Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Truck Full Friday !!!

So we had another fun day ..yesterday ..that is Me ..Abbey and Papa Fred ..

Remember last week the sale I shared with you all that we went to with our new Junk Sista Sheila ...

Well this is an ongoing sale until the place is cleared out we went back for more treasures this week and we were not dissapointed in the least !!!

We are always up for a good adventure and a good sale and sales like this just don't roll around too often in our neck of the woods ..finding good junk isn't natural to the area we live in overall right now there's cash flowing out and not too much in ...but I'll work on the incoming flow very soon.

We only found a few things .....

Just a truck load full ...LOL !!! these 3 pictures above I took as we had just got home and started to unload the issue is where does it all go ..PLEASE don't say the garage's full ..and inside the house ..WELL that's another story ...and no we don't have a barn ..but if ever we needed one's NOW !!! However I don't think the HOA is going to allow that and the neighbors sure wouldn't see the benefit or the beauty in a barn either ..LOL !!! They just don't have imagination now do they...

I brought all the boxes that were full to the brim in the house so we could start sorting things out and taking it to the kitchen to line it up on the counter for a good scrubbing 20 years of dirt's bad ..and it stinks to high heaven ...(exactly what is high heaven ? I use these phrases passed down to me and then when I write or type them I see them and think what in the heck does that really mean ???)

These pictures make the pile look so small not the way it was ...

This Mannequin has a funny story I wanted this vintage wall sink that I saw advertised at this sale ..and first thing I found it and started hauling it to the checkout to make my pile ..Now mind you the sink is cast iron and should take 2 hands arms and all my strength to carry ...which at first this is how I carried it ...Well ....I was headed up the aisle and too my right side I see this old wood and paper mache mannequin ..and I'm NOT repeat NOT leaving it behind's amazing the strength just one arm has when you are in "DESPERATE" need of it ..I managed the sink in one hand the mannequin in the other and hit it back to the tables and aisles to keep going !!

So last week at the sale I saw this register ..and it's in pretty poor condition ..obviously that sentiment wasn't mine alone ..but many others because it was still there ..However I saw this piece with new eyes as I looked it over ...

You can't see it but behind the glass at the top ..are the old pricing signs in metal and decorative that popped up when the machine was being used ..I started researching immediately how to get these signs loose and I figured it out ..then the hand keys are very cute those will be coming off and I was thrilled to find the wood divided money drawer still inside I will be dismanteling it ..and who knows what the guts are like ..may find some more jewels inside ...!!!

So thinking are day was over we left .....and had lunch ..then headed home ..a little less than half way home Abbey decides we need to go back for something I turn the truck around and head back ...and YES was gone ..but now that I was back why not double check and make sure I hadn't overlooked some Gem I couldn't do without right ...!!! LoL

So that morning this piece was there and well I was attracted to it ..but that was it ..

I know your wondering what it is right ?? It's an old air raid siren what you ask well I do with it ..??? Do you see it's shape .....well being that my brain lately has fast forwarded to Christmas ..I saw a Christmas Bell ...The handle top will swivel up and allow me to hang it ..and I'm sure I'll be thinking about adding some lettering or something'll be a thought in progress.

These are some of the baskets I got ...I really have a weakness for baskets have for years ..even before the got popular ...

This wood bowl filled with sprinkler parts were a few more gems we got ...

This Lamp base I got last week ...I'm in love with it...can't wait to re-wire it and make a romantic shade for it !!!

An Old Clock and some Old Razors ...Love Em !!!

We took a chance on this phone figured if it didn't work it would be so cute just as a decorator piece....well first thing yesterday I whipped it out plugged it in and it works cool ..I love the old phones ..they just don't make things like they used too can be cool ..but Vintage can be totally Cooler !!!

Here's just a small stack of what's on the counter still waiting to be washed ..Aren't these old thermos's Great ....I have so fun ideas for these ....

And Last ..but by no means did this touch on the half of it are these 2 old Galoshes ..that I Fell in love with !!! Only 1 of each were in the boxes strange ..but heck I'm o.k. with that Now I get to not feel guilty for splitting up a set to get creative with ..Don't you just hate that when you get a perfect match set and you want to create with them individually but all you can think about is splitting up the set ...Uggg's a terrible feeling ...LOL !!

So this ends my Fun Truck Full Friday Post ...As for this girl's back to work here at home this week ..and Yep you can look for another post next weekend ..because I'm never finished searching for treasure far and wide !!

Wishing you all a fun filled ..Sunshiny ..and happy weekend..full of Beautiful people and lot's of Laughter and God's Blessings Pouring out on you !!!

Happy Days ...Sara


  1. Wow!! What a load...all good stuff too! and about the phrases from childhood...the older I get the more of those things my mother said keep popping out of my mouth.

  2. wow..quite a will be interesting to see what you come up with...inquiring minds want to know

  3. I have to follow along to see what becomes of all your treasure.

  4. Oh, I love a good sale! Great treasures you found.~Cheers Kim

  5. Oh Sara, my heart just goes pitter patter when I think of all those goodies! I wish I was able to get over to Ca. to visit all the wonderful flea markets and junk sales! You are a lucky girl to live there! Thanks so much for coming over for a visit and leaving such a sweet comment. Have a wonderful week!
    My desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  6. You find really great "stuff"!! =)

    off to see more

    barbara jean

  7. Look at all that fun stuff you girls found!



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