Friday, February 11, 2011

A Truckload of New offerings ...

A truckload of new offerings just hit our shops this week ..!!!

I spent the entire day on Wednesday ..Unloading ..hanging up ..placing ..and even some last minute pricing both or shops in Treasures N Junk Antique Mall Ontario, CA ...

Last trip ..I was so behind in getting done ..I didn't get pictures to share with you all and was so upset because we brought in some one of a kind pieces that I so wanted to share ...and the Upside is they all sold ..downside No picts of them this time I was on top of things and made sure to get plenty of picts of Both Shops to share this week ..

I started off in our Pretty Cottage Shop ....

I added many Vintage Clothing pieces this week ...

Two New Windows .."Hopeless Romantic" ...above on the screen door

Some Cute Floral Cottage Hangers with some of our signature rosettes ..

The Tri-Fold Mirror ..this piece is awesome much larger than the pictures make it appear ..with Pie crust edges on the wings and Oh boy is it heavy ..This is the honest to goodness antique ones.

Antique Dishware ...

One Rose Queen Window ..that's so Beautiful ..wonder if it's still there ?

Rose Queen Towels to Match ..and look at those cute pink lacey ruffled panties above ...aren't those adorable ...!!!

Another new towel design ... Bless This Nest ... Very Tweet !

Oh and I added a new showcase to the cottage shop full of all kinds of Jewelry ..Vintage Gloves ..antique Butter pats ..vintage perfume bottles and so much more ...

The cottage shop is brimming full ...and I can't wait to get back and add some more ...


But My fun day didn't end there .. I had new offerings to add to our Farmhouse Romance space ...

A couple new window Designs .. This Farmhouse Fresh with the Vintage Framed rooster in the center is perfect ....

All New Case Offerings ..

A Beautiful Set of Calico Dishware less in the hard to find brown .. Now dresses our farmhouse Cupboard ...

A Awesome new display shelf ..I upcycled with authentic antique dictionary pages and burlap rosettes and antique crochet lace trim on the shelves ...

Plus my 2nd new window design ... HOME ... that is the definition of home which I retrieved from this colossal size dictionary I recently found from the 194os In love with it ..I haven't been able to part with it ..and it came in handy for this window ...

And once again the Farmhouse Dish Cupboard ...It may look the same ..but it's not ..I'm always adding new dishes each trip I make ...

This Sweet Little teapot made it into the shop this week ..isn't it charming ..completely romantic ..

A new Rustic basket the design ..and antique shoe molds are throughout the shop too ...this is just one of several !!

And Lastly ... the old washer .....and by the end of this day ..I was truly Washed Up ..Washed Out ...Wrung Out and ready to be layed out to dry ...LOL !!!

It was such a nice day ..I always enjoy spending it at T&J ...Alyssa , Jana, Chad, Richard, Betsy, Tammy, Helen, and Katie ..were all there and it was an absolutely enjoyable and pleasant day with all of them

If you are local or "fairly" local ... Consider making a day trip to come visit T&J .. It's a big Place can literally spend hours wandering through the shops ..and visit the outdoor garden center with all kinds of awesome Junk !!!

Off the 60 frwy in Ontario ...Or the 10 Frwy ...Rather you are coming from L.A. - Palm Springs- Orange County- or Riverside ..and even Farther's an easy place to find ! And you won't be dissapointed !

Oh ...and mark your calenders ..the T&J Presidents Day sale is February 21st ... Every shop is required to run a sale that day and that day only ...and the place is packed with all sorts of new offerings ...

Wishing you all a Beautiful weekend ...Sara



  1. Wow Sara!!!! Tons of fabulous new things! I will tell my mom so we can get down there and take a look. I hope you are doing well and have a fun-filled weekend! Kori xoxo

  2. So many sweet treaures, your show room looks darling! I love that tri fold mirror on the desk & the dish towels......i'd scoop those up in a heartbeat! xoox

  3. oh my goodness!!!!! your whole booth is gorgeous!!!!!! love everything,,,how did you part with that mirror!!!!

  4. Oh Sara...your booths are a treasure hunters dream!! So many things I love!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm up here in Nor-Cal, but next time I'm down your way I really hope to be able to visit. I love it all! Especially those old doors, my weakness! LOL, Happy Valentine's Day...Marcia

  6. You guy's are unbelievable!XO Christie

  7. That looks so beautiful!
    I want to come visit but
    thank you for the showing
    us some pictures ~


  8. Oh so lovely Sara, I just love the washer among all the other goodies.

    What I would like to know about are your hangers. Looks like something I could really use for my vintage doll cloths to go on Etsy.

    Email me a quickie when you can, for 5, and I can send payment thru paypal.

    Have your lovely valentine goodies out this year, never get tired of looking at you work.


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