Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Flossie Chronicles ~ Tales of an English Springer Spaniel

Well I don't know about you all ..but it's just down right "HOT" in our neck of the woods ...

Today was 105 degrees and boy are we ever feeling it.

I'm not much for the heat ..there are some who worship the sun and love the hot weather and I assure you I am not one of them.

The heat always leaves me feeling a bit irritable ..


What better way to help me out of that irritable feeling than sweet ol Flossie Dog !

Yes she's growing like a weed .. she's 7 mos old now and I can't tell you in enough words how delightfully wonderful she is !

She's adopted my throw blanket as her own .. I admit I have given in and I share with her ..it seems to bring her comfort and she sleeps all the better when she's on it ..and a mama's heart can't deny that.

Each Morning Papa Fred takes her for a long hours walk ..and she comes back .."No not tired" ... but even more energetic ..a good 1/2 hour after she comes back she runs like a crazy banche from one end of the yard to the other ..usually carrying one of 2 squeak toys "moosie" or "cupcake" ... Squeaking them as fast as she can while she runs .. Moosie actually sounds like the emergency sirens in europe .. so it sounds like we have the european police right in our backyard !

Of course all that energy must come to an end ..and she heads in the house looking for a good spot to nap ..and away she goes to slumber land for a good few hours ...

This last week I was able to grab a few quick pictures of her while she was napping for those of you who e-mail me and ask about her .. I love to see her sleep ..I guess it's like a momma with their new baby and how they love to see their sweet faces sound asleep...

So today has been one of those Hot irritable days ..and I'm so thankful for Flossie and her happy smiling face and heart ..She's always such a Joy and can surely lift my spirits and she can truly turn my frowns upside down !

Here's to cooler days ahead may they roll in like the wind and stay forever ...!


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