful. I love the way you gave it new life!


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