Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday.....

Those that know me well ..know that I am not the biggest fan of today's t.v. shows and movies. Please don't feel that I am putting anyone down who does's purely a personal choice based on the motto I grew up with .."Trash in Trash Out."

I'm betting most kids today have never heard that saying ..As I'm finding even though I am still fairly young myself ..this generation of young children and young adults are very much detached from history of any sort and very marinated in only the history that is made today. I think it's such a big disservice to children and adults that this has happened it is by far putting a wedge between the ages.

I was raised in the generation of color t.v. and sitcoms ..however I was very aware that there was once black and white t.v. and movies. I understood that actors of the past were every bit as good and much of the time better than those I was watching at the time. I was brought up to be respectful of history and how it allowed me to have the modern appliances and the conveniences of my day. I understood that the young men and women before me worked hard for me to have an easier life and that as older adults I was to show them respect.

I learned through watching old black and white t.v. and movies ..Good Values ..Morality ..and the Good sense to be ashamed of bad behaviour and not flaunt it in the worlds face. There was actually a time ...that unmentionable behaviour was looked poorly upon ..unlike today where it is glorified.

I am a single adult women ..and to this day although I do not have children of my own ..I do have Nieces and Nephews..they have eyes to see and ears to hear ..and I feel that it is my God Given responsibility to live a life that reflects good and wholesome is my duty to live before them a life that is responsible they have some idea of an appropriate way to conduct their own lives.

Does this mean they will choose the right things ..No. The world we live in ..Temptations ..and Satan's desire to pull them into his web ...will be an overwhelming battle for them as it is for all kids and even adults today.

But ...choosing to take the higher road no matter what the world tells you ...or teaches you is what's important. Is it an easy road ...Of course not....are there temptations ..of course there are ..can it be a lonely life ..without a doubt ...but ask me if it's a life of ..."Peace" ...and I will without hesitation give you a resounding "YES". When I walk out my front door, face my family or my friends ...and Number 1 ..answer to the lord ..I can go without overwhelming guilt or shame. I can go before them knowing I have chosen to take the higher road in life. I can say I do my best each day to do what is right. Do I fail ..of course ..we all do ..But I am so blessed to know I can go to my sweet Jesus and ask for his forgiveness. Just as anyone else can ...

I share all this today ..because I way lying in bed last night thinking about My Niece who is a young adult now and has begun to make choices for herself ..and reflecting on choices I made at her age ....and lessons I learned early on.

One of those lessons was about Movies and Television. Of course First off I learned to decide if a show was something I should be watching ..was it's content appropriate ? All I had to do was ask ..Would I feel comfortable if the Lord was sitting next to me watching this ? If the answer was No ..then why was I watching it ? Second of all not only young men and women Let alone adults ...we all have the nature of love it and wanting to be given it. This is a Beautiful thing that God instilled in us and gave us as a gift. He gave us senses ..which can be triggered by many things in life. And if a person focuses their eyes and ears on a movie or t.v. show that promotes intimacy's possible that there senses will be triggered by this too ..that their desires will grow ..and that choices will be made act on those desires.

Also I had to ask myself as a young woman ..why is it o.k. to watch scenes of intimacy in a movie or t.v . ...when if those same two people came to my home and said they were going to do such and such ..I would be appalled. I had to ask what made it any different...and my answer was there was no difference.

All this to say ..that I am shocked at what our younger generation is allowed to watch ..and why parents of today ..think it's o.k. for them to watch movies full of foul language ..intimacy ..and such ..but in the next breath tell them not to do any of it. Why fill their minds with such things ..what's the point I ask ? These precious children that were given ..God's sweet gift ...that so many are given ...and then they fill their minds with unmentionable ..thoughts ...actions and behavior ..and then ask why the world is the way it is today. Our young people are a product of what the world and their families have taught them ..and until the generation that raises the next chooses a new path ..the following generations will never know that there is truly a better life and a higher plain to live on.

Until we speak out as a nation against what is being taught to the children ..nothing will change. Choose No t.v. or Choose appropriate t.v. ...and I don't mean the family channel .. ..I can't imagine how they can call the half of it family programming.

If you already practice watching Good and Moral t.v. and movie programs or would like to ..then I would love to share with you a new series ...from the BBC ..called "Larkrise to Candleford"

There are 2 seasons available ..and it is a heartwarming and delightful series ... full of all that life has to offer ..from joy to sadness ..success to to anger ... wrong choices and the repercussions of them ....etc. A show with real emotion ..and real life experience ....and a show that promotes values and morality. We need more shows like this series in America ..but until we choose to stop seeing movies and television that does not promote the values and morality we want displayed ..they will keep on. We the people have the power to change the world ..but we have to unite to do it.

Start supporting Good T.V. and Movies ...And choose to help change the generations we will ultimately leave behind.

You can purchase the series Amazon ...Click HERE to do so ...Don't forget to add on Season 2 as well .. I also saw them available at Costco ..and online at Walmart well I'm sure E-bay would be offering them too.

I'll be sharing some other Great Movies too and I'll start promoting them in the sidebar of the blog coming soon !!!


Your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. Great post and you are right...we watch a lot of PBS at our house and the first season of this series was on...we loved it! Even my husband watched.

  2. Dear Sara,

    I loved this beautiful post and enjoyed reading all of your lovely thoughts! I agree with you 100%. We did not own a tv or watch tv for 12 years. A few years ago we selectively began watching movies on our laptop, and a few months ago we purchased a large screen to watch our movies on, but we still have chosen not to have it hooked up to tv. We LOVED Lark Rise to Candleford! Dorcas is my favorite character! My husband and 14 year old son love it too! I am so glad my son enjoys programs like this, and the Jane Austen movies, and others like this too. He also likes the old Roy Rogers and Gene Autry shows.

    You are a godly example to your nieces and nephews, (and everyone that knows you!) they are blessed to have you!

    Thank you for sharing, sweetie! You are such a blessing!!!!

    Much love to you,

    P.S. Thank you for visiting and for your sweet words!

  3. That was a lovely post and so very true! I love old movies, my t.v. is almost always on TCM...they were able to get their message across and make wonderful films without any cussing or nudity. As for regular t.v., my fiance is usually glued to sports and I'm very lucky that my 3 boys were never really interested in t.v. I used to beg them to sit down for 5 minutes but they're always on the go.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts:) Happy Easter!

  4. Great post, you really hit the problem right on the head!

  5. I totally agree with you!!! I watch alot of the old shows, like I Love Lucy, and the shows that were on during that time period, they are funny without having nudity or cussing. After all these years I still laugh every time I watch them. They just take me back to a better time, when you could actually let your children watch televison without being afraid of what they will see of hear! Blessings... Daphne


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