Friday, May 1, 2009

Estate Saleing on a Friday !!!

Wow what a day ..set out to take Maggie Pie to the Vet for her last Glucosamine shot series ...and on the way saw an Estate Sale Sign ..well you know our Old Bessie ..when she see's and Estate Sale sign ..her wheels turn quicker than a race car...and off and down a country road we went with 30 minutes to spare before the appointment.
We ended up at this wonderful old ranch style house with gobs of tables with stuff everywhere ..along with garage fulls of quirky gadgets, Lots of wood, tools ,,,and much more..
The house was full ..even a Barn on the property and a semi truck trailor as well was a treasure trove of fun !!!!
So I thought I would share some of our fun finds with you ...!!!
This first picture is of the back of our truck full with goodies ..Oh and Maggie wouldn't fit so we had to put her in the back seat to get home ...LOL !! She didn't mind at all ..she prefers the air conditioning !!! LOL !!

This Second picture is of some of our finds today ..My favorite is the carved wood heart bowl !!! and the Butter Mold ...

Then out near the barn their were box fulls of this great wide pine planking ....we got 2 boxes but I'm thinking about going back for more in the morning as there was Ton's ..Oh how I wish I had a Barn I would have got it all !!!

I was talking to the owner looking out her back sliders and way off in the distance in a pile of junk I spied this old wood picket garden fencing ...Two rolls of it ..this being the smallest roll ...Oh My gosh it is weather and tattered to perfection ...I'm in Love !!!

Then ..out in the garage ..we found all these goodies ...Oh do we have a project for these we will be making offer for sale ..can't wait till we get started on it to show you !!!

So we had the most fun day !! Now this was an awesome sale opened at 8 and we didn't get there til 10:45 ...I can only imagine what else went out of there before we got there ...But we are thrilled with our finds ..and hey thanks to Maggie having to get her shot ...we happened upon it ...Otherwise we would have totally missed out on a day of fun !!!
Have a Beautiful weekend ...Your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. Sara I'm thrilled for you, what a great olde Estate Sale! OOO, I would have had a blast there, what awesome goodies to work with!

    You are soo funny you crack me up, now the truck is trained for sales and our sweet Maggie can smell them a mile away. Try that Dog Whisperer!

    Well all I can say is, "hats off to Maggie and olde Bessie...good goin." :D

  2. Man oh man Sara, I wish I could have been at that sale with loving that wide plank wood...I am needing some right now..can't wait to see what you do with all of your goodies..I have you changed over now on my blog to your new blog and I am a follower too..have a great rest of your weekend..:)

  3. Hello and glad I came across your blog today. I simply love all your ideas. I am a new follower and would love for you to come by for a visit. Take care and I will continue reading more of your ideas and interest. XO MARY


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