Tuesday, January 31, 2023

I Hope this last day of January finds you in a warm state... being the actual state you live in or the state of being warm and cozy out of the cold wintery weather inside your home sweet home.
We've had Snow, Ice, Sleet, and Freezing Rain .. the last few days here in the MO Ozarks ... So we're spending a few days inside at home. The weekend is looking up as we warm back to the 40's and 50's which will be nice so we can all get out a bit and enjoy a little sunshine and warmer temps.
In between the wintery weather we've had on and off the last several weeks .. we were able to revamp our Potting Shed Shop space which is located in "The Vintage Peddler". in Springfield, MO...
 I've talked to so many gals on instagram the last week that are so ready for Spring to arrive .. I think it's just about 50 days away so that isn't too unbearable. And before we know it Summer will be here and then we'll all be so hot we'll want it to cool off .. LOL !
While I'm waiting for spring to arrive ...  I like to bring the spring indoors  .. it's so easy to do by just adding a sweet vignette to your farm table, dining table, entryway etc ... ..create a cute centerpiece .. with a wood dough bowl or enamelware bowl... fill it with green  or even spanish Moss ... add in a few  vintage garden tools or even newer ones are good too .. a few dried or silk flowers tucked in .. some old seed packets and old flower frogs... just whatever garden style things you have around to create your own sweet spring vignette .... it makes a great start to adding a little spring feeling to your home sweet home...

And if you don't have any seed packets .. In my Printables section .. I've added several vintage seed packet images that you can save to your computer and print out .. cut them .. use as they are or .. you can glue them to some card board to give them a little more body.. punch holes in the tops and add a jute tie or ribbon .. create a spring seed packet garland .. the ideas are endless .. it's never to early to get started on some of your spring inspiration ..
 I hope you get a little garden/spring inspiration to carry you through until .. the sun warms the earth, the grass peaks out from it's soil bedding, the flowers begin to reach for the sky and the trees awaken in their bright spring green leaf spectacular to bring us yet another beautiful awakening of God's lovely creation ...
 Here's a few sneak peeks into the Potting shed for a little inspiration ...Enjoy💗
I hope you enjoyed a little stroll through the Potting Shed
Until Next time...
Sweet Blessings..

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