Monday, April 29, 2013

Marketplace Monday ~ Chalkboard Whimsy

                                    Happy Monday Everyone .. !
So how was your weekend ? I hope it was beautiful, full of sunshine and it's warm rays and that spring has arrived for everyone.
Today I'm linking up with Debra at Common Ground for  "The Marketplace" on Mondays.

Since I'm featuring one of our new Whimsical Chalkboards there today ... I thought before sharing about it ..It would be fun to share these awesome "Great Ideas" for chalkboards .. from our
"What a Great Idea" Pinterest Board
I love this first idea ..if you still happen to have a Medicine chest in your bathroom . "I DO" .. What a cute way to add some charm to it..
First off I love how they painted the back wall in the blue .. doesn't it make everything show up so well !
And Of course the chalkboard .. Such a great way to keep track of the days .. Leave notes for Hubby or him for you.. or for the Kiddos ..
And perfection for keeping a list of the things you need to grab at the store the next time you are out .. Just walk in the bathroom open the medicine chest and write down the things you have already jotted down on the chalk board right to your grocery / errand list ! 

O.k. so this is absolute Chalkboard LOVE ! ..Whomever came up with this wall and laid it all out was in Genius Mode that day or week !
 Once we get a more permanent home (not a rental) I would so love to do this to a wall .. I'm thinking the wall in a garden house would be awesome ..the add shelves and the pops of color from the flowers ! 

And Last but sure not least ..  what another "Great Idea" .. Adding chalkboard paint to the inside of the pantry doors ..
This is not only great for MOM ..but for the kids too. This way they can help in keeping track of what needs to be added to the grocery list and how fun that they get to add it to the chalkboard doors !
I know I always keep a paper list on the counter ..but many times if it's not there I forget to add what we need to it this would be a great way to have a permanent spot to add grocery needs and be able to do it immediately.
 I think the only thing I would add would be a piece of chalk Maybe tied to a string hanging from the door ..that way it's never lost ..

                       Well do you have a little chalkboard Love going on now ?
These are the things that always inspire me ..rather it be to re-decorate a space or come up with a new design for a piece to offer at market or in our Etsy shop .. 

So Our Chalkboard Love turned a bit whimsical .. and this is our Monday Marketplace Feature this week.
Abbey and I created this so charming Chalkboard from a super old/vintage License Plate frame we picked up at an Estate Sale a few years back .. We added some old chain .Some Charming flattened Silver plate spoons hanging from the bottom .. and a few little bird and flower details 

 This Whimsical Chalkboard is available HERE

So do you have chalkboards in your House ? If not .. I hope you've found a little chalkboard love and some inspiration to add one to your Home Sweet Home !

Happy Spring Y'all !


  1. Hi Sara! love all your chalkboard ideas, thanks so much for the Marketplace shout out!!

  2. I love all of the chalkboard ideas! I have a medicine cabinet almost like the one in the picture. Just might have to work on it! :) Have a great day!

  3. Wow, love all your chalkboards, they are GREAT!
    We are having wonderful weather here in sunny CA. So glad that everyone back east is having better weather and that Spring has finally arrive.
    Thanks so much for sharing your chalkboards - they are terrific!

  4. I love chalkboards! I really like the bathroom idea.

    Amy Jo

  5. I LOVE IT! What an ORIGINAL and ONE OF A KIND idea.

  6. Sara,
    Love your sweet chalk board. How adorable is that piece. Everything you do my friend is cuter which each creation. Love this.

  7. What an amazing collection of chalk board ideas. Thanks

  8. Really creative chalkboard ideas!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  9. What great ideas! I do love the little bloom sign with the old spoons!

  10. What a super cute chalkboard! Love how you put a little farmhouse country details in it!

    Thanks for popping in with your sweet comments on my blog!

  11. I just love all those great ideas for chalk board paint. The cupboard one was my favorite. So needed here at my house! LOL! I have a few old cabnet doors I had planned on adding chalkboard paint to, this is a great inspiration to get busy! Have a wonderful, creative day. God bless.


  12. Hi girlies! I always love seeing what you've been up to and this newest design - the license plate frame chalk board - is the best! I love it with the dangling spoons and birds and that little flower - how sweet and clever! I've made chalkboards out of silver trays and things - it's so much fun to see what else makes a good chalkboard! Love the idea of painting one inside a pantry door too - very convenient! Have a great day! Hugs, Leena

  13. I love your license plate chalkboard Sara!! Adorable!!!
    Sugar Pie Farmhouse


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