Monday, March 22, 2010

Picts from the show ...

Well we got home late last night was a long day at the hospital .....Thank You to everyone who has left comments that they are holding my Dad up in Prayer ..

Today had it's good parts and it's bad ..

I won't go into all in detail ..but for now I'll say ..His Heart and Brain looked fine in the angiogram ..but he has a very severe blockage in his corotid ..that the Dr.s are calling high risk ..we have an early morning appt. with another surgeon for another opinion and between the 2 drs they are going to decide which type of surgery has the least high risk. So we are not out of the woods by far ..but God is good and has brought us some wonderful caring Dr.s that are doing their best to give my Dad life..Please keep the prayers coming we are most Grateful for them all.

Now on to sharing pictures from the show we did this last weekend.

Well here we were all loaded up and ready to go ...Abbey and I did a fair job of packing everything and getting it all strapped down ..we only overlooked a few things ..but we caught them in time before getting on the freeway...

About an hour after we arrived we got this far in setting up ...I found a pair of the ladders at a sale a few months back ..these have the nice deep steps great for displaying...

Dad put together this Chandelier for us ..or as I called it a Plantelier ...LOL !!! Made from Vintage garden fence wire ..Zinc French Sap buckets that we planted with..begonias ..and hung from wonderful tattered and chippy white paint chain..this was our wonderful centerpiece inside the pop-up top....

The lovely bench didn't last the first day went off to a lovely new home ..a husband and wife fell in love with it ..and a few of our smalls ...and it was a must have for them....I can't wait to put together more pieces like this one ...

This Cabinet was a favorite of Abbey's and mine ..with it's many drawers and Floral stenciled screen door too made it's way to a new home on the first day ..while the lovely vintage slipper chair found it's new home the second day ...

Here's a Shot of our booth almost done ..on set up day ...

This lovely white dresser ..didn't find a new home maybe next time the meantime will reside with us at the farmhouse ..

See our Framed Logo in the background ..That was a quick handmade sign I put together the day before the show ...I'll share with you in a later post how simple it is to put together a sign for your booth if your in a time crunch ...

These were all my baskets and boxes I took ..Yes I still have some available ..I will be posting them soon ..I'll keep you posted as to when and where ... and of course on the second day ..the paper roses you see ..that was all I had left ..the first day I was wiped out ..I made 3 dozen and they were gone in the blink of an eye ..

The Night Stand really Cute 3 drawers ..Covered in Burlap and embellished with antique lace ..

My Garden Girl ...She is a very heavy solid piece of statuary ..she's holding a basket of flowers ...I absolutely adore her ...she didn't sell ..I was a bit shocked ..I was sure someone would grab her up ..but that's o.k. she's now quietly overlooking my garden ...

This is a shot of the booth on the second day ...Of course I was so busy the first day I forgot to get the old camera out and take pictures ...I have to learn to be better with the camera ..I have always been a bit camera shy myself buy I am seeing this is a hurdle I must overcome.

And Here's that sweet metal Cupboard we did ...doesn't it look beautiful ...

The show was an absolute success ...Christy Repasy and Rita of Mammabellarte ...did a Fabulous job ..and of course Dean Rita's husband was so helpful from helping carry the heavy stuff making a great Lunch both days and serving up cappuccinos to keep everyone going. This show was well put together and top notch in my book ..

Also ...Beth of Stampington Art ..came to the show ..and shot alot of pictures was a pleasure to meet her . Plus ..Polly of the Porch Magazine or maybe you know her from the French Cupboard ..asked for photos of the show Rita has sent them in to her ..very exciting all the way around.

I look forward to the future and what it brings ..this was a new step in a new direction and it really boosted my morale greatly.


I have more pictures of the show ...and all the other great ladies who offered their wares ..and those will be coming throughout the week as I get time.

I hope you have enjoyed ...

Blessings ...your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. Sara you bring tears to my eyes, silly me, I guess I'm just so proud of you girls. Wonderful display and congruatulations on your huge success.

  2. So sorry to read about your Dad. Will say a prayer for his quick recovery! It is so hard to see your parents going thru things like that.
    thanks for sharing the pics. Your booth was gorgeous!

  3. ooooo, your space looks soooooo gorgeous!!! I bet it was fun, yet tiring. all your stuff is just beautiful. Sorry, to here your dad isn't doing well, I will keep all of you in my prayers!!!!

  4. So sorry to hear about your dad.
    I will keep him in my prayers.
    Your set up was beautiful, no wonder it was a big hit!

  5. What a lovely set up Sara! And sounds like you had a blast! I'm loving all the eye candy! Congrats on all the sales!

  6. Dear Sara,

    I will continue to pray for your dear dad. I am so sorry for all he is going through! I know the Lord will be with him and you and Abbey each step of the way!

    I loved seeing your gorgeous booth and all of the beautiful things you were selling!!! All of the white and cream is so lovely!!! I am thrilled it was such a good show and you enjoyed it so much! Thank you for sharing all of the photos. I look forward to seeing more!

    Love and blessings,

  7. I'll be praying for your dad Sara. I'm so sorry he's having health problems.
    I'm glad your show went well. Your booth looks beautiful!

  8. OMG`sh Sara your booth is gorgeous! So many goodies I would love to snag myself. I`m glad your day was successful and that dresser I`m sure will find a home the next go round.
    I`m praying for your dad. Please let me know how everything goes.
    Big hugs,

  9. Sara,

    I've been thinking of your Dad and will be anxious to hear what the doctors decide. So thankful you're getting a second opinion.
    Your show looks fabulous. Oh how I wish I could have been there. I love how you put a lacy skirt under the creamy bench. I am so gonna do that sometime. Very sweet touch!
    Hey, in the last phot, is that a bluebird plate on the little stool with green top? Let me know if it is or if you still have it. My sister has been looking for those.
    Have a blessed evening girl... hope you are getting rested up.

  10. The show looked awesome. I hope your Dad is doing well! *hugs*


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