Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It all ADDS up !!!

Among my many finds last weekend ...I shared in my last post this Antique Cash Register that I purchased ..

Remember I said I was going to be dismantling it .....Well now don't get upset ...It didn't work !
All the keys were froze up and wouldn't budge....
So the numbers in the top didn't show and that was a shame they are way to cute
wait till you see em ...
And the drawer didn't work properly either ..and it was either I save it from a landfill
bring it home and
dismantle it into some wonderful pieces ...!!!

So Here are all the Keys ...Now mind you the highest price on this register was $3- ...
Are the keys not awesome !!!
I am in love of course ...so I'm not sure yet If I'm going to incorporate them in something I make...


Sell them at our next show in September ...Hmmmmm !!!

Are they not just spectacular !!!


So ...the numbers that would pop up in the register as the cashier would add up an order ...the ones I said were not showing ...
well here they are ...

O.k. I'm in love again ...these are awesome !!! I'm so glad I bought this register and had the foresight that day for what it could become !

Now here is the guts ..and after I got it out of the casing ..Well it's pretty wonderful !!!
All cast Iron ..lots of rollers with #'s and gears that can be seen ...BUT...
it's covered in Black grease ..
You should have seen me after I took it apart ..Oh and Papa Fred helped me ..I needed some man power popping off the keys and he was it !!! We were both a little black at the end and had to clean up with some orange soap.

So the guts are so cool Papa Fred has some special way to get it all clean ...and then Yep you guessed it ..I'll be offering the guts for sale ..a great industrial style piece of Architecture that well have your guest's talking about the good old day and "What is that" ??? LOL !!!

I did get the casing apart in One piece and it's cute but I ended up putting it somewhere I couldn't get to it easily before I took picts ..so you'll just have to use your imagination on that ..think of it as the skin of the register ...

I must admit I really enjoyed working with Papa Fred to dismantle this piece ..and I just liked dismantiling it period ..it's a nice change to tear something apart and find the good in it Verses always creating something out of stuff ...

So if on your next junkin adventure you spy yourself a Non-working antique Register ..check out the parts and see what you can get out of it ..and of course the Price has to be right ..Mine definitely was !

Happy Junking from one Junk Sister to all the Rest of you Junk Sisters !!!



  1. I would just LOve to have those number thingies!! And those keys are worth a pretty penny too!!

  2. That's exactly what I did with last old register I bought. You can get more money that way. BTW, what did he use to clean all the grease off, or did I miss that part.

  3. That is really cool!! I would never have thought to take it apart.


    barbara jean

  4. Fun,Fun...Love all the pieces...can't wait to see what you do with them !!!

  5. What a great ideal!!! Thanks for sharing! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  6. Ok my sweet BFF...I am gonna have to pre purchase me a few numbers I see....(hehehhe) I am in luv with the outcome, I can't wait to see them in person tomorrow :)


  7. So clever but you're braver than I; I'd just let the dratted thing sit around and gather more dirt. Like the one in my farm office -grin-.

  8. they are wonderful...and I KNOW something gorgeous will be made with those!

  9. OK, this is awesome, and you were very brave and smart to tackle this. Glad you had some help! It turned out great! LOVE those number keys.

  10. I LOVE how you took that old thing apart! Those keys are awesome and the pop up things are too! I imagine some cool jewelry or crown adornments maybe? If you have them at the sale I may have to grab a few! Look forward to seeing you guys again.

    Have a blessed weekend!


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