Friday, April 19, 2013

Mother's Day Already ??? ... How time Flies !

This Morning as I was getting up .. a lot of things were running through my head what was on my schedule for work today .. what errands needed to be run that I didn't get done yesterday, and so on .. all of a sudden out of No where Mother's Day Popped into my head ...and I wondered what the date was for it this year ...
Sunday May 12th, 2013
Which means we really are just about 3 weeks away from Mother's Day...
How time flies .. before we all know it Spring will be behind us and summer already will have arrived. Which I'm sure the kids will be thrilled at.
So what's on the agenda this year for your Mother's Day ?
I remember when I was a girl ..I made up tickets for my mom and put them in her card. One would be for a week of vaccuming, another for doing the dishes (by hand no dishwasher and yep still do them that way LOL) , or a week of making her and dad's bed.. etc. I'm sure many of you had your children do the same and those of you who have young ones now have had them do it or will have them do it as they get older.
So as I found this morning that Mother's Day was literally just around the corner ..I thought I would give a sweet little reminder that Our Sweet Magnolias Farm Goods Make really lovely gifts. Not only are they a reasonable price to spend on a gift but they are useful gifts too. From our Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels .. to our Sweet Cloth Napkin Sets or our Lovely Rose Pens ... there's such a variety to choose from... 
We Make all of our Farm Good Offerings as orders are placed. So Be Sure and Place your order as soon as you can we can complete them and get them shipped on time. We'll be working hard the next few weeks to be sure everyone gets their orders on time.
We have several new designs that have arrived ... and I thought I would take this time to share them with you ...

Our Strictly Farm Fresh Eggs towel we have offered at markets before but never in our Etsy shop this one is new to the shop. HERE
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch Flour Sack Towel ... New design for 2013 .. Just listed.... HERE
And just listed today is Our  ~ NEW ~ "Southern Sayings" Typography Towel ... This one has 3 choices for ruffles ... so check out the other designs HERE
And Stay tuned ...
Our Surprise Free Giveaway will be Starting in the next 24 hours !
Until then Wishing you ....

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  1. Hi Sara,

    I just got my order today. And I love it!!! The bicycle bag is better than I thought it would be. And the little towel is just darling. I will be ordering again soon.

    Amy Jo


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