Saturday, July 31, 2010

Junkin with our New Junk Sista !!!

Yesterday we had a blast ....and spent the day with Sheila of Tattered Goods our new Junk Sista ..!!!

In June at the Chateau De Fleurs Show ..she crowned Abbs and I her New BFF's ...Now We're crowning her our New Junk Sista !!!

Abbs and I through the grapevine found out about this awesome Junk sale that was happening old thrift store that had been closed for 20yrs and never opened was being opened to have a huge estate sale and everything had to go ...

So Us three girls and Papa Fred headed their yesterday morning ..It was an early morning we were up here about 4 a.m. and we all hit the road by 5:30 for our destination which opened at 7:00.

We made it in line ..and at 7 ..were swept through the doors with total anticipation of what we were going to find. Tons of Tables loaded with boxes on top, underneath ,,,and shelves laden with old thrift store merchandise.

We got absolutely filthy ..20 years of dirt and grime covered every inch of the place needless to say every item too !

Papa Fred's a Gem and he's our runner...While us girls fill our boxes and bags with treasure he takes them for us and hands off another empty for us to keep going and then stands guard to make sure no unkind snatching of our gems from unkind strangers happens...

Needless to say he kept us stocked with empty boxes and kept our piles in order...

3 Hours after we arrived ...we paid for our Treasure ...and carried it out ..

Here's Sheila and I ...Abbs opted out of the photo and took it...

We Got "ALOT" ...our boxes and bags are loaded ....

Sheila Got this cool Sink ....What a cleaning job it needs ...just when you think cleaning the bathroom can't get any worse get a sink that looks like this ..LOL !!

Sheila got this cool Hospital folding frame...this is an oldie and solid ..boy is it heavy !!

So this end of the pile is mine ...

A cute industrial style table on casters ..a great wood tote...and tons of other great vintage finds including vintage hardware and lighting some vintage aprons and more ..!!!


So it was time to start loading ....and I have to say ..Thank the Good Lord for the man who invented Pick-up Trucks ...Because between all of us ..we filled it

We spent the remainder of the day having some more fun ..first stop an early Lunch at El Pollo Loco ...

Flame Broiled Chicken ..Salad ...a side ..and a cup of soda keep us going ...

We hit some of the local antique shops on our way home ...added a few more things to the back of the truck ...and had an ...

Awesome ...

End ..
To our Day ....LoL !!

Our Truck was packed ..and we headed home ..then followed Sheila to her house unload her part ..just the back half of the truck ..

I unloaded it from inside the truck ..while ...

They hauled it to the Garage ....that is they being Sheila and Papa Fred ..Miss Abbs was a bit out of commission ..she stepped on glass early in the week ended up in ER and came home with 5 stitches right now no heavy lifting she is on the mend.

Now it's back to work for all of us ..time to start cleaning up our yummy goodies and get them ready to sell...For Abbs and I our next show in September ..and Sheila of course has her Shop ..Tattered Goods in Fallbrook, CA ...and also will be at the same show in september ..the Chateau De Fleurs ..

If you can't wait to start shopping ..then hop on down to Sheila's shop or even over to her "Tattered Goods"'ll Love it ...!!!

Until our next Junk Sista Adventure ..

Wishing you all Good Finds and Happy Adventures !!!

Blessings ..Sara


  1. So so happy you Sista had a great time! Thank you for purchasing all the goodies for MOI! I know Papa' Fred mention that I would get him a case of Coca Cola in exchange for Sheila's sink, hospital rack, that huge lamp shade, lol. Hope Abbey is doing better. I will be home all day if you don't mind delivering my goodies. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. Oh my! What a great day! The fun part is finding the goodies! You had to rub it in with the El Pollo Loco! One of the things I miss about So. Cal! At least we have an In-n-Out Burger here in Redding! Love that Papa Fred was there to help out!


  3. guys know how to find a bargain!!!! looks like soooo much fun!!!

  4. Oh what a fun day, and boy are yall lucky to have Popa Fred there to make sure no unkind strangers snatches your treasures. I really got a laugh over that comment! Looks like you and Sista found alot of wonderful finds!! Hope you have a great week...Blessings~~~ Daphne

  5. Well if that does not look like the PERFECT day what a blast. Sara you founds some treasures how exciting!!! I love the pic's you made me laugh look at the old truck filled to the brim :) :) :).

  6. What an exciting day! Looks like you found every neat treasure under the sun INCLUDING that kitchen sink! lol
    Can't wait to see all the pretties you make from your great finds!


  7. Wowza! Cool scores Ladies!!!
    Looks like a Fab time!!!
    big ole Hugs!!!
    Especially for Abbey!

  8. That post reminds me of the show on the History Channel that is called "American Pickers" if you have not seen it check it out. You are just like them. I have been going after smaller items from antique malls this summer. Stop by and say hi, if you have the time.

  9. Oh wow my mom said there was good stuff but super dirty so i didnt go.Darn,lol i really dont need anymore junk anyways:).Glad we could give you the tip on a great place.

  10. You scored so many tippity top finds. Love all the metal, industrial stuff. I found your blog thru Deb of Retreat. I lust after the apron she bought from you!


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