Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Free Printable ~ Dress Form, Mannequin "How To Look Your Best:

So are Dress Forms still Popular ? I know for a few years now they have been all the rage .. ! But I wondered if the fire for them is still burning or has slowed down ?
I  fell in love with them the last few years and can count five that I have sitting here at the farmhouse that I use either at markets , or in photos for the shop , or just because I enjoy looking at them.
So have you all collected dress forms ?
I found this cute vintage Dress Form Card... I think it was probably an advertisement. I have had this saved away in my scans for several years now. I think I once used a copy of it on a cute decoupage project that I made. It's been a while and the brains a bit foggy on exactly what the project was ..LOL !
Anyhow it's now yours for the using and the enjoying.
I have also included it on the "Free Printables" page in Black and white and with the background removed and made it aqua blue for your pleasure !
This would make such a charming Pillow front wouldn't it ..
Enjoy !

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  1. Thanks for sharing this pretty with me:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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