Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Website is now closed ..due to difficulties

Today is a Bittersweet day for me. I just got off the phone from canceling our website.

It wasn't exactly what I had ever imagined doing ..I worked so hard to get a website ..days hours ..blood, sweat and literally tears. Not being Super computer Savvy it took me a long time to get there ...but the end result was I could never get the website software to run properly on either of my computers.

It would take me hours some days just to get maybe 2 or 3 products listed and by that time I was so angry, frustrated and depressed ..that I was exhausted and just couldn't function.

I called endless times for help to the company only to be told there was no problem on their end ..and I was left paying for a site I couldn't use.

What was sad was I'm sure it appeared to those coming to shop that I wasn't pro-active and for anyone that knows me ..they know that's not true ..I'm the one that will walk 100 miles if I have to walk 10 and 1000 if you tell me I can't ..LOL !!

So I had to come to a decision ...and I felt for now I had to close it.

Etsy has been a great place to offer our items ..and although I can't completely personalize our etsy shop ...the point is it's easy to use and I can list items rather quickly there and it's affordable which is a big plus.

I am considering just opening a second blog and using it to offer some of our pieces too.

So Over the next month I will weigh and consider my options ...

Thank You to everyone who shopped our website ..!!!
Blessings ..Sara


  1. Hey Sweetie!!
    Thank you for coming over to Art of Mine and posting your sweet note about my shabby vintage flower...I am soooo sorry you are having a time getting your website up....erggghh you know what they say where one door refuses to budge a window is opening somewhere else!!

    Please come by my site again later in the week...I almost have 100 posts and that means my FIRST Giveaway is happening real soon... and I would love for YOU to enter.

    Hugs and Smiles,


  2. Sorry Sara,
    I think a second blog is a great idea. Your blog is going to look beautiful and you will sell a lot. Ciao Rita

  3. Sorry your having problems with your website. I do know what you mean about all the work that goes into getting your website up and running, it took me a while to, but I was pleased with the lady that did my website, and she was very reasonable on her price. If you ever decide to do another if your interested I will give you her number! Blessings~~~Daphne

  4. So sorry Sara:
    I too had to lose one site and try another. STILL trying to get it filled up.
    So much work to try to build inventory to do shows AND manage online sales. EEK!

    I feel your pain!

    And I agree with the previous blogger, when one door closes...

    Check out what I did to the dress form you almost bought. I just posted it on my blog.

    Much love and hugs to you and your lovely family!


  5. Thanks Sara for the compliment. I always wanted to use a bell shaped lampshade, but they weren't big enough. When I saw your chandelier made of fencing, I thought it was so cool. I once before tried to build a skirt of chicken wire, but that didn't work either. I believe your chandelier inspired me further, so thank you!


  6. Hi Sara, I'm so sorry to hear about this, you know, I just started another blog, and I'm listing this week. My husband helped me with Pay Pal and I think it will work. Not quite as "professional" maybe as a website, but probably easier to work with!
    Hope your feet are better, can't imagine what you've been through!!

  7. It's hard to cut something loose when you have put so much time, effort and tears into it, but I believe things will work out for you and there will be less stress and headache in your new adventure. I look forward to seeing what you will do.


  8. You know what, I have exactly the same problems with my soap website. Their website software is absolutely appalling. It would take ages to upload a photo and simple text, or it would completely freeze, or even crash the computer. It was so frustrating, it had me in tears. I just gave up in the end. When my contract runs out, I am going to cancel as well, I just can't face even trying again to update it.


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