Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving You All !
Well it's a beautiful Cool Crisp Sunny Morning here.
The rays of the sun are peeking in the windows ... the birds are flitting and chirping around their feeder, I imagine they are thankful for all the fresh seed we put out this week.
Flossie and I are cuddled up under our blanket in our chair ..
Abbey's snug in her blanket enjoying the morning on pinterest and
dad's dressed and read to say hello to the world this morning .. he's the early bird that always gets the worm ..
It's been another Good Year ... it's had it's ups and it's downs just like all the years that have passed and once again the Good Lord got us through .. with all the pain there was joy .. and I am so Thankful !
I am grateful for the home we have that provides us shelter and luxuries such as running water and hot showers and a stove and oven to prepare our food.
I am grateful for the soft bed I have and warm blankets to have a good nights' sleep.
I am grateful for the cupboards that are full of food the refrigerator that stores what will be a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner Today ...
And I am Grateful for my Family.
Mom .. she's always there when you need her .. she's the rock .
Dad he's a helper always there when you ask ..
Flossie she's a cuddler always there to love ...
Today I thank God for my many blessings ..
Friends that are near and dear
I thank him for you ..
Yes you,
you are a blessing from God,
and I'm glad he sent you my way.
May your Thanksgiving be ever so Blessed.
May it be full of Peace and Joy and Goodness.
Wherever you are and whatever your plans
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all
and for those of you sitting down to enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving Dinner...


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  1. I am thankful for you too, for your friendship and for your wonderful talents that supply me with gifts for others and some for myself:) Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!


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