Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally ..Aprons and Totes now Available online for Purchase !!!

Finally ....they are here ...Our Farmhouse Romance "The Vintage Girl" Aprons And Totes ...

Honestly ..sitting down at the computer to offer my items has become so hard for me ..I am so into creating as of late ..that the hours spent taking pictures and listing an item cut into that time I tend to put it off ..

But No longer ...This morning I got myself in Gear and Got some Listed ...


I know I have mentioned our aprons in past posts that we offer at our shows ...but I haven't shared with you that we are now offering "Vintage Girl" Totes ...They have been a work in progress ...

So 1st up is our newest offering ..Our 1st Tote .."Ruffled White" ... Seven Layers of white Ruffles ..double pocket on the outside and the cutest vintage lining ever !!!

You can find out more about this tote visiting our ETSY STORE ...


Next up ...just finished this one this week ..the matching "Ruffled White" Vintage Girl Apron ...Seven Layers of yummy white Ruffles 2 deep pockets ..Perfect outerwear over your capri's !!!

This Apron is one of my FAV'S ...."Strawberry Party " of my favorite vintage linens I found throught the years ..with Embroidered strawberries is front and center ...makes me feel like tip toeing through the strawberry patch with a big basket ...

The "Sweet Retweet" ...Layers of Vintage Lace and linens ...positively scrumptious ..Vintage bird and bird cage images peeking out the right side .. ...hop on over to our ETSY SHOP for more about this apron ...and the others....

Meet "Farm Girl in Burlap" ...a fun design ..for those that don't want it too fussy ..but still want that feminine touch !! .. 3 deep pockets ..Beautiful aqua and tan strip rosettes ..and vintage eyelet ....

All of our Aprons and Totes are Custom Designs ...sometimes People don't understand the wording Custom Design ..and it actually has alot of meaning to us.

Each of our pieces is "NOT" made for a pattern you just run down to the store and grab. Mind you following a pattern can be tricky enough ..but each apron and tote we make ...we design as we go..ensuring that the vintage laces, and fabrics, and linens we use fit just right and look beautiful too.

Any one piece can take between 4 and 6 hours to create from start to finish ...yes it's rather time consuming but we do love our work ..and you can be sure that the piece you receive is full of Love ...!!!

We Hope you enjoy our aprons and totes ..there will be more to come ..we try to work on them everyday ..especially with 2 shows ahead of us ..we have alot of work to keep up with ...

Wising you all happy days ..full of Sunshine Dreams ..!!!
Blessings ...Sara


  1. Hi Sara,

    All of your creations are absolutely gorgeous!!!
    You have put so much hard work and thoughtfulness into each piece.
    I love the rosettes and beautiful laces you have used. I can appreciate when you mentioned you do not go by a pattern and just make it up as you go. I did the same thing when I made my apron for the Southern Belle retreat earlier this year, it took me maybe 9 hours and a couple of days to get it just right!!!

    I will go visit your Etsy store now and drool a bit!

    P.S. I am having my first Giveaway and would love it if you could stop by and enter!!

    Hugs and Smiles,


  2. Those aprons are just adorable, esp. love the first one.

  3. it is sooooo time consuming, I don't think people realize it!! they are gorgeous...but all your stuff is!

  4. They are all beautiful, you can see how much care went into making them! I feel the same way about the things I make, I put a little piece of me into every piece. Theresa

  5. Wow Sara,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find you. I just joined as a follower. Your creations are really special. The burlap one is my absolute fave. I'm a burlap & lace junkie. Your one talented girl. And btw, we DO have awesome stores here. I feel very fortunate. Even our thrift stores rock. Lisa

  6. The ruffle bags are incredible! Thank you for stopping by, I will keep you posted on our weekend, will miss know? Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  7. I have died and gone to apron heaven!

  8. Loving your blog and your creations.


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