Sunday, June 3, 2012

In Memory of Scout.... 6-1-12 .. Golden Retriever ~ Golden Friend ~ 17 Years Of Joy !

In the Midst of a Wonderful Weekend at The Vintage Marketplace ... we suffered the loss of our Sweet Scout ..

Our little Bear Faced Golden ..with the sweet..gentle soul ..made her departure from this world ..and is now running and playing in the fields above ..and I'm sure our Maggie who paved the way ahead of her last Thanksgiving was waiting for her at the Golden Gates ..

After 17 years ..Scout was just plain Old .. She was the equivalent of 108 dog years in age.

She lived a long healthy life.

We came home Friday Evening.. I went to check on her in the yard and see if she needed me to help her to her bed .. and found that Scout had fallen asleep in the yard and passed on in her sleep which was an absolute blessing from the Lord which we had been praying for.

In the last 2 weeks Scout had began wetting her bed throughout the night and day and we changed it numerous times and bathed her down trying to make her comfortable well she was having a very hard time getting up and walking ....and we decided this last wednesday that this coming week we would most likely have to make the hard decision to have her put down .

We prayed and hoped that if at all possible her life would end in her sleep in a peaceful way .. and our prayers were truly answered.

Of course the pain of losing her is great can't help but hurt and miss her after 17 years of having her apart of our lives and in our home.

The last Year scout has been well cared for in her Golden years .. She loved being outdoors so we accomodated her .. keeping her thin body from age .. clothed in our old t-shirts ..made her thick - cushy beds from layers of blankets - and made sure she was covered from the outdoor elements of cool or windy and even rainy days ...

Scout was truly a wonderful friend .. and companion to our family ..she was our family and her spirit will be missed forever ..

The Beauty in her death that the picture below which was taken last year an almost exact replica of how I found her on Friday evening when I got home ..her paws were stretched out in front of her... her head layed down in them ..and her face looked like she entered a wonderful deep sleep and was at total peace..

Our lives will be changed forever without her .. and of course with Maggie having passsed on last Thanksgiving ..Our lives have doubly changed with both of them gone . We were given both of them from friend and family at the age of 6 weeks ..and they graced our home with their joyful spirits their entire lives.  

We are on a new course now ..with Sweet Flossie ..and so Thankful to God for blessing us with another Beautiful and Happy spirit to fill our home.

Scout ~ Scouterdoodles ~ Little Bear ~  We'll miss you !


We are unloading and unpacking from the Vintage Marketplace this weekend .. which was absolutely wonderful .. and will share all about it and have lots of pictures for you to come this week ..



  1. I'm so sorry for your losses. I lost my beloved black lab, Mishka, last August and can truly understand your pain. It sometimes seems so unfair that our animals' lives are so short. We want their companionship with us always! I take comfort that Mishka is happy and pain free on the other side; waiting patiently for me to also come home.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your sweet Scout. My heart goes out to you, having had to say goodbye to our sweet Hannah and Kodak, I know the loss.

    Your sweet Scout truly was blesssed to have had such a loving home. My niece and her family had to say goodbye this weekend to their lovely Misty.

    I will include Scout in my prayers to St. Francis.



  3. HUGE HUGS my Dear friends. What a beautiful post in honor of Scout! Ciao for now Rita

  4. You have my deepest sympathy in the loss of your beloved Scout. How nice that she passed at home in her sleep...that was a blessing.

  5. Thank you for sharing your love for your precious Scout. You were truly blessed by having Maggie helping lead the way to wonderful gardens in Heaven.
    As one who lost her loyal companion of 21yrs...Dryfuss is never far from my heart though 2yrs have gone by I still feel his presence.
    Now, I have been lucky to have married a Veterinarian, which I think Dryfuss sent me after his death, which gives me the instant joy of helping those little souls while still dealing with his loss.
    Keep sharing your love for those special little friends and know your friend will always be looking over you.

  6. This is a great tribute to your beloved Scout! I am so sorry for your loss. Hold tight to the memories. Hugs to you.

  7. Oh Sara and family, I am so sorry to hear of Scout's passing! I know how important these furry babies are to our families. We love them and they love us and we all benefit so much from being together. I had a beloved golden named Seanmus. He succumbed to lymphoma when he was onlhy 7! He was my best friend and I truly believe he understood each and every word I said to him. He was my pal, my protector, my playmate. He'sbeen gone many years now , but I still miss him. He blessed my life with so many wonderful moments and memories and I know that your Scout has done the same for you. Blessings as you make this new adjustment. I know that your new "fur baby" will fill your heart with love and joy! Hugs, Leena

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your precious Scout , losing our furry companions is so hard yet knowing the wonderful life she lived makes the loss a wee bit less heavy. Miss seeing you both and Papa Fred. Just want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you. To pass away as peaceful as that is truly a Blessing. XO


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