Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm 1st sneek peek at Farm Goods headed to "The Vintage Marketplace"

Well are you all ready for "The Vintage Marketplace" ????
I'm afraid Abbey and I are running around like a chicken with it's head cut off ...
And well that's just not a pretty sight at all ...especially if like me  you too grew up on a farm and actually saw that happen more than once ... LOL !
Well we are doing are mighty best to get lots of "NEW" farmhouse offerings ready for the TVM
We have been so gosh darn busy the last few months working away with our online shop ..that it's been quite a chore to get lots of new goodies ready but on the other hand it's been alot of fun working on new items. So refreshing to be designing, creating and just about ready to be offering up some new works of our hands....
And well I thought you all might just want a sneek peek....
 First up is our all new Farmhouse Feedsack Clip boards and Journals ... Made right here at the farmhouse by none other than these 2 Sweet Magnolias ..

 We'll also be packin the old truck up with our new Farmhouse Feedsack Pillows .. Yep they are just too too cute and perfect for adding to your cupboard, sitting on a shelf or filling up a baske with .. They are might scrumptious and soft too !

We've also go a whole new line of Farmhouse Canvas's ... Yep ..See that cute farmgirl with her dog in the background ..Sure enough it's a wonderful Farmhouse Art Canvas ... Each one has a wonderful Character filled image. And they are all truly One of a kinds all the original images are owned by SMF ... So you won't find them anywhere else... From Farm Girls in Canoes,  Farm Girls Camping .. To Farm Girls on Vacation ..we have a wonderful variety to choose from ..and each canvas is trimmed in rustic lace ..and topped with our new signature tattered feedsack flour.

 And Last but not at all the last of what we are bringing just the last of what's in for this sneek peek today ...are  4 new Fall Flour Sack Designs ...
Our Fall towels Have our newest Color Images ... designed right here at the farmhouse...with gorgeouse fall ruffles ...
We're countin down .. ... Just 11 more days ... and we look forward to seeing you all there ...

Now Don't forget .... mark your calender .... and come have a wonderful 2 days or Rustic Farmhouse Romance with us ..


  1. So darling!
    So excited to see you both very soon!
    Lauren (Wearing History)

  2. Sara & Abbey,
    All your creations are adorable! Love all the red and colorful fabrics. See you soon!

  3. Hi Sara: i'm so disappointed that I can't make it to the show. Are you going to have your little feedsack pillows available any place else. They are the cutest I've ever seen and would look so cute in my new kitchen..Happy Monday..Judy

  4. OOOH! and AAAH! I will be doing some shopping at "The Farm"!! See you sooooon!

  5. Your new stuff looks unbelievably cute. I live in Texas so I won't make it to the show. Are you going to be selling these online as well? Sure hope so....

  6. Oh you have so many stunning creations! So talented you are! :)


  7. I am so excited about the Vintage Marketplace! Ive invited my mom, sisters , some friends to come along. I emailed you about a month ago about where to visit in Temecula. My husband and I went to the shops you mentioned and we loved each one. We went to The Farmers Wife, and saw the beautiful umbrella you made, bought a set of your Sweet Tea and Jesus, cloths. Love them! Thank you again for the list of shops. Im looking forward to meeting you both.
    Blessings, Aimee

  8. Boy do I ever wish I could go to that sale. Seems like no matter where we used to live there's lots of good sales going on now that we're not there anymore. We've lived in San Diego, MT, KY and now here in western CO. We live west of Grand Junction now and nobody has goodie sales here, EVER. Very disappointing. Think if I'd known that wouldn't have moved here. Love my goodie sales. Guess I'll have to satisfied with drooling at your online store. Not like I have a choice huh?

  9. LOVE the pillows! Wishing you a wonderful show Sara & Abbey! xox


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