Thursday, October 14, 2010

A little trip to Simple Simons and Miss Tiggy Winkles ...

Another Day and another test so that the Big test can be taken .....

Well all this took us near downtown Riverside this morning ..and we decided we needed a little treat ...

If you haven't been up to downtown Riverside you ought to make an afternoon of it ..there's some great eateries ..shops and antique malls to stop in at.

First of all we visited Simple Simons ..if you've never had their lunch ..well your missing out !

They just re-opened 2 months ago after a fire ..and the lines were out the door today just as they used to be...luckily we arrived at about 11:30 and didn't have too long of a wait ...

At Simple Simons ..Susy the owner ..started out small ..I used to go hand in hand with mom to her original little sandwich shop ...and it was always a treat to get a peanut butter cookie ..because susies are the best ...of course I can't eat them now due to nut allergies ..which is so sad ..I do miss my peanut butter ..but I got a beautiful Gourmet ..and I mean Gourmet Devils Food Cake was like a large Chocolate Moon ..and it was delicious !!! ..And of course I got my Turkey on wheat Sandwhich ..which may seem quite ordinary ..but not at Simple Simons ..they make from scratch their bread which is fabulous ...their Turkey is outstanding ..and their Pasta Salad is to die for ..I wish I knew the recipe for that ! They have ton's of gourmet sandwiches on every bread possible ...and the atmosphere is really enjoyable ..reminds of what an upper end New york eatery would be like.

Then after lunch we did a hop skip and jump just a few storefronts down to Miss Tiggy Winkles ...Run by Susies Sister ..Cian ..and I hope I spelled that correctly.

Miss Tiggy Winkles has been around just as long as Simple Simons ...and yes hand in hand with Mom I went there as a little girl too !

Tiggy Winkles is filled with wonderful unique and fun finds ..I can't imagine anyone not having fun walking through...and I'm always hard pressed to leave empty handed ..which once again didn't happen today ...

Thiers a small clothing section cian has ..with wonderful pieces you don't find at your local everyday store ...yet very affordable to purchase ..and I ended up with a new sweater ..which I love !

I thought you might enjoy a few shots inside here we go !!!

This Chandlier just stunning pictures just don't do it justice at all ...

O.k. these next 3 pictures cracked Abbey and I up ...we thought this was too funny's a box of bar soap read the label and the box ...

I'm not sure this is quite the way to go about conserving water in my book ..but it's awfully funny isn't it !!!

This bath and body product line is so cuter ..."Boss Lady" ...

Doesn't it just make you want to start buying western stuff !!!

Oh and this is what a good majority of us need ...I'm going to have to drink this for a really long time ..I'm not sure a cup will take care of things ...LOL !!!

Oh my gosh there were all sorts of these teas ..If you have an issue there was a tea for it ...!!!

So not being married myself ..I thought this was hilarious ...!!! Only becaus you don't know how many times I have been told I'm not missing out on anything ..but I'm betting they didn't feel that way when they got married I'm figuring this is really how I'm supposed to feel about it ...LOL !!!

This Blue display ...was stunning ...Abbey and I loved the flowers ..with the dangling silver centers out of them ...and all that blue glass is just breathtaking ...

These calenders were so unusual ..and I just loved the graphics on them !

The sweet little glass glitter bird on it's perch ..I have to admit inspired me ...and my hands are aching to dig into some clay and get sculpting ...

This Dress is just beautiful ...isn't it ...One day many moons ago I would have wore that ..but today I'll leave it to those a bit thinner and a little taller ...

I Loved this artistic angel ..I have to admit it reminded me somewhat of Lisa Loria ..she has a very artsy flair in her work ...and I can see her taking off on a piece like this and just sending it over the top into a perfect quirky land of happiness !

Well this was just a few shots ....there was so much more in the store ..but I would have ended up with 100's of pictures ..if you are looking for some unique Gifts ..or right now some wonderful Halloween pieces ..make a trip and visit Miss Tiggy winkles... I'm waiting for Christmas goodies to arrive ..every year ..I find some unusual pieces ...!

Well we had a nice day ..after eating and playing ..we headed over to the shop ..unloaded a truckload of boxes and other goods ..and our plans are to start putting it all together tomorrow ..that is if nothing happens to change our plans again ...LOL!!!

Hey I've learned the best made plans can be unmade in a hurry ..I try to never count on things happening when we actually plan them anymore ..At least it keeps things interesting right !

Well here's hoping I have lots of picts of the shop to share with you all tomorrow.



  1. You Girls go on the best shopping trips...this one looked amazing!!
    I really loved the Tea! LOL!! Can't wait for pics of the shop!

  2. I love Miss Tiggy Winkles Cian is the sweetest. We love going shopping in her store.

  3. wow, what beautiful shops!!! good luck on the test, praying for you guys!


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