Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Help Oklahoma ...

Our Hearts go out to those in Oklahoma.
Abbey and I are just heart broken this morning for those who have lost loved ones, and who have lost their homes and belongings. The truth is we can't even begin to imagine what those who have lost everything are even feeling. We see images and video streaming through our computers and t.v. and are in absolute astonishment just as we were 2 years ago when Joplin, Mo suffered such a direct blow from such an extreme tornado. All we can say is we are sorry that you have to walk this road and that we hope that your sorrows and pain in time will begin to heal and to brighten back to joyful days.  Know that our prayers are with you and although we cannot physically help since we are so many miles away that we are doing what we can.
If you too would like to help the families in Oklahoma .. our personal choice of Organizations that we trust and know do an amazing job is "Samaritan's Purse" by "Franklin Graham".  They can surely use donations for their disaster relief fund. This fund helps trucks with food, water and tools to help communities clean up along with volunteers to help them.
You can read more about it and give here.
Please remember that no donation is too little .. Just $1- can help .. It's no about that amount given honestly it's about the heart of the giver. God say's he looks on the heart of man.
Samaritan's Purse is also needing volunteers for help in Shawnee and Moore, Oklahoma .. I noticed at the bottom of their website page an orange banner that you can click on  to sign up to volunteer .. so if you live in a nearby area and would like to help and didn't know how... I'm sure that Samaritan's Purse can tell you how you can work with them to be a volunteer ..
Dear Sweet Jesus ..we ask today that you wrap Shawnee and Moore Oklahoma in your arms along with those in TX . Please bring them help beyond what they can imagine and please bring them your peace that passeth understanding to help them through this time and the days that lie ahead. You promise that out of bad good will arise ..and we claim that promise today that Good shall come out of this disaster.  Amen !


  1. Thanks for putting out the information about Samaritan's Purse. I sent a donation to them and will be glad to know it will help. I live in North Texas and we seem to be surrounded by tornados this week. My heart goes out to those in Oklahoma and I pray the Lord will be with them. Diana

  2. Amen... thanks for sharing this link! HUGS to you dear friend and prayers for healing in the areas hit by the tornado!

  3. From an Okie who follows your blog, thank you so much for bringing awareness to those charities who can help our state. We live on the other side of Oklahoma City so we were personally unaffected by yesterday's storms. However, we Okies are one family and my heart breaks for my fellow neighbors. Thanks for all of your prayers.

  4. Thank you so much for endorsing Samaritan's Purse here on your blog. I am familiar with the name so because of that and your reminder I felt confidant in donating to them.

  5. Thanks for the link...sent them a donation yesterday. My sister lives in Norman which is very close to Moore...so thankful she's okay and praying for those affected. Thanks again for the link.

  6. Thank you for bringing about an awareness of the Oklahoma and Texas tornadoes. We live by Tulsa, OK and the closest tornado to us was 35 min away so we were fine. For two days I watched the news and picked it up on my phone as often as I could. I just can't imagine being a parent and sitting outside the rubble of what was once my child's school and praying that my child be found alive. Or thinking about my own 7 year old being stuck in that rubble, in the dark so scared and alone wondering why we weren't coming to rescue him. It broke my heart and after 2 days of news watching, I had to give it up because I couldn't sleep. But God is so good to comfort us and help us through these times. Samaritan's Purse is an excellent organization and I'm glad you recommended them. Many weeks and months to come of rebuilding for these towns, please keep praying for them!


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