Friday, May 15, 2009

The Sweet Tooth that Wouldn't Die

Well's been a week ...and I have been craving homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies ..And today I Needed them !!!!

So I quickly threw a batch together and after 3 I felt just fabulous ..!!!

And Yes this is them ...Minus well we won't say how many now ...LOL !!

I like my cookies soft these are all gooey and falling apart .,...

Gosh I think I am talking myself into another right now ..

I think a good t.v. show and some cookies will hit the spot tonight

Oh how I wish I could share some with you ..Well maybe a few crumbs ...LOL !!

Here's a couple tips for Really good cookies know before they called for Margarine or Butter ..they used to call for Shortening instead if you just add shortening in the place of either of these will come out with a wonderful cookie ..

Now the trick to getting a good soft cookie ..Is Don't bake them the entire 10 or 12 minutes it says !!! ..just bake them until the tops look like they have baked over but aren't browned and they can even look a bit soft ..(I do all my cookies by eye not time) ..then remove them from the oven while the centers are still soft..

Take them immediately off the cookie sheet and put them on a rack ..and you will notice in just a few minutes the tops will start sinking and making crackly crevices as you can see in the picture ..and you will have a Very soft cookie !!

O.k. I am off for the night ...I think the cookie monster is coming out inside me right now ...!!!


  1. Oh Sara they look wonderful! Yes shortening is great in some cookie recipes, especially oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip. But I do like my butter too :D, gotta give the Dr a good Cholesterol reading you know.

  2. OhMIGOSH....
    PLEASE say you have one left? If so; toss it this way! lolol
    Girl, those are some dandy lookin choco chip cookies. I underbake mine too and always always ALWAYS use crisco and never ever butter or margarine. ARE WE RELATED OR WHAT?
    BTW.. I also drool when I look at your shop. You have some awesome things.
    AND I keep going back and rereading what you wrote me. You are very wise and have a true heart for God.
    AND... a bag of choco chips for your next NEED.

  3. pass me a couple and some milk too and scoot over on the couch so we can watch tv together..they look so are making my mouth wata...:)

  4. Oh goodness, these look amazing! I think I see some choco chip cookies in my future.
    My word verification is 'sanka' but I'd rather have milk with my cookies -smile-.


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