Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Enjoy and Have a Blessed Day !

Time for a little down home feel good entertainment today ....


  1. I love this! And then got into seeing YouTube's of them! Thanks for sharing! So much fun sharing on Pinterest always love y'all pins. I do look at your blog but don't comment why I don't know? I am into YouTube now too. Even made one of me and what I'm up too! Plan to make another one today maybe. I did kinda update all 3 of my blogs last week with some pictures. Maybe I should have kept it to one blog!! LOL longstory!...oh great granny me!!! Here is my YouTube address if you want to see how I can talk! :) I am a Texan!
    Have a wonderful weekend! Lord bless y'all! ((hugs)) Judy

    1. Hey Judy,

      Thanks so much for sharing with us .. we love pinterest and yes youtube is a great place to find some fun things now including you ! ... I'll be sure to stop by your youtube and check you out .. I'm very familiar with the Texas accent .. Yep my family hails from all over the Midwest .. and even though I'm a SOCAL gal .. I still get asked where I'm from because the wording I use and yep that accent does rear it's head when I get talking a lot .. LOL !

      Take care sweetie and have a great weekend


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