Monday, May 25, 2009

A Funny Flea Market Sunday !

Well what a Funny Day it was yesterday !!

Well Abbey ...told me Saturday night that the long Beach Flea Market Special weekend was scheduled for Sunday and she wanted to go ..So I gave no thought and said sure ..Yesterday Morning we arose early all piled in the truck and headed down the road ..just a few minuted into our drive someone said's kind of strange they are having it over memorial day weekend ..and someone else replied Yah ..Then all of a sudden I remembered that I picked the flyer up for the special show and had placed it in the console of the truck ..will to double check we were headed in the right direction on the right day we pulled out the flyer


Wrong weekend ...Nope it's not till next weekend ...So we had a good laugh ..and then realized we were all dressed and pumped up for a great Flea Market day and now no where to go ..Well Gee one of us got the bright idea to turn around go home and google CA Flea Markets ...and see if there was one going on somewhere that we didn't know about ..LO and BEHOLD ..there was ..and it was only a mere 100 miles from where we lived ..heck that was just an hour and a half drive and we hadn't ever been to this one so we all would make for what we call " A fun Pooh Adventure" ....this happened to be the Santa Monica Antique Market !

Well after stopping for a Quick McD's sausage biscuit and orange juice and fill up on the gas tank we were off ...

Will first of all this Country Gal ..isn't much for big cities and never having been to Santa Monica I guess I never really thought about the fact we would be driving right near downtown L.A. ...I thought the drivers out where we live are nuts ..well I give it to you L.A. you are down right radical drivers ...I think they are all aiming for an early death !!!

We finally arrived to our destination about an hour and 10 minutes later ...grabbed our old roller cart and headed for the shops.

We had fun for any adventure we go on is always fun in some way ..but it wasn't as fun as we had hoped least for us Treasure Tramps. We love junking and if you want junk well at this show we really didn't find any. If you love Vintage Clothing, jewelry, High end glassware, and imports ,..then this is the show for you. Nope we were looking for some good old 100% bonafide Junk !!!

Well it wasn't a total loss as we did shop from 1 Gal ..."Judy" she had gobs of wonderful antique Linens and Our Favorite Antique Lace and lace trims ...French and Irish ..which Abbey and I have a sickness for ! Abbey and I have Gobs and Gobs of antique lace and trims .... we can't help ourselves every time we see a piece for a great deal it ends up coming home with us

Well below are a few picts of the show we shot for you to enjoy.

No the gal above is not either of us ...just a passer-by that happened to get in the shot
Nope Not us either !! LOL ..just a nice booth full of some really cute shabby'd furniture

O.k. here's the Booth we shopped from ...the tubs here on the end are loaded full of lace trims ..this picture is after we scavenged through and bought a whole bag full...Oh how we could have bought it all if Money only grew on trees ...!!

And there's Judy the gal we bought from ..her and her partner ..had some great stories of finding linens and laces ...Something many of us only dream of.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alright Now for picts. of the trims we bought ....

Aren't these just gorgeous !!! ...Abbey and I started making a new line of Romantic Country Dolls this week ...which we are using all the antique laces on ...can't wait to share them with you all ..we will be listing them on our various selling places this week and will keep you posted when and where ...

Some More Beautiful pieces and isn't that little Bib in the bottom right corner a cutie ..Abbey spied that little gem !!

O.k. Abbey was so ahead of me in finding some of the really cute pieces ..she found this baby bonnet in old tan check homespun, and these little Cotton undies with lace trimmed legs ..they are even monogrammed ..and then a piece of lace from a slip ..that is just breathtaking !!!

And Lastly ..some more Gorgeous lace trims ..that just make my tummy do somersaults !!!


The show was smaller than we realized too ...So it didn't take very long to get through and after we were done ..which was only about an hour and a half maybe 2 later we all kind of wondered now what ...considering we had traveled 100 miles ...Well our favorite Antique Mall was having a Memorial Day Sale ...and it was on the way home so we stopped there ..walked around for a few hours and then had lunch at our favorite BBQ Joint Lucilles ...Then it was home and were we ever exhausted ..but it was a good exhausted ...It was a fun day and a Great "Pooh Adventure" we found a little pot of honey and it was delightful !!!


  1. WOW Sara, that lace is die for! Did you happen to get their business card? That was one heck of a find, you just don't see that kind of a sale around here, ever. I'm drooling where's the box of tissues?

  2. WOW... you bought some awesome LACE!
    Do you find that it's hard to "cut" your lace and actually use it? lol
    I have a thing for antique bobbin lace, and tatting and when I come across it... I tend to want to buy it, hoard it and keep it to look at. lol.
    You are BRAVE to drive in big cities like that! Yikes. I'm content just driving around out in the pasture. lol

    "If you want to make a song more hummy, add a few tiddely poms."- winnie the pooh

  3. Lovely lace! you were lucky and you are so right about the cut throat driving...we have to go on locksmith jobs and hate being called into the LA area...just crazy....

  4. Mmm, mmmm, mmm, mmm, mmm! Yummy! Lovely! You hit the Mother Lode! I have to admit I have a soft spot for those vintage laces and trims too. Lucky you!


  5. Love it, just the right color and perfect amount of age!! Super find!! Blessings, Janna


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