Sunday, May 3, 2009

Estate Saleing on a Friday Part II

Well I didn't really know that there was going to be a part II to this post ..But.....Saturday Morning when we got up ..Abbey decided that she left a few things behind she would like to have ...O.k. said I ..and we headed back to our fun Friday Adventure ..which would now turn into a fun Saturday adventure.

Well we arrived back at the sale ..and found that starting at Noon everything would go half off ..Mmmmm Half off ...that's has a nice ring to it we thought ..So at Noon we were in line and ready to each go in our own direction to try a secure the desires of hearts ..LOL !! Abbey headed for the house while I headed down the hill to the barns ..and when they said go we were off and trotting toward those fun finds we wanted.

Here in the first pict...are all of Abbey's finds ..a whole slew of antique wood planes and vises ..that she absolutely loves ...
We also got these great old wood crates ..that old wool blanket some already cut corbels and a huge piece of fish netting

Of cours this grouping of odds and ends ..which I absolutely Love ..aren't those curly Q Iron hangers to die for ..and those platic bags are full of antique square nails.. and you are saying o.k. what's up with the faucet bibs and sprayers ..Oh another project ..think water fountain ...!!!

O.k. these shutters were down in the barn area ...and the price on them to begin with was dirt cheap ...I can't believe we got them for half price ..50 cents each ...What a score !!!

Now this was my find down the hill in the barn ...I was so excited to get it ..this little old handmade farm table ...Not sure where it's going or what I'm going to do with it yet ...but it's a keeper to be fore sure !!!

O.k. this is one of our favorite finds ...this is a rough hewn cut from an old red wood tree ..Let me tell you it is massively heavy ...and is over 6 ft. long. It's a gorgeous piece ...and we have lots of ideas for what it may become ...of course the obvious a bench ..but possibly some rustic countertops.

Oh yah and 4 more boxes of the wide plank pine ...

Lastly ...I found 2 bags of these old rustic tin cookie cutters ...I'm always a sucker for tin anything they were a must have ..I actually paid a little more for these than what I wanted ..but ...when I figured out what I saved on everything else came out to be just fine !!

Well by the time we got home yesterday and unloaded everything again ..we were exhausted ..I always love those days you find yourself doing something unexpected ..It makes life rather fun and interesting ..
I hope you have enjoyed our fun with us ..although you couldn't be there we hope we have provided you with just a portion of our fun !!

Your Kindred Friend ..Sara

P.S. Now if there is ever anything you see in one of our picts ..that you are interested in purchasing ..just drop us a line and let us know and we will get back to you on its availability and price.


  1. oh my gosh did you ever score..I have only been to one sale that was like yours..Oh I would have loved being there...50 cents for the shutters you can't beat the cookie tins...oh man..I am so jealous.can't wait to see what you do with it all..:)

  2. Good grief Sara you hit the jackpot, love the shutters...what a great find.


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