Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Drive Through Wine Country

Well We had a drive through Wine Country yesterday. We are located about 15 miles from the start of wine country in Temecula, Ca ...I guess you would say it is another Sonoma, CA in the making.

Everywhere you drive on the outskirts of the City Limits will find Wineries ..from everyday homes palacial mansions ...Grape Vines are growing everwhere.

I stopped and took a few pictures for your enjoyment ...what I shot is only a very miniscul representation of what's actually in wine country ...

This Shot was from atop a hill were some VERY nice homes are situated ..I imagine the homes atop this hill a few years back brought a heft 2 mil possible about a mil or a little less ...
Off in the distance on the hillsides you can see the rows and rows of vineyards ...

As I was looking at the above picture ...I saw something I had never realized before ..the wonderful layout of the vineyards ..actually gives a patchwork design on the hillsides like a quilt ,,,I only ever thought this possible in the fall in the midwest and east at the changing of the colors ..who thought it was in my own backyard !!!

This is a Beautiful Veranda Home ...Surrounded by Vineyards ..we used to drive by it ..years ago before the vineyards were ever put in ..Most these homes were just large estate style homes on acreage ...until wine country began growing it seems every home has vines growing.

This is my Favorite house of all !!! ...MY DREAM HOME !! I have oooed and awed over this house and the matching barn for years now ...I'm counting on God to provide this as my mansion when I die and go to heaven ...LOL !!!

Oh What I could do with the inside of that barn .....!!!!

Here's another shot of the Veranda Home up close ...

And here is I guess what would be the Guest house to it ...I'll Be a Guest !!! ...Me me me me me !!!

The rows of Grape vine are beautiful ..they have such an orderly and kept Beauty ...The Soil here is just perfection for the Grapes to grow ..and they are beautiful when the begin to hang from the vine.

No I haven't tried any of the wine as I don't drink ...but everytime we drive by ..the wineries are packed with cars, limos and on the weekends ...the Hot Air Balloons Dot the sky everywhere ...It really is a Beautiful Scene.

A Little Piece of the scenery from where I live ....

Your Kindred Friend ...Sara

*Click on the pictures for a larger view *


  1. I will fight you for that red one is beautiful and yeah what we could do with that barn..oh the gift shows we could the vinyards...but like you I don't drink either...have a great weekend and thanks for sharing..:)

  2. How lovely is your countryside. My "bucket list" has 'visiting a wine region' and yours looks like it would be perfect.


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