Monday, July 2, 2012

Have you heard about "Watermelon and Fireflies" ????

Meet Aunt Ruthie .... of "Sugarpie Farmhouse"

Well of course this is Aunt Ruthie when she was a little Gal .. She's all grown up now with a family of her own ... And she's just as sweet and just as cute as she was when she was  a wee thing ..

I'm sure many of you Love Sweet Aunt Ruthie and already follow her blog and gather up her good sense .. her wisdom ...  and enjoy her home ..her dream farmhouse kitchen ..and her everyday living posts ..But for those of you who haven't heard of Aunt Ruthie .. it's a must that you hop on over and visit her ...

First of all though ..I wanna tell ya all about her "Watermelon and Fireflies" .. E-book ..thats filled with 51 farm fresh ideas for celebrating the Good Ol' Summertime"

Her E-book is filled with the most scrumptious and oh so delightful pages that any farmgirls heart will sing for .. and even do a little jig over.

From Old Fashioned Yesteryear images Yummy for your tummy recipes that you can whip up for li'l ol you and the family too !

What's fun about the e-book you get it immediately delivered to your inbox ..and you can print it out on your choice of paper and make it into the most delightful one of a kind book to use and display in your Home Sweet Kitchen Home ... !

Aunt Ruthie put hers in protective sleeves and then tied it up with my favorite fabric at this time .."Red Check Gingham" ..

Isn't this so adorable !

I could even see grabbing up a thin three ring binder at the $1- store ..and covering the outside in Red Gingham or even some denim fabric ..Adding a cute little paper frame Some cut scrapbooking daisies from your local craft store and sliding in the Front cover .. then adding your pages to the inside of the binder and creating your own custom one of a kind book for your kitchen .. and what about a gift ..wouldn't it be so darling ! A great lil Happy Birthday .. Or A Sweet Thank You ..Or I Love you .. just any ol occasion ! 

Well it's July ...It's just a few days away from the 4th of July's time for watermelon ... and I know in Aunt Ruthies neck of the woods the fireflies are already doing their nightly dancing .. In fact did you know that the Male firefly is the one that has the blinker ..Yep not the female figures ..doesn't it .. ! 

So be sure to visit Aunt Ruthies "Sugar Pie Farmhouse" HERE
go grab her E-book HERE  

And check out her newest post just up today ..all about her veggies, herbs, and the story of her peach tree !

* Please Note that all images are the Sole Property of Aunt Ruthie ~ Sugar Pie Farmhouse *


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  1. Thank you thank you Sara for the shout out for my book!! What a blessing you are!
    Love Aunt Ruthie!


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