Thursday, May 29, 2014

Laundry Day Clothes Pin Bags ~ A Look Back

 This last week I was going through an old Farm Journal Magazine from the 1930's.

The Farm Journals have lots of great advertisements throughout the magazine .. from medicines for your sick animals .. or showing the latest brooders or farm tractors. I love looking back through these old magazines and seeing the equipment that was used then for different needs on the farm. As well I love reading the different remedies for dealing with sick animals on the farm and so on.

I was excited to see this charming ad as I skimmed the pages ..
 The Modern Clothespin Bag .. an article by Mrs. S. L. West.
She shares how to make your own "Modern" Clothespin bag.
I thought it was such a fun find .. since we make similiar clothespin bags with hangers in the top just as these.  However I didn't obtain my way of making them from any vintage article or source. It just goes to show that so much of what we create today was already done long ago. I notice that alot of the designs, creations and even decorating I see today was done in the 20's, 30's, and 40's. Watching old movies from that era and reading magazines from those era's will give you a whole new perspective on things we all think are new today and those gals of yesteryear our Great Great, and Great Grandmother's and Grandmother's were already quite ingenious and truth is we are just repeating their ideas today with out twist or color scheme etc. applied.
I found these charming Pin Bags .. that are fun and unique to share with you all ..
I know Crocheting is super popluar right now ... I love this Crochet pin bag .. It's so charming ! .. I would love to learn how to crochet .. if I did I'd be whipping me up a bunch of these cuties !

The Vintage V Neck Dress Clothes Pin Bag Probably from the 1960's .. wow is it ever cute I love the Yellow and Green .. !

This Cutie has the Metal frame that held the top of the bag open along with a long wire hook that hung on the clothesline and easily slid in front of you as you pinned your clothes and linens up. This bag is pretty iconic see it quite often . I have a dozen or so of these frames ..I need to make some new bags for .. I'll have to put that on my long list of "To Dos"....

Isn't this Dress Charming .. A true 1920's Flapper era style dress ... Love the Floral Garden Fabric ..

This Oldie .. is so full of vintage charm can tell it was well used over the years and has alot of authentic character ... I love the muted colors ..
This Cutie is so charming and modern .. Bright and Cheerful ..  I love it's simple clean Lines ...

And then there was the Clothepin Apron ... we have several of these oldies we have collected over the years .. Simple perfection...
I always enjoy making clothespin bags .. I love taking their simple form and embellishing them with Vintage linens, trims and fabrics and creating one of a Kind Pieces ..for Other's Home Sweet Home's.
Lately I have been making and offering our own Sweet Magnolias Farm Version of the Vintage Dress Clothespin Bags .. here are a few of the new ones ...





It's always fun to brighten your laundry room with a cheery Pin Bag .. be it new or vintage. We've even found other uses for them ..they hold plastic bags beautifully, Brides love them for card holders, and even double as a place to keep sentimental notes etc...
Have  A Lovely Remainder of the week ...


  1. I posted about clotheslines a few weeks back and thought of you girls with your Clothespin Bags! They are soooo sweet and I also enjoy the vintage ones too! I've had several over the years 'em! I will be looking for a new one, once I get settled at the cottage.....coming to your shop first!! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Such pretty peg bags, Sara - thanks for sharing. Chris x

  3. Oh so many cute clothes pin pretties:) My Mama used an apron, sweet memories! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Cute clothes pin bags. I remember my mothers. It was made of the same material the pillows were made from, which I believe she called ticking. Yours are so much cuter.

  5. Oh my gosh, Sara, those little dress clothes pin bags are just too cute! It makes me wish I had a clothes line!

  6. These are just the cutest ever! I follow you ladies on Pinterest a lot and now have found your blog. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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