Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweet Magnolilas Farm Offerings can now be found at "The Farmers Wife" in Temecula, CA


It's been a bit quiet lately here on our blog ..but not so much here at the farmhouse ...

No the rat-a-tat-tat and the zooming of the sewing maching motor have been at full speed around here lately ..and Abbey and I have been rather busy bees making Honey filled offerings that have been heading out to near and far places around the globe ...

One of those places happens to be near by us ... and that's the wonderful Farmhouse Store... "The Farmer's Wife" in Old Town Temecula, CA

If you haven't been to Old Town Temecula ..well you'll have to make a day trip or even a weekend of it. There are some wonderful shops.. Antique Malls and Wine Country is within just a few miles ..and there's some beautiful Hotels to stay at.

If your a local ..well you already know about Old Town ..Or so I hope !

Just this last week ..I delivered a custom order Farm~brella ... which "The Farmer's Wife" ordered specifically to Compliment her new line of Dishes that were on their way to the shop .. and This week the display went up and "WOW" they couldn't go together better than ... well ... "Biscuits and Gravy" ...!

Yes They are offering the Farm~brella for purchase and it could be yours if it's still there ..I hear tell that you have to grab these One of a Kind Custom pieces rather quickly or they skidaddle right out of the store quicker than grasshoppers on corn.

The Dishes that have now arrived are absolutely Farm Charming .. in Aqua's ~ Red's ~ Pink's ~ Sweet Florals and Adorable Designs ..they are "Mix-n-Match" .. Just like a Farm Girl Inherited her Grammy's Dishes !

And Of course ... I had to grab a quick shot of Our Sweet Magnolias Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels Piled high in the old Grocery Cart .. Just makes them so scrumptious you wanna "Hug Em" ...

So if you wanna see more of our farmhouse offerings  ..and you wanna have a  fun ..tummy extravaganza ... Head on over to the "The Farmer's Wife" ...

The shop is located in Old Town Temecula .. In the Chapparel Building Next to the Starbucks .. Yes you can grab that frappuccino Latte that even makes the day better now doesn't it !

And for all you far away farm gals ..Yep can still find our farm goods in our Sweet Magnolias Farm Shop ... Right HERE ... We're just spreadin our wings and expandin a bit to a few near places and a few far away places .. which I'll share about more another day !

Wishin you all Sunshine Dreams and Lazy Daze .. Just like the Farm~brella Say's !



  1. How I LOVE the Farm-brella! Congratulations on your new adventure. Ciao Rita

  2. Congratulations Girls!! LOVE your Farm-Brella!! The Farmer's Wife is a perfect place for your wares. :) Can't wait to see what you girls come up with for The Vintage Marketplace this time.
    xo, A

  3. Oh you sweet gals! Your truly have been busy as can bee! LOVE the umbrella! Your handiwork is out of this world! Each time I walk into my kitchen I smile seeing all the cute flour sack towels I have of yours! Cuteness everywhere! Must make a visit to the Farmer's Wife this week!

    Love you two!

  4. "CONGRATULATIONS" Sara & Abbey!!
    Love the girls always go above and beyond!!
    Wishing you great success at
    "The Farmers Wife" and hoping to visit soon!

  5. I knew when I spotted that fabric umbrella that you two had something to do with it...Your both so talented and creative. And the way you can take a new color, say a grouping of summer fabrics and create a whole vignette around it each time making it yours and totally different is God sent talent!! I'm guessing the owners of Farmers Wife spotted your spot at the Vintage Market Place and put you to work. Really fun...Have a great week, Tracy at Madison Manor P.S. How's the new baby doing?

  6. Thank You Girls ... !

    Tracey ..Flossie is doing wonderful happy and fun as ever ..and growing like a weed ..I was just thinking today I needed to get some new picts of her and do a post ... See you in september !


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