Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sneek Peek at Shop 2 Now Open and Papa Fred Update...

Well what a week ...No really what a month it's been for us here at Sweet Magnolias Farm ..

We ended up having an overflowing plate ..but as usual God always see's us through.

Not that we are not totally exhausted ..worn thin and needing a little rest ..But God will see to that too ...


First on the list is our Papa Fred update ..which I know several of you have asked for. Which is just so kind of you to care ..Thank You !

We actually have fairly Good News and Thank you all for your Prayers and kind words as we feel we have had a little miracle because of them. Papa had his procedure on Monday ..and what a procedure I felt so bad for him. During his recovery time the Dr. that performed the procedure came in to discuss with him and Mom (Abbey) what his findings were ..and he said that he couldn't find anything of great concern wrong at all. After being told by 3 Dr.s prior that there was something very severe wrong we were suprised in one aspect but not in another ..we truly believe in miracles ..and we believe Papa Fred received one. They did find that he has an enlarged Gall bladder ..which has a sack of fluid off of it he may need to have it removed which will mean surgery ..and that will be left up to his internal Dr. But considering the severity of what we thought it might be ..removal of his gall bladder is minor in comparison if it is decided that is what is needed.

I can't tell you how relieved we were when we walked out of that office on Monday ...and how exhausted we all were as well. Even when we think we are handling a situation with Faith, Trust, and feel cool, calm and peaceful ..our bodies tend to take on the stress in ways we don't realize. Tuesday I felt like the wind had been let out of my sails ..and I was just a limp rag ..tired relieved ..but drained. A month of not knowing ...while continuing to work on our new shops was quite a job ...and I'm sure compared to others it's not much but for our house it was enough ..and God gave us every bit of energy and strength to get through it.

Now it's time to rest up ...recoop...and get our home and our lives back in order ...

On that note..Abbey and I with much discussion and deep consideration ..decided today that we are not going to attend the next show we had planned ...Tell me bout the Good old Days in Redlands next weekend as we have advertised in our side bar. We won't be there ..but there will be some positively talented artisans and wonderful antique shops that you won't want to miss be sure not to miss it !!!!


lastly ...we have finally got our 2nd shop open ...Open but by no means complete ..I think we still have a few more days work on both shops to get them how we would like them to be ...but I thought once again I would share some pictures to let you see where it's at now ...

This shop a mix of our romantic farmhouse creamy whites with splashes of color .. rosy pinks and shades of green ...

The dresser / cupboard ....has a wonderful aged paint technique ..Vintage address #'s on the doors ..authentic glass handles ...Vintage Suit case drawers in the bottom and behind those double doors 3 more drawers that draw our for plenty of organizational storage. $165-

We added our Antique screen door/ Linen display to this shop ...we have had this old screen door for years ..and it's done a beautiful job displaying our vintage linens for all those years ...
If you love Vintage linens ..stop in for some beautiful pieces ..Abbey does a fabulous job returning these vintage pieces to their former glory. She literally puts a piece of her life right into them ..the hours she spends bringing them back to life and back to use. Finding Vintage linens today that are in useable condition ....ready to dress the table, the bed, the bath ,the kitchen or living area is quite rare if your needing a vintage linen stop in we may have what your looking for ...we'll be bringing more in as well.

Some sweet Florals ....

Vintage Plates , an Antique Cup ...

Antique shakers ...vintage books ...

And lastly ....a little laundry anyone ? ... Yes we strung a double laundry line and hung out the vintage laundry ......Fresh and White ...and a few of our Farmhouse romance Clothespin bags are offered too ..

Well it's that time ...Bed time...time for sweet dreams...and some rest so we can get back to work ....creating beautiful Christmas offerings and Beautiful displays filled with antique and vintage finds ..



  1. So very happy to hear about Papa Fred!

    Your space looks amazing!

    Enjoy your weekend ~ take some time for yourself!

  2. Sara ~
    I can't wait to come back to
    California and visit your sweet shops !

    That is great news about Papa Fred ~
    Isn't it cool how the Lord carries us and
    gives us just what we need ~


  3. you too are sooooo talented...first the screen door!!! love it...the laundry line is my favorite..its perfect!!!!
    my dad is coming home today from haveing his gall bladder removed...he went to the hosipital on Monday, he was sick and in pain, and thats what they found out, I guess its pretty common and an easy surgery. hope he starts feeling better and your dad to. the gall bladder surgery is just a one day hosipital stay.

  4. Praise God about Papa Fred, I too am so relieved about the news. You all are such a beautiful family. Love the new shop its amazing. Much love to you Abbey and Papa Fred.


  5. Thank God! I am so relieved for you guys. I am so happy for your blessings!



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