Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Vintage White Wednesday at Sweet Magnolias Farm

It's a Beautiful White Wednesday at Sweet Magnolias Farm...

Our First shop is now open ...

We Basicly finished up on Saturday evening ..and have a few things left to do ..such as fill the showcase ..add some electrical so we can get our lamps on ..and add a few more offerings of course to fill in where things have already been selling ..

Yes ..Saturday while we were setting up ..a few large pieces went out that were followed by several small pieces ...So we're trying to get more ready ...

Plus we have our second shop painted and it's ready to be filled up ..our plans were to head there tomorrow ..but with the rain we have had today ..I think we may end up going Thursday or Friday ....

I made sure to take lots of picts of our 1st shop before we left Saturday ..to share will you all ...So here they are ...

These are all the Farmhouse Sawdust Pumpkins we have left ...

Are these not the Greatest Galoshes ...I love them ..and had a hard time parting with them ...

Our Farmhouse Romance Lamps ..with our Custom Lace covered shades can be found in our shop ...we offer them for $128- ...the mall offers layaway or they take C.C. for your pleasure ...

Vintage White Pottery fills a wonderful vintage corner cabinet ... ...everythings better in a collection isn't it ?

Vintage hardware store aprons ...Abbey and I love the old hardware advertising aprons ..theirs a wonderful nostalgia to them ..and they look fabulous displayed on an old peg rack ..

Our Vintage door ..chippy and tattered is Purely for Display only ..but it offers ..our Flour Sack towels with custom vintage designs ...and sweet ruffles ...Our towels are perfect for Kitchen, bath or Laundry ...Simply use and wash ..no special care ..!!! And they make perfect affordable gifts for the holidays !

$13.50 each

Keep an eye out here in the near future ...we'll be offering windows just like those we incoroporated for display at the back top of the shop ...And if you need one custom made with a special saying or word ....contact us for special order ...

Romance the kitchen ...with our Custom Farmhouse cannister sets ...Or a few Antique Tinware pieces ....

A basket full of vintage Shrimp cocktail jars ..double as the cutest juice glasses ...or perfect for holding paper clips, rubberbands etc ..on the desk ...and we're sure alot of other uses too ...only $4.00 each

Looking for just the right Creamy White Dishware ...I'm sure we have a piece that will round out your white collection ....drop in and see ..!!!

Our Farmhouse Flour Sack towels ...a few more designs are shown here ... "God Bless our Home" and we even offer a days of the week set ...each one a different style apron ...they are positively darling ...!!! Only $67.50 for the (7) towel set ..

Exquisite Gold Head Vase ..filled with our Paper roses ...isn't she lovely !!!

Have you seen our bucket lamps ? .... Well if not ..come in and take a peek at this cutie ...perfection hung over a desk ..or even kitchen counter space ...Easily turns on and off with it's Cute pull chain ..!!!Every One we make is custom.

As you can see we're filling up the shop ...and there are more wonderful offerings headed over again this week ..

We have had so much fun putting the shop together ..it's been near 6 yrs since we have had a shop and we truly forgot how much fun it is .... We only wish we lived a bit closer so we could work it more often during the week ...but since we can't it will make our truck loads full each time we head over....

If you want to be notified when we have filled the shop with new offerings ..then sign Our Guestbook "AT THE SHOP" ..plus by signing the guestbook at the shop you'll also receive special discounts only available to Guestbook entrants ..

A big thank you to kathleen of Faded Charm fo hosting White Wednesday ...

Wishing you all a Blessed week ahead ...

Oh and P.S. for those of you who have inquired about Papa Fred ..we are awaiting phone calls this week from Dr.s so we don't know anything yet ..it's just a waiting game right now .



  1. As usual, your photos are a feast for the eyes!
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* LORI LYNN *

  2. I love your Farmhouse Sawdust Pumpkins! How clever you are! Just beautiful!

  3. ok, I am giving you a standing ovation right now!!!!!!!

  4. What beautiful things you have! Great great stuff...

  5. BE-AU-TI-FUL! I have to take a trip to see it. Happy WW Rita

  6. Everything is so beautiful! I really love the pumpkins and that lampshade!

  7. I am drooling and not embarassed one bit! EVERYTHING looks delish!!

  8. Wow. I lingered here today, studying each picture that you posted. What a wonderful shop you have. A certain success. Where are your shops located?
    Good luck to you.

  9. I wanna shop-so many goodies to find!

  10. Such great stuff. How nice to be surrounded by it during the day as you work. Fun, fun, fun. Jane F

  11. Ditto Stephanie's post - I am on my feet clapping! Amazing shop. Loved the photos so much. Wish you were closer.

  12. Loved all of it...eye candy!! I know you must have fun with all this stuff and displaying!
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful treasures!

  13. Sara & Abbey
    That is pure perfection. What beauty, blessings to you both. Holding Papa Fred close in our hearts with prayers.

    love you all

  14. Your shop is amazing! Glad I found your blog!

  15. You are soooo creative! I need to spend some time getting caught up here.....lots of inspiration!

  16. Sara,
    Forgive me if I drooled on anything here.... ohmystarsngarters........
    I want to shop there.

  17. Love that bucket lamp. It is gorgeous. Heck I love all of it. God bless. Cathy


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