Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to My Best Friend

Imagine Being Blessed Before you were ever born ....

I was ! ...27 Yrs before I came along .....My Mother was Born into this world ..

Below Is mom when she was just a wee tot....wasn't she just Beautiful !

~ My Tribute to my MOM ~


Happy Mothers Day Mom ....Or Should it be for us Happy Best Friends Day.

It's hard to say there is a difference those two important things in life really capture the essence of US ...

Thank You Mom ....for first loving me with all your heart, for caring for me with all your being, for treasuring me like a hidden jewel. Each of these things I have always known without words spoken ...and that is the True essence of a Mother's Heart.

I have pondered where in life I would have been without you ....when I was but a baby and so very sick ...and you sat in that hospital room with me day and night ...I remember ...It's a memory that bonds us together in a Mother's Love. Or ..when I was but a child ...and all those times I fell down and scraped a knee ( which I have the scars to show for it) where would I have been without your tender caring touch ...when you placed the bandaid on my knee and told me all the Dr.s and Nurse's were rushing inside me to make it all better. Or later when ...My tender heart was broken at school by Unkind words ..and upon arriving home the tears flowed freely were always there to console me. You may not have realized then among these few things I have mentioned but you were the essence of a Mother...and you were passing down all those beautiful qualities of Love, Kindness, Caring, Compassion, Understanding, Gentleness, and so much more.

We have had the best of times together made memories with me that I shall Never forget ...The days you put a chair up to the sink and let me help you with the dishes, The homemade popscicles we used to make from Grape and Apple juice ..which as you know are still a favorite of mine today, Or how about all those homemade cakes you used to bake and you always let me have the icing off the beaters ...and later on in years when I got a bit older .. the times you let me stay home from school and we went to the beach, and had shaved ice together.

These are just a few ....there's so many I can recall made such lasting memories heart aches to relive those days that were so full of carefree Joy !!!

We've had our funny times over the years ....Like when I tried to beat a hole in the side of the barn ..trying to make you a window ..because you said it was too dark and you wished there was a window ...what was I 6 or 7 don't know how long I pounded away before you caught me .....trying to make a ray of light into the feed room. Or How Bout when I used to saddle buttercup ..but I was still to little and not very strong to get the saddle on tight ..and you would find me going in circles around the corral ..upside down under buttercup hanging on for dear life ..yelling for your help. Oh gosh ...and how bout the time I told you there was a lambie on the porch ..and I had actually been out with a coyote when you went to look. Now I look back and realize my love of animals started off quite early.

The years of a wee one passed us by so quick don't you think ? I remember thinking many years ago ...that my childhood flew by so quick. You made it so full and wonderful for me that the years smoothly went by and before we knew it ..that part was over and a new part had started.

My years of adulthood sprung on us both ...they had their rocky start I tried to find my way in this world ...but as the Mother you had always been you stood by me with Kind, Caring, Tough Love to see me through.

As years passed my eyes opened ....a new light dawned ...and life began to make more sense as an adult. And even in this time you were there celebrated my good times were there when I needed a good cry were there when I needed a good talking too....and through it all you Loved me.

I think we started off as Best Friends from the very beginning....and we have grown together in Love throughout these beautiful years together.

Now I ponder today ...what would I do without her ?

I wake up ..knowing you will be there , knowing your Love still is unending, Knowing you still care, knowing your tender touch is still mine, knowing that your guidance is still there, knowing that your Joy and laughter are still mine to hold dear to my heart, Knowing that we still have fun times to share, Knowing we can talk about anything, knowing that when I fall your still there with a bandaid to care for me, knowing that you are there to laugh with ...Just knowing ...Just knowing ..all these things ...what would I do without you ..where would I be without you ???

Mom I have said it before I will say it again ..beyond all these Most important things you have bestowed on me...there is one gift you gave me .....that I am blessed beyond words for ...and that Is the knowledge Of our Lord ...Jesus Christ. and taking him as my Saviour. Where would I be without such teaching? Lost I fear. You gave me that gift ...the ultimate gift ..the gift giver of gift givers ..Jesus Christ. I can only imagine the day you stand face to face with our Saviour ...His first words will be .." Well done my Good and Faithful Sevant."

And I must agree ........."Well done My Good and Faithful Mother"

I love you mom and I look forward to all the many years to come that we shall spend together as Best Friends ...May the Beautiful memories ...continue to be made. and May Love contine to bloom.

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Wishing you a Most Beautiful and Happy Mother's Day !!!
Love Your Daughter and your Best Friend ....Sara

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  1. Hi Sara, I read every line you wrote, and you were blessed before you were born, what a kind and understanding Mother. I guess you already know Miss Sara, not everyone's Mom is like yours. God Bless


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