Sunday, May 3, 2009

Feeding your Hummingbirds ...

I was just thinking today as I was looking at some beautiful pictures of hummingbirds posted in our KSGP group today ...that I wonder how many people actually know that they can make their own humming bird food. I always assume that if I know a tidbit of information that everyone else knows it too ...and find that many times people don't know tips and tricks as much as I think the do.

I think many people just assume that when they see those little packages of red dye feed at the store that there must be something special in it that attracts the birds that they can't get any other way ...So NOT true.

You are basically looking at a sugar contents with red dye in it. The red dye is said to attract the birds to feeder ...which is true but not necessary for attracting them ..however the red dye has come under controversy as to it being harmful or not to the birds and many Bird specialists will tell you to aire on the side of caution and not put out nectar with red coloring ...interested on why ...

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For 3 years now we have had several hummingbird feeders in our backyard and have made our own nectar for them. We have several hummingbirds that frequent our yard throughout the day ...

Our Feeders are hung out in the open from the rafters on our porch...but there is plenty of foliage throughout the yard perimeter for them to retreat to if in harms way. That is a very important key for hummingbirds.

Creating your own nectar is Very Simple and Very Cost effective ...Virtually costing you but pennies to make it and not but a few minutes of your time. This a Great tool to teach your children or grandchildren as well .

So here is the Recipe:

1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of water
Bring the 4 cups of water to a boil then add the sugar ..I find stirring it while I add it helps it dissolve in the water quicker.

Then Let cool "completely" to room temperature.

Then fill your feeders with this sweet nectar ..Now if you have extra or just want to make extra put it in a jar and place it in your frig. and replace the nectar in the feeders every couple of weeks in cooler weather and at least once a week in hot weather.

Cleaning the feeder is important too ..Here is the National Audubon's solution for cleaning the feeder:

You will need to clean your feeder about once a week. According to the National Audubon Society, this should be done by rinsing with one part white vinegar to four parts water. If the feeder is dirty, try adding a few grains of dry rice to the vinegar solution to help scrub it clean. Follow the vinegar wash by rinsing three times with clear, warm water before refilling with sugar solution.

Isn't this picture Wonderful ..I picked this up off google ...but I know it to be true ..Hummingbirds will feed right from your hands. If you want to learn more about hummingbirds just Google ...hummingbirds ..and there is a plethora of information out there that will keep your mind tickled for hours on end.

Your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. we've both 3 different feeders in the last few years and been so disappointed...every one of them leaked terribly and were unusable! Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Hi Dani ...we have also had issues with leaky feeders too .. We bought a few of those Gorgeous Glass feeders and two things occured ..! the hummingbirds would't feed from some of them and others leaked like crazy ..I ended up finding that the inverted ones that have a glass container or plastic bottle ..that you fill and screw into a bottom and then hang right side up ...leaked less . but ineveitably there is always a slow leak ..and there are reasons for this I have found are two site that may help you in your quest to have no leaks or less leaks ..

    I will try and get a few picture in the next few days of the feeders we are using now you can see what we have gone too. and post them here on the blog ..I will do a part II on feeders.

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