Sunday, July 18, 2010

A "HOT" weekend at the Urban Barn

Hello blogger Gals ...We're Back and boy are we Tired !!!

Our week has been a long one ..this Last monday and tuesday we began packing and preparing to setup our shop at the outdoor marketplace for the Urban Barn's Grand Opening.

Tuesday Night we loaded our Trailer and Wednesday Morning we headed out to set up our shop.

Friday Morning the Marketplace began at 8:00 a.m. and we were welcomed early that morning as we headed out the door by some very Extreme Heat and Humidity. Having lived in the Midwest I can attest ..that Friday was like a true Dog Day of summer in the Midwest. We reached well over 100 degrees and I'm not sure what the humidity level was but I'm guessing well over 80% ...we were all drenched through ..carrying towels to wipe our faces ..I filled mine with ice to hold at my neck to try and keep as cool as possible ..and I drank water like it was literally going out of style. I think I downed well over 10 bottles that day ..

We all got through it with a great attitude ...and mustered up the strength to get back out there again on Saturday to enjoy all of our customers who come to support us.

Saturday wasn't as bad ..but not by much ..But the good thing is we had a nice turnout of people and everyone seemed in good spirits despite the weather.

Well as I always promise ..I took lots of pictures to share with you all. This Post I'll share picts of our shop ..and throughout the week I have more pictures of some of my friends shops ..and I get to share with you a few of my new friends I met at this show....

So here we go !!!

My Theme this show was shades of Aqua and Blue mixed with shades of whites and our signature lace and burlap. We were inspired by some new curtains we purchased recently at an estate sale to display around the shop...panels of Aqual Floral print on a creamy white background....from there we couldn't help but pull in accents of blues and aquas throughout the shop . So far this has been our favorite setup to date.

Above the table ..Abbey came up with creating a triple wire lamp frame chandelier ..decked out in antique lace and hung from a rustic strip of burlap ...The table below was trimmed in fish net topped off with vintage silver ...

The silver cake plate with Beautiful Glass top found a new home on Saturday .... The Glass cupboard and teacups went home with the sweetest gal on Friday ..she was so excited to get both pieces and I must admit I was excited for her ..she made 2 superb choices !!!

This was the first marketplace that I have offered my new jewelry line at ...I took this sweet birdcage to display it on ...I like how it turned out ... By the way I'll be offering my jewelry in the next week in my Etsy shop ..I'll keep you all posted.

Friday I was so excited ..Abbey was out shopping while I was working our shop .,..and she spied this awesome antique mannequin ..I can't tell you how thrilled I was when she came to get me.. I had actually just prayed and asked the Lord for one of these ..( I know that may sound funny to some ..but it does say in the Bible to ask him for the desires of your heart so I did) I so badly had wanted one in this style to begin displaying our aprons and my jewelry on ...and it didn't take but just a few minutes and I had it in our shop and dressed.

I only had a few aprons available this show ..with all the issues with my feet prior to the show I just couldn't get up to make more ..But they were loved by many ...even Deb Kennedy from Retreat ..purchased one and wore it Saturday Fact she purchased my Farmhouse Party Apron that I feature in my last post for the Rosette party !!! Oh my gosh she looked absolutely charming in it fit her to perfection !!!

Our stack of Burlap covered Farmhouse Suitcases found a new home this weekend .,.I can't wait to get started on a new set ....for our next show in September ...

O.k. on Friday ..this Gal ..sorry I forgot to get her name ..bought this fabulous Lace overdress I had offered ..and she came back Saturday to show me how it looked and I asked her if I could take a picture of her to share on our blog. I loved the lace over dress and just knew it was going to find the right gal to wear it ...and I must say she wears it to perfection doesn't she just look Lovely !!!


That brings me to the end was a great weekend ..despite the heat it was successful for Abbey and I ..and we had a great time chatting with our Good Friends and our Lovely customers. We loved seeing repeat faces from our prior shows ...

Our Check out table was buzzing both days ....and now Abbey and I are checking out for the next month and a half. We didn't schedule any shows for the month of August ..we need to re-coop and work on new product for our upcoming shows ...the Chateau De Fleurs in Fallbrook, CA and for the first time we are announcing that we have been chosed as an artisan for Glitterfest in Santa Ana, CA in October. I was so excited to get the e-mail saying we were to be part of the show ..and I have lots of work to do over the next 6 to 8 weeks getting prepared for both shows ...

As always I'll keep you all posted on both shows ..and Hope to see many of you locals at both of them.

Well it's time for me to kick my feet up ...lay back in my chair and relax today I'll be up bright and early tomorrow and back to work...

Hope you all had a Great weekend ...Sending you all Hugs and Blessings ...Sara


  1. What a great display! I'm planning on making it to the next one for sure!
    Vintage Porcelain Art

  2. Sara you and Abs always create and nice little haven for people to come in, get comfy and browse through every little trinket, treasure and lovely olde find! Loved all the pics! Thanks for sharing and glad you had a good time as well, even with this silly 'ol heat! Blessings
    ~ Debbie

  3. You Girls did an amazing job on your booth display! I knew it would be gorgeous and filled with so many wonderful treasures.I'm glad you had a good weekend!xo.Christie

  4. I came to your blog via Counting Your Blessings and boy am I ever happy right now...LOVE everything about your blog. Can hardly wait to read through every entry!

  5. oooo, I could just live in your booth dreamy and perfect!!! more pictures please!!!

  6. Hi there Girls,
    i just tried calling you and fred said you were out :) It looks like my girls had another succwessful weekend :) I love the booth and I want to see if something is available that I see ;) love ya talk to you late.


  7. Sara I am so in awe, God is good! I LOVE what you are doing and am so excited for you and Abby :) What a beautiful show!!!

  8. Sara, what a gorgeous display you and Abs put on! I am so happy to hear that the show was successful for you! Yes, do take a well deserved rest and lounge around for just a bit. Can't wait to see your next shows ~ I'm thinking you will really enjoy Glitterfest ~ playing with glitter makes a girl very happy! :)

  9. Abby and Sara, it was such a joy to meet you both at the show this past weekend! Your spirits are so amazing and inspiring, and your booth was just a dream. I just LOVE my sweet apron - I received so many compliments on it all day! I'll wear it at every show from now on and give you ALLLLLL the credit! ;0) We are looking forward to seeing you both in the future and wish you much continued success...

    Deb @ Retreat

  10. Oh Sara, I'm so glad the Lord answered your prayer and blessed you with that beautiful mannequin.
    I have to be honest, I'm having a little trouble refraining from coveting. I have been wanting one of those babies for years now.
    You added so much to it's beauty with your stunning aprons...Oh darn, I'm coveting those too now. I better go now! LOL

  11. Your Booth was amazing as usual my sweet friends!
    I still want that embroidered shawl Sara...can you save it for me, or I will pay you via paypal and you can ship it to me.


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