Sunday, October 24, 2010

We're getting there ... shop # 2 is on it's way preview

Well what a week it's been around here ..a busy busy crazy week ..but hey that's what makes life interesting isn't it !

With all the rain we had here in CA ...and no less an unusual time of year to have it ..we were not prepared ...our back patio storage area took a small beating from the wet weather Abbey and I spent the last 2 days having to clean up and dry out everything and then creatively put things back and get them covered so their rain proof for this next wave of wet weather they have forecast for us.

Today we finally made it back to the shop ...that is shop # 2 ...and began filling it with our goodies ...No it's not open for business yet ..but I thought I would share picts of the work in progress it is ..

We are hoping to have it completed this coming Wednesday if life allows ...I'll share more about that further on in the post ..for now here's the pictures ...

I think we took one of the darkest shops in the mall and made it one of the lightest and brightest now ... it's funny for years this was one of our favorite spaces because we loved it's facade's an old barn front with tall beams inside ...We decided to set up housekeeping with a Beautiful Bedroom ...

Now you can see when I say work in progress I mean it ...there's still alot to be unpacked and alot to be decorated ..but it's beginning to shape up ...Abbey did an awesome job getting us started on this shop ..I really had no direction and she did ..her vision is truly coming to life...

Here's the barn facade front ...some T & J'rs may remember it as an old red barn facade for years ...well We wanted a white barn ...and Jana (one of the owners) graciously told us go for it ! Coming in the hay window ...a sweet chandelier ...will hang ...sometime later this week that will go up !

The bed is dressed ...the French wire Candolier is hung ...and the bed is beckoning a sweet soul to lay down a spell ...

The Little wood shelf on the left is a piece I just made over ...lined in old sheet music ..and the shelves trimmed in antique lace ...Sweet to be sat or hung ....and We are needing to get that old chalkboard filled in with a sweet little sentiment I see ..I'll be thinking of what will be perfect for it over the next few days ..

I'm in love with Abbey's hand mirror display ...She really made them Beautiful and gave them a whole new life ..hung over the dresser from vintage lace trim ...

Well ...we are hoping to return on Wednesday to finish things up ..but our week starts out taking Papa Fred tomorrow to the hospital for an invasive procedure in order to get a biopsy will take the better part of the day and we really won't know what the outcome will be if any until the end of tomorrow ..

Then Tuesday Treasures and Junk takes the day off and is closed ..which gives us a day to rest a little and get ready to head back on Wednesday if all goes as planned ...

We hope for thos far away you enjoy sharing in our fun ..and for those nearby that one day you'll head on over and visit our shops ..We'd love to see you there or just here you went's so much fun ...I was drooling over the whole mall today ...there is such great stuff everywhere in their right now ..and in fact alot of shops are already offering their antique and vintage Christmas items which I'm sure won't last long !!!

Have a Lovely week all you bloggeretts ....and God Bless each and every one of you !



  1. Thank you for these inspiring photos! I am almost ready to re-do my booth space and I'm seeing lots of ideas!!

  2. Hi Sara!!! Love both of your shops! You two are soooo talented! Love the bed and the white barn facade is just wonderful. Looking forward to more great pics!
    love ya,

  3. I keep checking back to see how your Dad is. Us girls with sick Daddies, have got to stick together. My Dad has pancreatic cancer and I am having a rough time of it.

    I also love your blog and have spent much time looking at all the eye candy.

    I live in Southern California also. Crazy weather, but I like it.

    I'll keep checking back to see how your Dad is.


  4. How fun it must be to have a barn facade to work off of...and may I're doing it brilliantly!

  5. Your new shop is just lovely. I love all the new offerings and so wish I lived closer, I would love to shop there. Thanks for sharing your lovely things. God bless. Cathy


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