Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Little Fun on the Side With Custom Designs at the farmhouse

Hey there you all
Well Happy Fall !
I hope You're all savoring the Fall weather ..although it's not so very fall in our neck of the woods .. been a bit on the warm and very dry side here .. but I hear the cool weather is treating everyone else to a beautiful fall color change and cool crisp and breezy days ..
It's been a while once again since I last blogged .. I don't think I'll ever get the blogging on a regular basis down to a science ..there just too many variables in life that take me in so many other directions that I seriously some days could multiply myself times 3 or 4 ... LOL !
This last month has been extra busy .. with a small business you always have to "Try" and be ahead of the game and well this year we tried with all our might to get Christmas out early for all those gals who are just clamoring to get in the Holiday Spirit early ... I know for some of you it's too early .. you want to savor fall and Thanksgiving and I totally understand that .. it seems for us that the holidays move on by so quick and that you are started on one before another even ends ..
Well in all my Christmas Hustle and Bustle the last month .. I Had a fun Custom Project I was hired to design and create by "Touch By Time Vintage Rentals."  I know I've mentioned them once or twice before .. A Mother Daughter Team Like Abbey and I .. Only they are in the wonderful business of making great memories through vintage Prop Rentals for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby and Wedding Showers etc. and during this time of year Family Photo Shoots for Christmas.
Nancy and Kelly .. Planned a  Christmas BOHO by the Sea Session for Families this year ( just one of their unique Christmas sessions)  .. and asked me to provide them with a Burlap and Lace Bohemian Teepee they could use at the Ocean for their Prop... and I'm always up for designing custom Pieces's a nice change from my day to day work.
So I began the process literally having 1 day to dedicate to designing, assembling and completing it ..

 When Making these much larger items .. I love the designing stage .. but I can't say I love the assembling stage .. Of course the larger the project like this teepee it's always far more awkward getting all that material up on the sewing table and through the machine .. and this piece was no exception...

I love working with odds and ends and scraps .. looking at each piece in a new light and how it can be arranged so that it fits that Free Style BOHO look yet has continuity.
The above Picture and the below one are just a few quick shots I took well because Flossie sauntered in  from the back yard and plunked herself down inside the teepee .. as if I was making it for her .. LOL !
But it captures a little of the work I was doing .. by adding the vintage Lace and ribbon trims ..
Now some people would probably have possibly opted to try and glue the pieces on .. and I suppose for a one time use or just using it at home that might work .. however this piece will end up being rented out numerous times throughout a year and it really has to withstand being carried to and fro so for me sewing every piece on was really the best choice to give Nancy and Kelly a quality Piece that will last and look great for a long time to come.
That being said when you work with so many odds and end pieces that are randomly shaped .. well it's a lot of work pinning it all together and then getting that amount of fabric with all those pinned pieces onto the machine and then turning it in the head of the machine etc....
Well I did it was a challenge but in the end I won ( not saying there wasn't just a few frustrating moments LOL ) .. and well it came out  just beautiful ...

 Kelly and Nancy .. set it up with some of their beautiful small props( Pillows, crates, benches, lanterns etc) .. and London Light Photography shot the Family Photos  and it all turned out to be a fabulous Christmas BOHO by the sea ...!
(photographs courtesy of London Light Photography)
Another Fun ..Custom Design I worked on for Nancy and Kelly this summer .. were these Rustic Ruffled Wedding Chair Covers ..
These Charming Chair covers ..were a lot of fun to Design and Create..

The Mr. and Mrs. Chair Signs are actually removable .. I designed 2 other sets for Brides and Grooms to choose from ..
And this adorable Couple chose them as their prop for their Engagement Session and will be using them at their wedding Next Year ..
(photos courtesy of London Light Photography)
These are just a few of the things I do on my Day's Off .. which are very few these days .. I'm generally squeezing in a fun Custom Day ..where I get to let my imagination have fun ..and design things outside our every day Farmhouse Home Linens ..

P.S. If you're in the Southern CA area or planning an event in the area and would like to rent the teepee or wedding Chairs be sure to contact Nancy and Kelly at Touched by Time Vintage Rentals .

Until Next Time... 


  1. I love the chair covers and the teepee, especially the teepee! What beautiful work you did creating this one of a kind piece! I love the photos they took with it. The one with the baby is adorable! I am sure it will be treasured for many years to come not only by London Light but by the people in it.

    1. Hi Gigi .. Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment !


  2. You're so creative and talented! The pictures are so sweet.

    1. Thanks So Much ..Tamara ! That's so kind of you .

      Have a Blessed weekend

  3. Beautiful creations! Love those chair covers! Have a blessed Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

    1. Thanks Theresa .. You have a Beautiful Week ! ..

      Blessings Sara

  4. Beautiful. Love the teepee Sara and those chair covers oh my gorgeous. Love to see your creative pieces always. Have a great Sunday.


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