Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Day Delayed due to the Detours of Life ...

Well ...once again we have ran into a little detour ...Our much anticipated excitement of putting our shop together will be delayed another day due to unforseen issues...

Yesterday Papa Fred had another medical test ...and what was supposed to only take a short time turned into several hours and the result was that his body just wasn't functioning properly for the test to work.

So today he's back at the Dr.s to see what all this means ...and we think there may be one more test they do which is a bit more invasive and they save it for last ...but we're not sure what the Dr. will have in mind.

God has alway taken care of Papa ..and I'm sure he will again ..seems the medical issues he's had over the years have always been caught just in time...which has always been such a blessing. Basicly we just need to find out what's going wrong and see what needs to be done about it ...and then God will do the rest as always !

In the meantime ..we're hoping to get to the shop tomorrow ..but all rests on today and what next appts. are when and where ...Hopefully I'll have a little update I can share this evening ..

Wishing you a Day full of sunshine dreams ....



  1. Hi Sara

    Keeping Papa Fred and all of you lifted in our prayers. Much love to you and your mom.


  2. I hope and pray it's nothing at all and the Lord will once again show His loving hand in your lives. XO Christie

  3. Hi there,
    I am sorry to hear this news...I love your positivity :) strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord to do his work. I will keep your Dad in my prayers and you and Abbs in my thoughts to continue with positivity and strength.


  4. Hi Sara, just keep thinking good thoughts. I'm a believer in prayer and the power of positive thinking!
    Thank you so much for your very sweet comment.
    Have a great week!


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