Friday, October 15, 2010

Hooray our Shop is beginning to come to life ..and the Scary ride home !

It Finally Happened .....Really Happened ....!!!!

We made it to the shop today interuptions emergencies ....AND ...

it's beginning to come to life and look so Beautiful !

I took a few before pictures so you could see what it looks like before we put our vintage window Signage up ....let alone anything else ...

Then ...we began on getting the signage up and ran into our first major glitch ...well you know those are going to happen ..because nothing's ever perfect now is it.

Well we "Assumed" that the back wall was solid at the top ..and we would plunk down our L brackets and screw them in and up the signage would go ....Well not exactly ..."SUPRISE" !!! The wall in the back has a U shaped gulch if you will with a piece of galvenized piping the electrical runs through ....So we put our thinking caps on and had to refigure how we were going to put the signage up ...Well we came up with a whole new way ..which worked perfectly and up they went ..not to say that what we expected to take about an hour ended up being about 2 and a half ...LOL !!! Isn't that how things work sometimes.

So here they are ...and were totally lovin them !!!

No to mention ...the shop looks a little fuller at this point which was exactly at closing tonight ....and No we are not finished ...still have more to put out ..some tagging to do ...and well ..our second shop opened up for us today so more to go ....In the meantime ..enjoy the picts I shot today ...

So I was thinking about the pluses in visiting our shop ..#1 ...they take credit card which I'm not set up for at the shows ..I'd say that's a Big Plus !!>p>
# 2 ...they also sell gift certificates ...hint hint to the fam for the holidays coming up ..or a birthday or hey just because !!!

#3 ...Well you can come anytime ...not just at our shows ..and you'll find fabulous offerings any day ..of any week ...of any month ..!!!
I'm sure there are more ..but I'll stop with those 3 ...LOL !!!

If you missed out on our Lace, Burlap and Print Farmhouse Pumpkins ...Guess where you can find them ??? Well they are all at the shop now ...

Need some more Glass Glittered Paper Roses ..The have arrived at the shop ....

Plus lots more goodies ...wire baskets Galore ....Vintage Creamy White Pottery ...Farmhouse Dishware ...and other unique Finds too ....

We'll probably be around there the next week off and on ...trying to get all the finishing touches put on both shops ...unless that is ..Papa Fred's Procedure get's scheduled this week ....We're just taking one day at a time right now ..with hopes to get alot done and prayers that Papa is o.k. !!!

Oh and about our Scary Ride home ....A first for us !!!

I followed a drunk driver ...a woman ..for miles and miles ...she was running off the road crossing over the lines ...almost hit several cars ...anyhow I was disgusted with her ..and the fact that any time she could hurt or kill someone I called 911 ...I followed her while the police were on their way ...and of course I got stopped at a red light that she went through the time it turned Green 4 police cars flew past us ...and the gal on the phone ended the call with me ...I sure hope they nailed her ....It's so sad that people don't care about harming others ...My sis spends alot of time driving in her work ..and I always think that ,,that women could of hurt her ...and boy would that make me angry ..I really would have like to catch her myself and pull her out of that truck and shake some sense into her ..but that just wouldn't work cause obviously all living sense has left her to begin with ....

I have to admit it was a little fun being citizen police woman for a few minutes ...I did think about being one years ago ...when I was alot younger and thought I was alot tougher ...ROFL !!! I'm just one of those gals that likes to see the bad guy get it at the end of the movie ...and since I didn't get to see tonight if they got her ..I'm left a little lacking in the end of the movie ....LOL !!!
Well ..I'm tired ready to rest up the next 8 hours and hit the floor ..well not running but dragging ...right back to the shop ...

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ...May it be full of Joy , Smiles ...and Love !!!



  1. wow, its just gorgeous!!! you are going to be a huge success!!!!
    yea for you...get those nasty drunks!!

  2. Mmmmmmmmm.......YUM! Wishing I cuold be there to shop too!

    Warm blessings,

  3. The Shop is looking Incredible ~ wish I was closer & Good for You for calling 911, to many Citizens don't get involved.... Hope they Throw the Book at Her!

  4. Your new place looks great! Hope that drunk lady got caught. Just hate people who put others in harm. Good for u! ~judy~


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